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It was snowing quite violently, as I drove carefully along the dirt path leading to Shigure's. Trying to keep a careful eye on the road, I glanced down at the clock, checking the time. Exactly 9pm, the Zodiac Banquet would be in full swing. Very soon, Hiro would be performing the ceremonial New year's dance. I have to admit that I felt just a bit of disappointment about the prospect of missing it. Thinking of the New Year's dance brought an awkward smile to my lips, as inevitably, it always would. It couldn't be helped, I suppose. As immoral as I was certain that it was, whenever my thoughts drifted along the lines of the Zodiac Banquet, they tended to lead me to the same place; New year's Eve, five years ago. The year that Yuki turned thirteen. The year that Yuki performed his dance in the zodiac hall. It was the same year that I lost Kana.

Yuki Sohma is exquisitely beautiful, it is a undeniable fact that no one, not even Akito could dispute. With his creamy pale skin, and shining violet eyes, Yuki is perfection. Seduction and innocence born into one ideal package. Like a flawless silver angel, he shines brightly, glistening with hope and promise.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Yuki is my personal savior.



Even among the Sohma family itself, there are few who know it's secrets. There is a dark curse which hangs over our family.

Regardless, of what Akito would like us to believe, I alone know the truth. Akito Sohma isn't cursed. Akito Sohma is the curse. Frail and enigmatically handsome Akito was born to serve one dark purpose. He was born to punish and then to die. Akito was created, solely, to bring pain to the children of zodiac. That is his only function, and Akito is a master of his trade. Once, when I was young and still naive, I had desired to save him. The truth was, I felt sorry for him. Perhaps, I even loved him. Such as it was, I turned a blind eye to Akito's dark games. I made excuses for him. I covered for him. When he took his playtime too far, even when he killed. I would be the one he would call upon to erase it. I was Akito's bloody knife, his backbone, his Hatori. I did as was asked without question, without remorse. I didn't understand it then, how what I was doing was a sin. How ironic, that in a single moment, a single flash of darkness; Akito would bestow upon me a true blind eye, and that in doing so he would allow me to see the light. It was inevitable, I suppose, that I would turn on him. That I, Akito's bloody knife, would eventually strike back, neither was it unexpected, that I would aim for his heart.

Five years ago, Akito Sohma took something from me. He took what I valued, even above my own life. Akito had taken Kana, my spring, and what was worse he had used my own hands to do it. I detested him for it. I longed to see him dead. If not for the decree of the curse, Akito would be dead. If it had been possible, I would have killed him, of this I am certain. Sadly, it was infeasible. The children of the zodiac are incapable of killing their master. I could no more take Akito's life then I could restore Kana's memory. What I could do, however was discipline him. To be more precise, I could find another outlet for my vengeance.

My first act of retaliation was virtually effortless. I was Akito's doctor, after all, and Akito was forever unwell. It was a simple task for me to make him sicker, to enhance his suffering, so to speak. All it took was a tiny bit of something special, a touch of Dr. Sohma's magic powder, added into his many teas and medications. Not enough to kill, mind you, just enough to make him weak. Enough to put him at my mercy.

Unfortunately, I found, this alone wasn't satisfying. Causing Akito physical discomfort wasn't sufficient. Akito had drawn blood. What I sought was to return the favor.

The second part of my plan, proved a bit more sinister. What I truly desired was an eye for an eye. Akito had taken Kana from me. He had taken the single thing that was precious to me, the one person that I had lived and breathed for. As Akito's punishment, I was determined to take something of his. I would take the one person Akito truly loved. His one most darkly cherished possession. I would take Yuki Sohma.

Yuki turned thirteen, that year. By Sohma standards that made Yuki an adult. Disgracefully, It also made the pretty boy open prey. Our master had big plans for him.

Within the intimate Sohma family, It was common knowledge that Akito's dark tastes tended to run towards perversion. His frequent beatings of the violet-eyed child were spoken of, in quiet whispers, throughout the Sohma households; and the general assumption was that Akito had already taken liberties with his young ward. He had not. It had been forbidden. As dominant as he was, Akito still answered to someone. While it was accurate that Akito was the head of the Sohma family, up until five years ago, there one person who welded power over him.

Daichi Sohma, our families most influential elder. Akito could no more go against Daichi, then any of us could go against Akito. Just as Akito's final word was our law, Daichi's final word was Akito's scripture. Daichi held Akito's twisted hands firmly and unyieldingly in check. It had been decided, such wanton dalliances were unacceptable. As long as Yuki was a child, Akito was expected to curtail his cravings; and begrudgingly he did. As head of the family there was almost nothing that Akito could not have, in every other matter his will was mandate. Expecting Akito to restrain, his deepest urges, until Yuki reach maturity, was like asking a starving panther to hold himself back from devouring a tasty deer. It infuriated him, incensed him, drove him quiet mad. Yet another part of Akito, and even darker part, enjoyed it. It gave his demented soul something to dream about, something to live for.

On New year's Eve, as traditional dictates, thirteen year old Yuki would be, officially, acknowledged as a man. Akito's long wait would, ultimately, come to an end. Consequently, Akito had taken on the role of the blushing bride. Having decided that this year's Zodiac Banquet would be a milestone, Akito was determined to oversee the preparations himself. From thirteen ice sculptures depicting each member of the zodiac, to a meticulously planned menu and a breathtaking New Year's Eve fireworks display. Akito's enthusiasm and anticipation matched that of a new bride preparing for her wedding day. Myself, I found this to be splendid, the harder that Akito worked toward his final goal, the more satisfying that it would be for me to swoop down and take it from him. Akito Sohma would never, ever, possess Yuki. Not in that way. I myself would stop him. I would take Yuki's life at the New Year's Banquet, and then I would take my own. This would be my New Year's Eve gift to our master, my shining retribution. It would be my bloody knife shoved deeply through Akito's vicious heart.

And yet…

As complete as this plan sounded to me, I inexplicably felt that something was missing. I wanted more. It wasn't enough for me to murder Akito's beloved, not enough for me to steal his sick moment of glory. I wasn't content. I longed for something extra. I sought to destroy Akito Sohma, the same way that he had destroyed to me. I dreamed of his devastation. I required the final piece.

The solution came one snowy afternoon, as I stood peering out of my window. Yuki sat solemnly on Akito's snow-covered porch staring off in the distance. I followed his gaze across the pond to where Haru and Momiji were building a snowman. Of course, I realized, Yuki wanted to be out there, with them. The boy wanted to be free. Pulling on my overcoat I traversed the short distance to the boy's side.

"Hello, Yuki. How are you enjoying our weather." I asked, and couldn't miss the innocent longing in his eyes.

"I like it," He answered, in the softest voice that my ears had ever heard, "I am very fond of the snow, Hatori" and his attention returned across the lake to where his cousin's played.

"How nice, I see that Hatsuharu and Momiji are building a snowman. Why don't you join them for awhile?" I told him, and watched as his eyes lit up like two lavender rainbows.

"Can I?" He whispered, but then his eyes clouded over. "Of course, I can't do that. Akito has told me that I'm to stay on the porch. He says that playing in the cold will aggravate my asthma."

"Really?" I asked, skeptically, although I knew that it was true. "Well, I am your doctor, and I think that the fresh air will be beneficial. Go on now, go visit with your cousins. I have some business with Akito, so I can entertain him for a bit. You go ahead."

"Okay, Hatori. If you're sure it will be okay." Yuki answered, torn between his wish to play in the snow, and his fear of Akito.

"It will be fine. Now, go." I promised, and headed into the house. Akito was due for a check up anyway. I could certainly keep him occupied while the boy tossed a couple snowballs around.

As I strolled the quiet halls of the main house, I found myself reflecting on Yuki. In all of the years I had known the child, the numerous times I had served as his physician, how come I had never noticed it? In retrospect, I realize now that my loyalty to Akito had caused me to overlook it. Now that my vision had been unsullied, it was so obvious. Yuki Sohma was heart wrenchingly lonely. It was tragic really, but I could use this knowledge to my advantage. I had found it at last, my coup de grace, the final twist of my knife. Yes, I would take Yuki Sohma's life, but first I would accomplish what the all powerful Akito was unable to do. I would teach the boy to love me.


It was a chilly morning in early December when I drove Yuki to the Sohma's tailor. Yuki was to be fitted for his New Year's costume. Of course, Akito had planned on taking the boy himself. A minuscule amount of my personal sweetener placed into his evening tea, had worked rather nicely in preventing that. Akito awoke feeling exceptionally fatigued, with a moderately high temperature. Unhappily, Akito granted me leave to take the boy into town.

"But keep a close eye on him Hatori." Akito warned, "I'll not forgive you if anything should happen to him."

On the ride into town, my mind was intensely scheming. I had less then a month until the New Year's celebration, and acquiring Yuki was not a task to be taken lightly. I understood, through my limited relationship experience, that to earn Yuki's love, I would first need to earn Yuki's trust. To be more exact, I needed to teach a frightened boy to trust me. To accomplish my objective would initially require me to mend what Akito had broken. I decided I would begin with a tiny step, reminiscent of that age old warning; I would tempt the child with candy. There was a splendid sweet shop in the middle of town, owned by a kind old woman who has long since passed away. Yuki, like every other child I have ever met, simply adored chocolate, but he was not allowed it.

"I'll not have him rotting his teeth, Hatori." Akito had explained it, and I must admit that I found it quite odd. Akito has beaten Yuki within an inch of his life on numerous occasions. My most powerful ointments, and meticulous medical attentions, have not been sufficient to completely erase all of the scars inflicted by Akito's much-loved whip. Yet the lunatic worries compulsively that a tiny piece of sugar will mar the beauty of Yuki's young teeth.

"Yuki." I said, giving the boy what I hoped was a comforting smile, "We have a bit of time, before your appointment, do you mind if we make a quick stop?"

"You can do whatever you like, Hatori." Yuki answered, giving me a peculiar look. His voice was low and unyielding. He was, of course, unaffected by my false attempt at warmth. Oh, no, this was not going to be easy.

Pulling into town, I felt lucky. Although it was the Holiday Season, and the streets were packed with shoppers, I immediately found a parking spot. Stepping out of the car, I walked to the curb, and placed some coins into the meter. Yuki joined me, his eyes glued to the ground, and together we walked down the street to the sweet shop.

"Hatori. What is this place?" Yuki asked innocently, as I pulled open the door and gestured for him to enter. He was playing dumb, I surmised. Yuki wasn't a stupid boy, he read constantly, and did very well in his studies. The boy knew a sweet shop when he saw one. He just didn't comprehend what we were doing there. Why would I, Hatori Sohma, dare to take him to such an illicit place.

"I thought that you might enjoy some chocolate, Yuki. I have heard that this shop is one of the finest in all of Japan." I placed my hand lightly on his shoulder, hoping he would take it for a friendly gesture, and I smiled ingenuously when he looked up at me in shock. He was convinced that he could not have heard me correctly.

"So, now Yuki. What would you like to have? You can choose whatever you would desire."



I'm really not that sick. I have a head cold, that's all. Sure my back feels a little achy, and I'm a bit tired, but if I had chosen to, I could have went to the main house tonight. I just didn't want to go. I feel unhappy. I always do at this time of the year. I somehow feel like I've lost something, it's strange though, because I really have no idea of what it could possibly be. Shigure teases me about it. He claims that I have a crush on Miss Honda. I don't really think that I do. It's not that Miss Honda isn't attractive. I like her just fine, and now that she and Kyo have gotten so close, yes, I do miss her friendship. So maybe, I am just a little jealous of Kyo. It bothers me, what that cat gets away with. The fact that Kyo was allowed to bring Miss Honda to the New Year's Eve celebration, it really pisses me off. I am just surprised that Akito allows it, that's all. It's really nothing to get worked up about. The truth is, I'm pretty certain that I could never really fall in love with a girl. Although, I would die before I'd admit it, I've been attracted to guys since I was thirteen.


"So, now Yuki. What would you like to have? You can choose whatever you would desire." Hatori said to me.

I almost dropped dead from the shock. What was this about? What was Akito up to now? Was this another of his twisted little games?

"Hatori, why in the world would you bring me to such a place?" I asked him uncomfortably. He had his hand on my shoulder, and he was smiling at me, but the smile wasn't genuine. It was Hatori's phony smile. I knew this for certain, because it was the same smile that he used around Akito. That smile wasn't his real face. It was his Akito smile.

"What's the matter, Yuki? It's only a candy shop. Relax, here try this." Reaching his hand into a jar full of tiny cherry shaped balls, he pulled one out and placed it in my mouth. I nearly peed my pants. I suppose that I was scared to death. This was Hatori, Akito's henchman, and aside from supplying medical treatment, he had never even looked at me. What could he possibly be up to? The candy though, it tasted amazing, and the chocolate in the cases looked delicious.

"Is it really, okay?" I whispered, and waited for Hatori to laugh at me. I assumed that Hatori was playing a joke on me, or perhaps it was Akito testing me.

"Yes, Yuki. It's fine. You really can have whatever you'd like. " Hatori assured me, still giving me that fake smile. "But there is one condition."

"Of course." I said bitterly, "I knew it. There had to be a catch."

"It's not a big catch, and it's for your own good." Hatori persuaded, nudging me up to the counter. "You can have whatever you like, and even get something extra to bring home with you. However, you have to promise me that you'll never tell Akito that I brought you here."

I'm sure that my eyes grew big, and I must have looked pretty foolish, but I was completely bewildered. Why would Hatori do such a thing? Why would he risk Akito's wrath in order to buy me some candy?

"I shouldn't." I decided, and turned towards the door, planning to leave; but Hatori stepped in from of me, blocking my exit.

"Yuki, I promise. It's truly okay. Are you certain you don't want anything. If your concerned about Akito finding out, don't be. This will be our secret."

"Ha'ri," I said, for some reason using the nickname that Momiji had given him. I really don't know why I did it. It wasn't like me to be so forward. I guess that I was trying to disarm him, to get him to drop his silly charade. I most certainly didn't trust him. He was Hatori. I was aware of how the other family members referred to him. Hatori was Akito's knife. He did his dirty work. Now, however, for some strange reason he was trying to be nice to me. I didn't get it. I was sure that I wanted no part in it, but at the same time I felt that I should at least appear to be grateful.


"Ha'ri," The boy said, and I'm sure that my mouth dropped wide open. It was an endearment that Momiji used with me. I was surprised to hear it muttered by Yuki's mouth, and for some strange reason it touched my heart. "If you buy me candy, and Akito finds out. You will be punished. I don't want to see you get hurt. Not for a bag of candy. It's really not worth it."

I didn't know what to say. Was the boy actually concerned for me? Could that even be possible? Why did it make me feel like such a bastard?

"Yuki." I said, speaking softly, "Please, let me do this for you. I know that it isn't something that Akito would approve of, but I believe that it's something that you deserve."

"I deserve?" He repeated my words, and I could see that he didn't understand. For Yuki only believed what Akito had taught him. Yuki deserved abuse, he deserved to be cursed, and he deserved to be lonely. Yuki didn't deserve to eat candy. The boy didn't tell me this, but somehow I could feel what he was thinking. I could tell just by looking in those soft violet eyes.

"Yes, Yuki. You deserve. After all of the pain that you have endured at Akito's hands, and all of the times that I didn't stop him from hurting you. I want to do this for you. I suppose that I'd like to make it up to you." I don't know where these words came from, it was rare for me to speak without thinking. Irregardless, they seemed to do the trick. Yuki agreed to accept my nefarious offering. And while I knew that I hadn't actually won the boys trust, I was confident that I was on the right path.


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