The New York City Snow Flake Song From the album "Let's Not And Say We Did" © 2000 Bella1 Music

I the flake and you the tongue

mouth open waiting as i gently

fall into you warm and wet

the way the cold stung in that city

i can't recall

distracted by you and the forces that met

all the way here I was thinking about your face

all the way back I'll be tryin to find my place

i am water from the sky frozen by god

drink me up and i will melt and die

become a part of your odd and tempting existence

blending with your soul waking your flesh

soft gentle kisses and a strong steady mesh

all the way here I've been thinking bout your face

all the way back well i finally found my place


This is one of my favorite songs. By a band called The Red

Just wanted to share it with you, cause it's lyrics are so great, and since you picked the PG-13 over the R... hee hee hee

This song reminds me Hatori and Yuki, I think : )

I wonder whatever happened to The Red?