Thirteen year old Amy Cartler looked around her for room 201 . Usually she could spot things with ease no matter were she was standing from , but her nervousness of being a newcomer to Parkside Middle School was blocking her ability to find things quickly .

She hated the fact that she had to move to L . A in January , of all months . Why couldn't her mom decide to move in a more reasonable month , like August . If they moved in a month like August then she would have had a chance to have made friends with at least some other people who were also newcomers to the school . But that didn't happen . She was the only newcomer to the school after winter break , and all the other new arrivals had already made new friends , and the other kids had known each other since 6 th grade , and some even known each other since kindergarten , and some even before that . But that was her mom . Her green eyed red head mother was always making spontaneous decisions such as moving from New York to West L . A .

Amy looked nothing like her mom , Claire Cartler . Amy was quite and she never made decisions without thinking things through , and Amy had straight brown hair and brown eyes . There was a logical explanation for this of course . Amy had been adopted when she was just a baby . She - riiiiiiing .

Amy's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the warning bell . She desperately scanned
the hall for room 201 . Room 204 , room 203 , room 202 , There it was ! Room 201 ! It had been all the way down the hall , but Amy had a way of spotting things at great distances . It was a talent she never questioned but was always was grateful for especially at times like these .

Amy entered her second period social studies class . According to her schedule , geography was taught by Ms . Atrie . She walked inside the room and was quickly greeted by silence as the students observed the newest addition to their class . The teacher saw
Amy and greeted her with a welcoming smile and said , "class I would like
you to meet Amy Cartler . She just moved here from New York . Amy why don't you tell us something about yourself and then you can take that seat over there next to Morgan Trelis . Morgan raise your hand please . Thank you , Morgan . "

Amy stared at her new class mates . What could she say to them without revealing too much . Suddenly an idea came to her . "Hi , my name is Amy , like Ms . Atrie told you , " Amy began . "I used to live in Crosstown , New York . I live with my mom and I enjoy reading , writing , and playing sports . "

"Thank you Amy , " Ms . Atrie said . "Now you may take your seat" .

The rest of the period flew by . The class was learning about World War II . Amy took careful notes about major battles and important parts of the war . Morgan didn't really talk to Amy , she spent the whole period passing notes to her friends .

Like second period , the rest of Amy's classes went by in a colorful blur , until finally her 6 th period class , LUNCH ! Finally , Amy could just take out a book and read or write a letter to one of her friends back
home .

As Amy was about to sit down at a empty table she saw a plump brown haired girl with glasses running towards her . "Amy ! "

The girl was yelling her name so Amy stopped . She hadn't seen this girl before but she was sure that the girl was running right towards her . The girl gave Amy a huge hug . Amy had to push her off ( which wasn't too hard considering that Amy was strong than most girls her age ). "Amy Candler ! " the girl exclaimed . "What's gotten into you ! " .

"Did you say Candler ? " Amy asked , now sure that this girl was making a mistake . "My name is Amy Cartler" .

"Amy stop playing games and sit down ! I need to tell you what Kylie told me during 4 th ---. "

"Hi Tasha . "

Amy whirled around to see who said that . As she did , she gasped because she saw something she had never expected . In front of Amy stood -- Amy .