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Letters of the bonding truth:

Its about how the Mongols have now invaded china and Shang is now general and Mulan is not allowed to go back to war b/ her father wont let her and instead she has to go to the matchmakers. But as that is going on and Shang is off at camp and war the both of them keep in touch with one another by writing letters until she does not get the last few letters and she is not allowed to respond to him.....see what happens...will she go? Will she stay? What about Shang? The gang? The war? Please read! Thank you.

Now on to the last Chapter!

Chapter 25: The Decision

Mulan packed her things and quickly wrote a letter...

Dearest Bao,

You have done so much for me and I thank you with all my heart but you were right I needed this time to think about my feelings and I'm sorry to say but I must leave. I hope you understand. I know you will become a great husband to a wonderful wife who loves you with all her heart. I will always be thinking about you and I hope that everything goes out wonderful for you. I don't know if I will find him or not but as long as I stay strong and stay focused I hope to be successful!



Mulan folded the letter and placed it on the bed with a blossom right next to it. She gives a small smile and then leaves in a hurry. Mulan goes to the stables and gets Khan ready for her long journey. She placed her extra clothing and some food, and blankets onto of khan and ties them to the back of the saddle. Khan watches her with careful eyes as she makes sure that she has everything that she needs. She pats him on the neck and smiles. "Let's go and find him...." She whispers to Khan. Khan nods and neighs. She smiles and reaches on top of the saddle and pulls herself up onto of Khan. Before she leaves she places a red cloak over her with the hood over head and ties it so she stays warm.

She clicks to make Khan move and grabs the reins and trots out. She turns Khan towards the house and looks over what she is leaving behind. "Thank you Bao for everything...but I must do this... Please ancestors be with me...." She whispered to herself.

"And who says that you're going alone girl?" Mulan looks behind her and sees Mushu on the backside of Khan.


"That's me girl! Your going to need me along the way to make sure you stay out of trouble."

Mulan smiled and looked one more time at the house. "I feel guilty for leaving."

"You should but you need to do this.... Trust me its the best thing to do."

"I know....I just hope that I'll find him."

"Trust your heart and you will." Explained Mushu. She smiled and began to turn Khan towards the doors.

Khan neighed and jumped into a full gallop. The hooves dug into the earth hard, the sound of them hitting the ground made Mulan feel the sense of freedom, as if she was running away from all her troubles and starting off new and on a good start. Khan's breathing was hard and had a constant rhythm. Mulan's cloak hit the wind and rumbled like soft thunder in back of her.

She moved past trees and her village who all watched her leave not knowing that she was leaving for good. But all knew that it was her. They looked at her as if she was letting them down, their hopes of her staying and protecting them were now only moments of history. Though she hated leaving all the memories she promised herself that if anything happened to her country, her home town, her village that she would be putting her fathers armor back on and make her way to battle once again.

She felt a stronger connection to China as if it was her duty to save and protect china. Her confidence was up and she figured that it was because of that, that made her feel more important to her country and to everyone. That people believed in her not only because of what she did but because that she is a women and she showed all of china that females can be as strong as men.

As soon as she made it to the forest the one that started it all, she slowed Khan back down to a walk. They had been traveling for a couple hours now and both needed a break and try to see if any marks of a traveler had passed by. As she looked around for anything, any signs, she found a little house in the middle of the woods; she got off Khan and began to walk over to it in hopes that who ever lived there would know if Shang had passed.

She knocked on the door and out came a familiar face came out. It was her old friend, the doctor that helped her when she was hurt. "Mulan! How are you my dear?" he asked politely.



"I didn't know you lived out here?"

"Of course I come in...."

"I'm actually on my way I was hoping that you might of seen Shang."

"No...No I haven't....why?"

"I need to find him.... And tell him how I feel and that...."

"I know, I know.... No need to explain.... If I were you I would keep going that way....he probably went that way." He said as he pointed into the directing that she had been going before.

"Ok.....Thank you so much."

"No problem my dear....Good luck."

"Thank you...."

Mulan made her way again on the trail that led her through a thicker part of the woods. She traveled and she traveled, still nothing. As night came she camped under some thick trees and made a fire to keep all unwanted animals away and to stay warm.

"Where could he be?" Mulan asked herself out loud.

"Anywhere..." Answered Mushu. Mulan shook her head and lowered it, bringing her legs up to her and covering them up with her cloak. Mushu bit his lip and turned to her. "Hey.... We'll find him don't worry.... Plus you got me on your side remember I got a second sense." Mulan began to laugh.


"Fine don't believe me.... But when we find him...."

"Yeah, yeah.... I got it...." she continued to laugh. "I just really wish it hadn't of taken me this long to realize what I had until I actually lost him. I wish he were here right now.

"I know...but you have gone through so much in so little of time you should not blame yourself......"

Mulan nodded and began to get up, "I'm going on a little walk I'll be back." She walked through the woods being careful not to trip on anything since it was dark out. As she looked around she noticed a small light up ahead. She made sure she had her sword with her and began to quickly run over to it as quietly as she could. She was now only feet away from the little flame that lit up a small little tent. She crept slowly to the tent making sure to not give anything away that she was there.

Suddenly a arm grabbed her from behind and held her where she was and a sword was placed by her neck. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" The voice ordered in rage. Mulan's heart was Shang.

"Shang?" The arm released her and backed away. She turned around and saw Shang bewildered about her presence. She took off her hood to reveal that it really was her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked softly.

"Looking for you....Shang I...." Mulan began.

"Shouldn't you be home with Bao?"

"No....things are over between us...see I want to be with you.....Your the one I want to be with....not Bao....and I know it took me long to figure it out and I'm sorry....but I really do love you......" She paused noticing that he was still staring at her with the same bewildered look.

"I'm not going back if that's what you're trying to get at?"

Mulan frowned.... "No..... Did you not listen to me? I want to be with you.... I have nothing back there, no home no family...You are the only person that I love the one that understands me...Yes, Bao did but he was not the first.... You were...."

Shang began to walk forward and look into her eyes. "You traveled all this way just to tell me this?"


Shang smiled, then looked over her head and saw a small flame in the distance; "You want me to help you get your stuff over here?"

Mulan smiled and jumped to hug him. Shang took her in his arms and held her close to him, the sense of warmth, love and relief filled through them both. "Thank you. For understanding....."

Shang released her and took her hand and kissed it, then smiled up at her. "Lets get your things...."

Mulan and Shang traveled hand in hand and got married at a small town. For years they traveled together and as time went on both traveled back to the palace and heard the word that men from other countries were invading China. The Emperor sent them both in change of his men and they fought along side together with hopeful men along with them. Word got out about them, all over and her promise that she indeed still kept. The legend lives of Mulan and Shang lived on through China through many years!

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