Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, Inc

What if Angel never came to Buffy's Prom? And Giles, to cheer her, asked her to dance. I know, I know, it's been done


The Dance


He asked her, he felt shy

And she smiled with her reply

" I would love to" she did sigh

" Have this dance"

Was it chance, was it fate?

That led them to this place

What feelings would they create

If they danced?

As they moved across the floor,

They felt their lonely hearts soar

But they knew there could be no more

But this dance

They moved to the quiet  beat,

And they felt the lovers heat

It was all so utterly sweet

As they danced

He held her in his arms

His heart captured by her charms

His love she did disarm

While they danced

And she held him to her tight

Ah, her feelings she did fight

'Cause she knew it was not right

When they danced

They knew it couldn't last

The song ended , it was past

Why did it have to end so fast?

Their only dance?

And she whispered " Thank you, Giles"

And she gave him one of her smiles

"My pleasure" he did sigh

With the young blonde he did fly

Through the dance

All too soon  the song did end

And their hearts they tried to mend

For their love too brief did end

With the dance.