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Adam Chandler looked down at the girl he had saved from slamming into the ground. He had heard the commotion from his office and was coming to see what the problem had been. He had not expected to see so many people standing about in his living room.

"Nice save Dad," J.R. said as he and David knelt beside the girl.

"Anyone care to explain what's going on?" He asked, still holding the girls upper body in his lap.

"Good question," Babe said sarcastically. "J.R. found this girl on the beach and I guess he wanted a pet to bring home."

"As opposed to the one he already brought home?" Adam replied with a smirk.

Babe glared back at him.

"Would you two stop!" David yelled. "There's a sick kid lying on the floor here and the last thing that needs to be around her is yelling!"

"Who is this girl?" The elder Chandler questioned.

"Her names Darian," J.R. told him. "An old friend I met up with on the beach."

"I've never met her."

"You haven't met everyone I know."

"Regardless, why is it you didn't take her to the hospital?"

J.R. sighed. "I promised her."

"Is she in some sort of trouble?" Adam persisted.

"More like she spawns it," Jamie said from the doorway.

"Great," J.R. mumbled. "We don't have time for you to harass my wife right now."

"You know this girl?" Adam asked.

"Yeah she showed up on my dads' doorstep a few hours ago, claiming to be his long lost daughter."

"Wait a minute," Babe said. "If she's so lost how come J.R. said he knew her?"

"I said I knew her, not that I knew everything about her."

"I'm so sure."

"Look if you're not going to be helpful than go somewhere else all right!"

She sighed heavily. "Fine, I'll be upstairs when you're ready to come to bed."

Babe stormed off and J.R. shook his head. Adam didn't know this girl, but already he was starting to like her.

"Nice way to talk to your wife J.R.," Jamie seethed.

"You know what Jamie there are more important things going on right now. I really don't have time for this."

"Will the two of you knock it off!" David yelled. "J.R. help me get her upstairs and into the guest room."

J.R. picked Darian up in his arms, and followed David upstairs. The good doctor pulled back the covers, and J.R. laid her down.

"Mmmm," Darian mumbled.

David sat on the edge of the bed and put a hand to her forehead. "She's burning up. J.R. get me a cold washcloth."

"Yeah." He ran into the bathroom, and quickly came back with a washcloth.

David took it from the younger man and put it on Darian's forehead. "If we don't get this fever down we're going to have to take her to the hospital."

"No, no we can't do that!" He said anxiously. "I promised her no hospitals."

"Yeah well you may have promised her but her life could be at stake."

The patients' eyes then began to flutter. David began stroking her hair. "Darian?"

Her eyes opened and she looked around wildly.

"It's all right. You're safe."

She pushed David back and jumped out of bed.

"Darian it's okay!" J.R. told her.

"Stay back!" She yelled as he tried to approach her. She looked around for something, anything to defend herself. A glimmer caught her eye. She grabbed the letter opener that was sitting on the bedside table. "I mean it stay back!"

David put his hands up. "Just take it easy. No ones going to hurt you."

"You're a liar Robbie! Get away from me!"

"What is she talking about?" J.R. asked David.

"It's the fever. It's causing her to hallucinate." He took a step towards her. "Darian my name is David. I'm a doctor remember? I'm not going to hurt you."

"Liar!" She screamed and thrust the letter opener at him. He tried to move, but he wasn't fast enough. The sharp edge gashed through his side.


"David!" J.R. yelled pulling him back.

"I'm all right!" He jerked away from him. "It's not deep."

"Stay away from me!" She started edging her way to the door.

Unfortunately she didn't see Jamie walk in the room behind her. HE quickly grabbed her around the waist. Darian let out a piercing scream.

"NO! Let go of me!"

Instantly David and J.R. were next to Jamie helping him control a hysterical Darian.

"Hold her still!" David dug into his bag for a syringe. When he found it he popped the protective cover off, and quickly stuck it in Darian's arm.

"NO!" She continued struggling for about ten more seconds before the sedative finally set in. "No!" She whispered again before her eyes finally closed.

"I know she said no hospitals, but she needs to go now before her fever gets any worse."

"You're still going to help her after she tried to stab you!" Jamie asked incredulously.

"It's called compassion James," J.R. said sarcastically. "You should learn about it sometime." He looked at David. "Let's go."

J.R. had lost count of how many times he'd picked her up that night, but once again he took her in his arms and they headed to the hospital.

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