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A/N: This takes place in the Lullaby episode of Angel, set during season 3. In this episode the fang gang were up to their knees in trouble because they were trying to find a way to protect Darla and Angel's baby, who she was pregnant with. I'm picking up right after Lorne's club was blown up. Enjoy.


The rain poured down fiercely on the three figures in the alley. Fred stood over Darla, Angel's jacket draped over her shoulders. Angel held on tightly to Darla's hand, tears coming from his eyes as he heard the pregnant vampire speak.

"This child - Angel, it's the one good thing we ever did together," Darla cried. "The only good thing." Angel nodded and Fred stared at Darla, her eyes filled with compassion. "You make sure and tell him that." With that, Darla grabbed a large splinter of wood and stabbed it into her chest, turning herself into dust.

All that was left were, not one, but two wailing infants. Fred and Angel both stared in amazement. How were there two? They did not have time to think on it as Angel's car pulled up, revealing Wesley.

Angel gently scooped one of his children into his arms as Fred wrapped the other into Angel's jacket, holding it closely. The two of them raced into Angel's car as Holtz peeked his head out of the broken wall of Lorne's club, watching as they drove off.

The gang, including Lorne, made their way back to the hotel quickly. Fred and Angel entered the hotel with the babies, followed by Gunn, Wesley, Lorne, and Cordelia, who was chatting away.

"We have to start child proofing this place," she said. "Put those sticker things on the electric sockets, keep the kitchen knives in the drawers-"

"Cordelia," Wesley interrupted her rant. "Not that protecting the children from sharp objects isn't important but shouldn't we be more worried about why there are two of them exactly?"

"He's got a point," Gunn agreed.

"The prophecy spoke of only one child," Wesley continued. "And now there are two. How?"

"Oh, wow." Everyone turned their attention to Fred, who was suddenly frightened by all the attention. "Sorry. It's just that... look." She held out the baby that she had wrapped in the jacket. "She's a girl."

Angel smiled and cradled the other child. "I have a son... and a daughter." It was all overwhelming.

"How sweet and soft," Lorne commented.

"A girl?" Wesley repeated after Fred. "How can there be a girl? Not only does the prophecy mention only one child but the monitor at the hospital read only one. A boy."

Gunn shrugged and said, "Conceive one, get one free." They all gave him a look. "Just a thought."

"Angel, we really need to talk," said Cordy. "What are we going to do here?"

"We can solve the mystery later," Angel said, his eyes shooting from his son to his daughter, who was in Fred's arms. "Right now we need to find a way to keep them safe."

"It's fine," Cordelia assured him. "Fred and I can go shopping for them, all bright and early." Fred smiled at her.

"Thank you," Angel nodded.

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