My Shining Star

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-Told in Botan's POV. I guess I really need to do another POV one. -_0 Hope it turns out to everyone's liking.-

Chapter 1 * A New Home

I stared at my hands. Tears ran down my face. I stared at my body. I touched it but my hand went right through. No.. I couldn't be dead.. I just couldn't. The tears ran down my face as though I were alive. I wasn't. I let out a cry. Rapid images of my life flashed through my mind. Sure, I was miserable, but I didn't want to die. I wanted to make something of my life. How come I didn't see it sooner? How come I didn't see that my 'boyfriend' was only out for one thing? How could I let him seduce me that way? How come he killed me because I had resisted? This wasn't over. I would haunt him to no end. I was only in my prime.

"You will pay for what you did to me. You betrayed me.. betrayed my trust!" I wailed. I stared at the pallor of my skin. I choked back a sob. Little did I know that this would change my life forever. The hot tears ran down my face. The pain I felt was not physical, but emotional. We had been going out for months and it almost seemed as though my life had gotten better. "Damn you!" I screamed at him. He was sitting, curled up into a ball. His eyes were wide and frightened. I felt disgust rise inside of me. I would never trust anyone again. I felt my stomach consrict. I was sickened. There was no salvation in death.


A young girl came to fetch me. I stared at her. She was sitting on an oar. Her eyes were a dark blue, the same color as her hair. I felt like crying. Death was coming to me.

"Hello." She said, looking down at my body. "Sheesh. You're the second one this month."

"What?" I asked, my eyes widening in horror. "By him? Jo?" The girl nodded gravely.

"Afraid so. Come with me." She sighed and held her hand out to me. I shrank away from her. "Listen, some things are much worse than death. Come with me and I promise you will get a fair deal." A look of disgust crossed my face.

"I don't want a deal! I want my life back! A lot more people are going to.."

"Don't worry. He'll get caught." She flipped through her book. "Yup. No one else dies from him."

"This was planned for me? How could this be?" I felt a wave of disbelief and horror sweep over me. "No, this horrible life couldn't be mine.." She stared at me sadly.

"Death is not an easy matter to accept. I have to take you to Reikai." She said with a deep frown. "The Spirit World."

"Take me wherever. I just want to get this over-with." I sat down on her oar behind her. We lifted up and I felt the wind swirl around me. The stars were out and the moon was full. I felt the exhilaration of the flight. I've never felt this before. I was too depressed to smile. On any other day, this would've been great. I didn't know what to expect. We arrived and I felt like passing out. I really didn't want to deal with this death thing after the love of my life, Jo, had killed me. Of course, he'll probably say it was some freak accident and I fell, killing myself.

"Welcome, Botan." I jumped. The voice didn't sound grown-up at all.. I looked around but didn't see anyone until someone tugged on my pantleg. I looked down and was so shocked to see a little toddler standing there.


"Welcome, Botan. My name is Koenma and I am the one who will deal with your matter. Come with me."


"I am the Prince of Reikai. Follow me." He was talking to me. I must be losing my head. This was simply impossible. There was no way. This death thing was getting to my head. "Come on, Botan."

"How in God's name do you know my name!?" I blurted. Tears sprang into my eyes and I let all of the anger, misery, and sadness out in one scream. "This is too much for me! This is only a nightmare.. Yes.. I'll wake up and I'll see my mother's face in the morning. My alarm clock for school will go off any minute." I nodded my head. Koenma stared at me.

"I get this all the time. Denial will not solve anything. Now, come on. I have a lot of work to do."

"Well, this is my life we're dealing with! Is there any way at all that I can come back?" He shook his head.

"No, I'm sorry. You must understand that this is not the decision I want to make. Come on. I don't have all night to stand here." I nodded and followed him. The least I could do was follow him. We entered an office. I saw a blue monster-like person in there with papers loading him down. "Ogre! Get me my list and we'll be done with this. I can't deal with anymore tonight."

"Yes, Koenma." He set the papers on the desk and ran out of the room. What is going to happen to me?

"Now, Botan, have a seat. Makoto, you can leave." The girl bowed slightly and disappeared. I sat down and put my head in my hands.

"This is too much for me." I said quietly. "I can't deal with this." I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped. He was on his desk, looking upset.

"This stuff is never easy." He said in a comforting voice. "But it has to be dealt with in a professional way. If you don't mind, may I suggest that you work with Makoto? I need ferry girls and you have a way with people." I stared at him blankly.

"Ferry girls?"

"Yes, ferry girls." He nodded and sat down. "I need a leader for them. Death, the Grim Reaper, call it what you want. You have potential." I nodded, not knowing anything better to do. "Good. I will give you instructions. Our books are filled now. Thank you."

"No problem.." Suddenly, the matter slapped me in the face. "Wait.. are you saying that you want me to be the Grim Reaper? You want me to go down to where I used to live and.. kill people?" He laughed.

"No, you don't kill people. You just carry their souls back here so that they can find their place." I figured it was a nice cause. This was something. I could still visit Earth. I could see how my mother comes along. I could, maybe, visit her in her dreams.

"Can I visit people in their dreams?" He nodded and smiled.

"Yes, you can." I smiled slightly and held my hand out to him. We shook it and the ogre came back in with a list. "Add her to the ferry girl section." He turned back to me. "We'll give you some time to get settled here. Ogre will show you to your room." We left and I walked down the hall.

"My name is George, by the way. Koenma always calls me ogre, though." He rolled his eyes and I just stayed silent. He stopped in front of a door. "We will have you sized into some kimonos and other clothes to your liking." I nodded and he handed me a key. I went in and closed the door, leaning against it. It was a nice plain room. I could tell this would an adventure I would never forget. I locked my door and went over my new bed. This was going to be a new experience for me. This was my new home. I took off my sweater and laid it on a dresser.

"This is going to be so hard." I sat down on my bed and felt the softness of the sheets. I didn't realize how exhausted I was before.


I sat up in bed and blinked. Sunlight poured through my window and lit up the room. I rubbed my eyes and last night's memories flooded my mind. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. I saw a door and went over to it. A bathroom. I smiled. A nice hot bath would cheer me up a little. Maybe I could even start working to try and keep my mind off myself. I walked out and opened the door to my room. I peered out and looked both ways. George saw me and waved.

"Do you need anything?" I bit my lip then nodded.

"Can I check out the clothes?"

"Of course. Follow me. I have nothing to do at the moment." He led me down the hall after I closed the door. I looked at the number. It was number 25. I sighed. We passed a row of rooms then he opened a door. It was like a huge closet. Clothes of every size and brand hung with delicate care on hangers. I stared around the room, my mouth hanging open. "I have to go now. There are some ladies around here. Just ask them if you need help. Remember this is room 32." I nodded, dumbstruck.

"Right.. 32." He left. I could only gaze around with wide eyes.

"Need some help, miss?" A young girl walked over to me and smiled. I nodded. "What would you like?"

"Would it be possible to get pajamas and a working outfit?" She nodded and led me to the kimono section.

"Koenma-sama told the ferry girls before that it was always tradition to ferry in kimonos." I picked out a pink one and a light blue one. She commented on the nice picks. "Pajamas?" She led me to a rack. I saw nightshirts and outfits made of silk. "Other essentials?"

"Of course." I blushed slightly. I quickly picked out a blue silk outfit then we traveled to the undergarment section.


I rinsed my hair out then just relaxed in the steaming water. I wasn't too upset anymore. It wasn't so bad here. Everyone seemed cheerful and happy, as if it was a different type of life here. Reikai. My new home. I sat up and pulled out the stopper then I stood up and wrapped a towel around myself. I walked out into my room. I had made my bed and laid out the pink kimono for the first day of work. Of course, I had no clue as to how to do much but it was essential that I get my mind on something else. I dressed and pulled my hair up then left my room and slipped the key into my pocket.

"Botan?" I turned around and smiled slightly at Koenma, who was returning from something that he didn't seem too happy about. "Why are you.."

"I want to work, Koenma-sama." I remembered the title! There's a plus. He nodded.

"Very well. Come on." We went to his office and he explained to me all that was necessary. He showed me an instruction video. I chewed on my lip in thought. He handed me an oar. "This is what you are going to learn to fly on. You will get the hang of it in time. Soon, you'll be one of the best here."

"Thank you." I said, bowing my head. I stood up, taking the oar from him.

"Have fun on your first day." He handed me a little black book. "This is for you. Its sort of like a guide."



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Chapter 2 * The First Day

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