Before I start this, the final chapter of Draky, I would like to dedicate it to the people who gave me the strength to hold on when it seemed that ending the pain was my only option. Hilary, Rachel, Kim, Katrina and Laura. Although there were others who tried to help me, it was you five who really made me strong enough to hold on. For that, I am eternally grateful. You truly define what it is to be a friend.


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That night, in the great hall, the usually coloured banners of the houses were black with silver trimmings. Harry never knew that, because he refused to leave his dorm, and his friends in turn refused to leave him alone. For the first few hours after witnessing Draco's death, Harry had been angry. Angry with Draco, with himself, with life and all the people still enjoying it.

Then, as he got ready for sleep, tears materialized in his eyes. He cried until, somewhere in a moment of lulled tears, he managed to fall asleep. His waking thought was of Draco, and his next thought was remembering that he would never be greeted by the mystical blonde's rarely surfacing smile. Harry let anger fall away to be replaced with sorrow and sadness. All day, Harry cried in the dorms, always in the company of one, if not many, of his friends. He didn't have the heart to tell them that he just wanted to be alone.

When Blaise Zambini had come to the Gryffindor Common Room in search of him, Harry saw that Blaise was surprisingly upset and that he had been crying. Obviously, he had been closer to Draco than perhaps even Draco knew. Hoping he would not react too badly, Harry had told him what had been going on for the last two months before Blaise could tell him he already knew.

"For the last 8 weeks, Draco and I have discovered that we don't hate each other like we thought. We love each other. I love him; I still do though he is..... I always will love him. I don't know if Draco would have wanted you to know, but I think I have to tell you. I guess its better that I tell people, because I think the whole wizarding world will know by tomorrow.

"I'm sorry to do this to you; I'm sorry I am the reason Draco is gone. But please know that while I am to blame for Draco ki- Draco kill- killing-. Blaise, I am the reason you lost your friend, but I love him and I wouldn't hurt him. When we broke up, I thought it was for the best. But it wasn't, and I never should have even thought of leaving his side. I regret it more than anyone will ever realise and I just... I just don't think I can live with myself for hurting him so much that he... that he did this. I'm so sorry and I don't blame you if you never forgive me, because I won't ever forgive myself."

All through this, Harry was crying relentlessly. At one point, Hermione, who was watching over the tearful conversation, offered to get Snape to make a tear controller potion. Harry declined, saying he wanted these tears to fall in memory of Draco. Draco deserved that. At these words, Blaise closed his eyes, and when he opened them, Harry saw they were distinctly troubled. Harry looked at the patterns of the carpet, reluctant to see those eyes mist over with tears.

"Harry, I knew about you and Draco. He told me." Harry looked up in shock, his tears ceasing for a moment. "He loved you too, Harry. He really truly did love you. That's all I know for sure; it's the only thing I'm certain of. I could tell straight away that his love for you was exceptionally powerful. He loved you; plain and simple, no complications or conditions. And he still does."

Harry's lips trembled and he buried his face in his hands. Blaise came over to him and draped his arm around Harry. As though he and Harry were the closest of friends, Blaise pulled Harry to his chest, holding him lightly. As Harry sobbed into Blaise's shoulder, his whole body quaking, Blaise felt oddly privileged to be the one to assure Harry of Draco's love.


When Blaise left, a storm of Gryffindors entered his dorm. Harry listened to them all talking, almost gossiping it seemed, about Draco. No one knew the whole story; even Hermione and Ron hadn't been completely filled in. Hardly anyone seemed to realise that Harry was grieving for his true love, for someone who would forever have his love. They seemed to think it was just that his boyfriend had died; that Harry was sad but he'd eventually get over it and move on from it.

Of all of them, Seamus and Dean were the best, because they left Harry right alone. Hermione mothered him terribly with hugs and words of encouragement that made him feel worse and worse. Ron talked aimlessly about everything except what had happened, his heart denying that anything strange or sad had occurred. Finally Harry got so fed up he could almost scream. Instead, he simply called for silence and spoke quietly, trying to get his message across.

"What's wrong with you all? Why won't you leave me alone to grieve? I don't want your comfort. I just want to be alone so I can cry. Just leave, all of you."

There was total silence for a moment as Harry hid his face, fighting tears. Then everyone dropped their shocked expressions and walked out the door with their heads hanging. Harry didn't feel bad about it until Dean, the last person to leave, closed the door with a sympathetic look. Now ashamed, Harry slumped down on his bed and wiped a few tears away.

He heard a rapping noise and, thinking it was coming from the door, he ignored it. Then he realised it was coming from the window. Capone, Draco's elegant eagle owl, was knocking his beak against the glass commandingly. Harry was confused, and his eyes filled with tears. A letter from someone who's dead? It made no sense. Perhaps it was a hallucination? He got up slowly and opened the window.

"Hey Capone. What are you doing here?"

The feeling of sharp talons pressing lightly on the flesh of his arm told him this was no dream or imaginary figure. He removed the letter and Capone took off with what sounded like a sympathetic cry. On the outside of the letter, in shimmery blue ink, was a short message. 'Harry, only open this letter if you truly love me still. If you don't, burn it straight away.'

Of course, Harry ripped the parchment open. His breathing grew shallow in anticipation. The words in this letter were the last words Draco ever gave to Harry. This letter was the last thing Draco ever wrote. To Harry, this letter was worth more to him than his own life.

'I love you, but I always knew, Soon I'd farewell the world and you. I will not ask you not to weep, Or picture me before you sleep.

'I think I know you well enough, To know you'll be weak but act tough. Inside your mind your spirit fades, But others will see your stronger shades.

'Don't you hold yourself to be blamed, Don't think that you should be ashamed. I've known this day would come so long, Nothing could right what was wrong.

'What we had was love, worth the fight, I cried myself to sleep most nights, Knowing that soon our days would end, I'd lose my love, my true godsend.

'I always hoped my destiny, Would include someone loving me. You alone were the one who dared, To tell me that you truly cared.

'I loved you then, I love you still, I love you now, I always will.

'Harry, my love, please never forget about me. At the same time, please don't lock your heart away. Let people love you, and let yourself love others. You deserve love, and though you'll always have mine, don't block out new love. I'll be watching over you, slightly jealous as you kiss someone new, but fantastically overjoyed that you're happy. That's all I ever wanted, for you to live, to love and be happy.

'Be strong and succeed against the Dark Lord, and rid the world of him. I believe in you, and I know you can do it. Don't despair, just fight and fight until you win. You'll always have my loyalty, my love, my protection, my belief that you will win. You can always count on me to be there for you in spirit, even and especially in your darkest hours.

'Unfortunately, the only words that can say what I feel for you have been said so often by so many that they are losing their meaning, their passion. But since I can think of no other way of expressing this incredible addiction I have of you, I will use them anyway. I love you.'

Sobbing, Harry held the letter to his chest and looked out the window. With whispered words entangled with adoration, torture and sorrow, he vowed to feel the passion of their love forever. He swore the ultimate promise: the promise of deathless, everlasting, perpetual love.

"Yesterday, today, tomorrow, always, I love you Draky."


Thanks for reading Draky, and I hope you enjoyed it. If I once brought a tear to your eye, or made you laugh a single time, or in anyway moved you for the smallest moment, then I consider Draky a worthwhile waste of time.