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Silent Scream

Chapter One

"Get up!" A harsh voice sounded from the doorframe, "Get up and get your worthless ass to school, brat!"

The boy groggily arouse from his peaceful slumber, blinking sleepily as he watched his father's figure disappear from the entryway to his room. He hopped out of bed, shuffling over to a pile of clothes that were heaped in the far corner of his room. After picking through it, he found a relatively clean shirt, pants, and undergarments, and when he had clad himself in them, he proceeded to the cracked mirror that hung on his barren wall.

Licking his thumb, the boy wiped off the dried blood on his lower lip, one of the souvenirs he had received the night before. He ran his thin fingers through his tousled blue hair, hoping to arrange it into some form of order, wincing briefly when his palm struck a tender area near his left eye. He parted the hair that covered his eye, noticing a bluish purple swelling was located there. He prodded it gingerly before replacing his lengthened bangs over his eye, completely concealing it.

After readying himself, he walked out of his room and across the hallway, gently opening a slightly ajar door. In the darkened room, his keen golden gaze could make out the form of a small figure lying on the cot on the far side of the room. He walked over to the small window, pulling apart the ragged curtains, allowing a bright stream of sunshine to settle upon the bed. Something moved amidst the sea of blankets, and the boy reached down to remove the tattered cloths, revealing the face of a young girl.

"Allegro," he commanded softly, "wake up, it is almost time to leave."

A pair of honey brown eyes opened immediately at the sound of his voice, and as soon as the six year old realized she was peering into the lean face of her older brother, she jolted upright, clutching his arm tightly.

"Legato! Allegro is so sorry! She made Daddy punish brother for giving her more food! Allegro's sorry!" she cried into the lower part of his arm.

Legato's hard gaze softened at the sound of his sister's cries. 'She does this every time,' he thought grimly.

"It is okay Allegro, I am not badly injured. And besides, you were hungry. I am not going to let you starve." He reassured her, running a lithe hand through her soft, golden brown locks.

She stared up at him, with the honeyed gaze that painfully reminded him of their mother.

"Thank you…but…" she looked away before adding guiltily, "Allegro is still hungry."

Legato grimaced briefly before delving into his pocket to pull out a stale piece of bread he had stored there for later consumption. His aching stomach yearned for nourishment, and he could not remember the last time he had eaten a sufficient amount of food to calm his insatiable hunger. Despite his own desire, Legato handed the bread over to his sister, who promptly stuffed it into her mouth without hesitation.

He watched as Allegro finished off the piece of bread and then proceeded to lick her fingers, hoping to find the lingering taste on her plump fingertips. As soon as she had stopped, Legato had the feeling that she was going to plead for more, so he quickly spoke, cutting her off before she had the chance to speak.

"You need to get dressed. It is almost time for school." He said as he stood up.

"Okay!" she chirped cheerfully.

"I will meet you in the hallway when you have finished." Legato moved towards the door, exiting and shutting it as Allegro began to search for a pair of clothes.

Once outside his sister's room, his stomach growled fiercely and he immediately regretting ceding his bread. He reached around in both pockets, hoping to find a scrap of food he had managed to pilfer earlier. After discovering nothing, he leaned against the wall, closing his eyes, trying to ignore the rumbling protests of his stomach.

'She needs it more than you do;' he berated himself mentally, 'besides, if I actually attend school, I can probably manage to obtain something at lunch,' he reasoned, grinning slightly.

He had what one would call an 'infamous' reputation. He was the freakish loner, stoic and antisocial. No one would try to talk to him, nor would he attempt to initiate conversation. But that was how he prefered things. People always talked about him when they thought he wasn't listening, but he didn't care. As long as no one bothered him to a great extent, he was content to leave everyone else to their own devices. Though, if the oppertunity presented itself, he would use his natural ability to intimidate to his advantage, which often resulted in his being able to take possession of a weaker individuals food, or the removal of a group of individuals that occupied an area he wished to remain alone in.

Sensing that his sister was finished, Legato removed himself from the wall and opened the door to her room. Allegro stood in the doorway, still reaching for the doorknob that her brother had already opened.

"How did Legato know that Allegro was all done?" she asked, perplexed.

"I just did," he said simply and grabbed her hand to lead her out of the house. "Come on, let's go."

Allegro followed Legato down the narrow hallway, visibly flinching as they passed by the living room, where their father lay, passed out on the couch with beer bottle in hand. Her brother snorted in disgust and led her through the screen door, out of the house and away from the man whom he hated with an undying passion.

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