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Silent Scream

Chapter 11

'So this is their house…' Rei thought to herself as Allegro led her closer to the small building in front of them.

"We're here!" the younger girl chirped happily, dragging her up the steps of the porch.

Allegro gave three short raps on the door and stood back. Rei found herself staring at the door warily. Her so focused on said piece of wood, she was startled when it suddenly opened to reveal a shirtless Legato standing in the doorway, equally shocked.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He demanded, golden eyes ablaze.

Rei could only bring herself to blink stupidly as her eyes subconsciously began to roam his upper body. 'I wonder where all those bruises came from…Aiden? No…'

"U-uhm…well…" she sputtered.

Allegro, noticing both Rei's discomfort and Legato's irritation, put herself in between the two and looked up at her brother.

"Allegro asked Rei-rei to walk her home. Rei-rei also said she had something to talk to you about school, so Allegro brought her here." She explained.

Rei looked down at the younger girl and mouthed a silent 'thank you' while Legato arched a navy brow.

"Oh?" he asked skeptically, looking to Rei for confirmation.

She brought a hand to the back of her head and scratched it nervously. "Uhm…yeah… We have a project in Biology due in two days, and you're my partner for it. I would have told you sooner…but you haven't been in school for the past three days…"

"Very well," he responded irritably. He looked down at his still bare torso and sighed, mentally smacking himself. "Allow me to change into some suitable attire, then we shall discuss the terms of this assignment. In the meantime," he gestured for her to come inside, "you may wait in the kitchen." He turned around and disappeared down the hall.

Still dazed, Rei let herself be dragged into the small kitchen, once again led by Allegro. Like the rest of the house, the kitchen was simple, nothing too striking or elaborate. In the corner, however, she noticed a broken stool lying upon the small table. The seat was completely removed from the legs, three of which were splintered into broken tips. Her questioning gaze was averted when Allegro skipped over and latched herself onto her leg.

"Thank you for bringing Allegro home!" she cried into her thigh as she gave the older girl an appreciative hug.

Rei smiled and looked down at the girl, patting her lightly on the back. When she looked back up, Legato was standing against the doorframe regarding them silently.

He was now clad in a form-fitting black turtle-neck accompanied by dull gray pants, held in place by a pair of dark brown belts, the excess hanging limply and slightly touching his upper thigh. A pair of brown boots that stopped just above his ankle covered his feet, and of course, he wore the perpetual look of indifference upon his face.

She watched as he glided over to the refrigerator and reached into it, obviously not caring that she was standing right there. Moving to the side, she reacted just in time to catch a cola can that came flying at her. She blinked, watching as Legato withdrew and handed Allegro a small can before opening his own.

"If you don't like it, the only other alternative we have is water." He said nonchalantly, tilting his head back to let the sugar-laced liquid to flow into his mouth.

"O-oh, no, it's fine…" Rei was slightly taken aback by his act of courtesy, opening the can slowly and taking a small sip.

"So, tell me about this assignment." It wasn't an offer, it was a demand.

Rei took a breath and started to tell the blue-haired boy of the project Mrs. Thomas had decided to give them. She carefully watched his face as she went over the whole aspect of 'having a child', but he seemed unfazed. At the end of her explanation, he just nodded and set his now empty can on the counter.

"I believe it would be wiser to go to another location to work on this. My…home… isn't the greatest environment, and Allegro would no doubt interfere." He ignored the scowl that appeared on the younger girl's face and continued. "Plus, I lack my materials as I left them in that accursed building. Do you have any suggestions?"

She wrinkled her brow in thought. "Well, my house is kind of hectic too…but we could leave Allegro there, I have a cousin about her age that she could play with. We could try going to the library, we'd have easier access to other sources and stuff."

Legato was inwardly impressed. That was the most logical thing he had heard come from her mouth, and it lacked the stutter he had almost come to believe was natural.

"Very well, then," he made a motion with his hands to gesture her outside, "after you. Come, Allegro"

Rei smiled wanly and placed the her cola can on the counter, next to where he had put his and walked out of the house, followed by a skipping Allegro and Legato, who strode with his hands casually placed inside his pockets.

She watched him from the corner of her eyes and let her mind wander as they walked in silence.

An hour later found the two sitting opposite each other at a small rectangular table in the library. Rei had initially been wary of leading him to her house and introducing him to her family, but her fears were dispelled once they reached her aunt's home. Legato had been more than cordial and polite, and easily impressed her family. Her aunt was absolutely smitten with him, and they had spent a good ten minutes talking and sampling the various pastries she had made prior to their arrival. Baking was a hobby of hers, and she was delighted to see 'such a well-mannered boy' appreciate her work. Her uncle remained guarded at first, but opened up as Legato exploited the charm Rei never knew he was capable of having, and professed his profound gratitude for their consent to watch over Allegro. While talking with her aunt and uncle, she had even seen him truly smile. It was a sight she had never witnessed, but strangely desired more of. He was truly gorgeous when he smiled.

Allegro had also instantly won over her family with her childish innocence. Her cousin, Shana, had become fast friends with Legato's sister and they had soon disappeared down the hall into Shana's room to play with her various toys. But Rei had expected that. She was still surprised by Legato's reaction to her family, and her family's reaction to him.

'He really does have two sides to him…' She thought lazily as she looked over at him. He was currently skimming their Biology book to refresh his memory on what they were trying to do and pick up on things that he had missed during his absence. 'I doubt anyone else has seen both of them… Why is he like that anyway? What can make someone be so cold to everyone around him, but then so kind to a select few? He's truly an enigma…'

Her thoughts were interrupted when he closed his current book and began to speak.

"I understand the process of determining the various genes, but tell me, what gene has the alleles for my features?"

Rei blinked and looked to his golden eyes and then scanned his cobalt hair.

"Err…well…" She grabbed the paper they were using and brought it towards her, briefly looking it over. "Let's just say you have… black hair…and… brown eyes?" She returned her gaze to him for some sign of approval.

Legato shrugged and leaned back in his chair. "I suppose that works. The amoeba-woman who calls herself a teacher had better accept it."

Rei found herself laughing at the comment, scribbling the new information down on the paper before bringing a hand to her mouth in attempt to stifle the sound.

"What are you laughing at…?" he arched a brow and looked at her strangely, confusion spreading across his normally stoic features.

She paused in her laughter to look at him. So, the ice-prince was capable of more than two emotions… She rather liked this one- it seemed to oddly fit him, and the way his eyes seemed to sparkle made him even more attractive.

Rei mentally slapped herself. 'What am I thinking? It's Legato…' She continued to gaze at his still perplexed face. 'But still…'

She swallowed and decided to answer before she began to wage a mental war with herself. "Amoeba-woman?"

A ghost of a grin seemed to form on his thin lips as he shrugged again. "She resembles one, does she not? She oozes around the classroom and engulfs various articles of food."

"But, why amoeba? Why not an overweight sandworm? Though," she let her head rest on her palm and tapped her temple with her index finger, feigning intense thought, "I seem to remember you engulfing my Aunt's pastries, so you could resemble an amoeba too."

Legato leaned in, placing his elbows on the top of the cluttered table and situated his chin on the back of his lithe hand. "For one, I do not move using chubby stubs of flesh that resemble pseudopods." This caused another laugh to emit from the throat of the blonde girl. Grin becoming more apparent, he continued. "Also, I was hungry from missing lunch, and those pastries were quite good. Saying otherwise would be blasphemy. Anyway, the resemblance between her and said microscopic organism are just too great for her to be compared to anything else."

Receiving a glare from the nearby librarian, Rei ceased her laughter, though a smile remained on her face.

"Okay, you got me there. Amoeba it is, then. Well, let's finish this thing so we can hand it into her and be done with it."

An hour and eighteen minutes later, the first of the twin suns was beginning to make its descent into the horizon. The library itself had gotten quieter, most people leaving for the dinner hour or other obligations. They had managed to finish their project without much difficulty, only brief pauses to consult with the thick Biology book that lay perpetually open on the table. Apparently, if Legato did in fact possess black hair and brown eyes, their supposed daughter would exhibit similar features, and would additionally have Rei's small nose and full lips, to name a few traits.

She sighed and collected her scattered papers and books while Legato handed her the materials on his side of the table, leaning back in his chair and stretching after doing so.

"You know, you're much more tolerable when you aren't flustered or blinking stupidly." He said languidly.

Rei's eyes got wider and she felt a light blush spread across her cheeks. Had he actually given her a form of compliment?

She averted her eyes downward to hide her flush of color and couldn't help but watch as the bottom of his shirt rose to expose a small section of his abdomen as a result of his stretching. It was also nearly impossible to miss the small yellow-purple marking that was located just below the shirt line on his right side.

Rei stopped. She had forgotten it due to her earlier embarrassment after arriving at his house, but she could now recall the various shades of bruising that she had seen in various places all over his torso. It also finally registered with her that throughout the whole afternoon, he had minimized the usage of his left arm, which indicated something was wrong with either the arm itself, or the wrist at its bottom. She darted her gaze upward, just in time to catch him wince briefly before lowering his arms.

"Did…Aiden do that to you…?" She asked slowly.

Minor confusion once again spread across his face. "What?"

She felt intrusive, but she had to know. "Those bruises… are they from Aiden?"

Legato's features frosted over immediately, slightly unnerving her. The disdainful glare had also reappeared in his intense golden eyes, burning into the core of her soul. If there wasn't the chair back to support her, she might have fallen back.

"Ha," he laughed bitterly, "That waste of life couldn't possibly inflict this much damage upon me." He pushed the chair back and stood up. "I fell. Down the stairs." He continued quickly, moving past her and continued walking towards the double doors.

Rei couldn't move until a few seconds after the doors had shut loudly behind him and he was completely gone. That look had scared her. Blinking rapidly, she shoved her Biology book into her canvas bag and stood up, throwing it over her shoulder. Inwardly, she cursed herself for being too nosey and driving him away.

That made sense though. She had fallen down the stairs once or twice and it always left its share of bruises.

She gave the table one last look over to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything and followed Legato's path out the door.

It wasn't until later that she would realize he didn't have a staircase in his one story home.

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