When Love Blooms at Opposite Ends




Chapter 1


Author: Kintora


Summary: For all her life, Kairi's been a "living specimen" as one of the 7 Princesses of Heart. One fateful night, a certain boy assassin, who works for a secret organization, kidnaps Kairi. Will she ever escape from the Shadow Hearts? Sora/Kairi.

Pairings: Obviously it's a Sora/Kairi with a side of Roxas/Namine, Cloud/Aerith, and Leon/Yuffie.


A/N: Okay, I'm back with another Sokairi in hand for you guys to read! I don't remember how I got this plot, but I guess it just sorta popped into my head one day and I think I liked it too. Anyway, a little bit of OOC in the beginning, but later on, they're probably going to become a little more like themselves. Plus I twitched a few theories from the game, so it's gonna be a bit different. Enjoy please!


Her violet-blue eyes roamed the large room around her. She was sitting on a cushy couch and behind her, a glittering fire burned in its fireplace. The room was furnished rather nicely, actually. The walls were painted a homey looking burgundy with a few oil paintings here and there. Real candles burned with a light incense that filled in her sense of smell. The carpet was a lush red color and it seemed that her feet had sunk into the carpet itself.

After she finished her survey of the room, Kairi sat there staring blankly onto the low glass table, it's magazine contents set up nice and neatly, untouched. She was absolutely bored. The scientists had finally decided to turn her in for the night after examinations and questioning, so here she was, sitting in a lavish room until they got her own room ready for bed.

Her room wasn't anything special at all. It was just a blank white room with a bed, a dresser and closet. The stupid 'asylum' as she called it, always had to check if she hid anything to use if she wanted to make an escape. As if she could. The place was too heavily guarded.

Why was there so much security? Not only because she "supposedly" had hidden powers stored inside her, but other skilled people out there thought of her as a nuisance. The Princesses of Heart were keys to unlocking this ultimate world as the scientists had said once to her. An ultimate world of which could destroy their world. People were afraid of her and so, that sort of fear leads to her being targeted.

Everyone was after her skin. But she always wondered about the other Princesses. Where were they? In different worlds perhaps? Were they like her; trapped by other humans? Kairi had no idea, but somehow, the experimentalists tracked her down and took her in as a complex piece to the puzzle they were trying to figure out. They were always asking her questions that she couldn't answer, like, "Where did you really come from?" and things like that.

Like hell she would know. Kairi could only remember that she just simply WAS where she was, with no family whatsoever. How the scientists figured she was a princess was a complete mystery to her, but Kairi had never given much thought to it. She just knew she was a Princess of Heart from the beginning.

Why was she thinking this way?

She sighed. She hated what she was, and all she wanted was a simple joyful life. Nothing to do with all this stuff but to be free…

"You okay, Kairi?"

Kairi looked up to meet the eyes of her personal bodyguard, "Yeah. I'm fine, Riku."

"If you say so," the silver-haired teen said. He was eighteen, a year older than she was, but he sure had the heart of a brother to her. He protected her from threatening people, whether it was the others he worked with or the people that hated her in the outside world. Riku may look a little cold and distant, but she loved him like a sibling and friend. She was sure he felt the same.

"Something wrong with my face?" he smirked.

Kairi pouted, "No. I was just thinking about how ugly you were."

"Whatever you say."

There was a cough from a person stationed against the wall. Kairi's attention drifted from Riku to the whole line of armed guards standing around the room. She had almost forgotten about those guys…


Black sneakers padded against the ground of a dark street. The figure walked stealthily graceful past the dreary buildings. Black finger-less gloves adorned the stranger's hands and they swung lightly as he walked. He wore a black short-sleeved jacket, it's hood draped over his head. Beneath the outer layer, the teenager wore a dark navy shirt. Baggy black pants clad over his lean legs to just blow his knees, the material creasing slightly with each swift stride.

The figure stopped at the end of the road that led him to a barred gate. A guard on the other side looked at him questionably before telling the teen off. A slight grin grazed his shadowed expression as he pulled down the hood.

Two blue eyes peered through brown spiky bangs as he reached to the side with an empty hand. As speckles of silver and gold light manifested and danced about in the night air around him, the stranger drew something out of thin air. Deftly, he twisted the blade with expert accuracy, revealing a strange looking weapon, that was nonetheless deadly. A white, winged hilt was clasped in his right hand, connected to a wicked looking blade.

"Boy, I told you to leave. This isn't a place for kids like you to be roaming around at this hour."

The young man only smirked, "Out of my way. Or else I will make you."

The guard glanced at the weapon before reaching into his pocket and drawing out a walkie-talkie, "Come any closer and I'll be forced to call for reinforcements to remove you from this area, kid."

"If you say so," he took another step.

The gate guard switched on his device and spoke through, "We have an intru--" He didn't get to finish what he was going to say before the blue-eyed teen sliced through the gates AND the guard sending blood, body parts, and debris flying everywhere. The dark liquid smeared over his clothes, hands and face but the killer ignored them. With lightening speed, the boy was darting across the large yard setting off alarms as he passed.


Kairi jumped as the loud ringing sounded outside. She should have been used it by now, for almost once every week, there was always someone after her. An ivory hand clenched the fabric of her skirt. Every time this happened, someone ended up dead. And no matter who the person was, she could never stand seeing another person die.

"Kairi, stay close," Riku said.

The russet-haired girl just stayed rooted to her seat. She closed her eyes and forced herself to relax. She let her senses stay focused in her surroundings instead and waited. There were loud footsteps outside and she could just hear the fighting occurring and the life spilling out from people. The more she heard, the sicker she felt.

It seemed the fighting had moved quickly closer and she could almost feel everyone in the room tense into rock mode, as she put it. Now the footsteps had moved into the hall right outside. She heard men yelling out in paining and the sound of liquid splashing over the walls. Her eyelids remained closed. It seemed that death was very near and Riku knew it also as he tensed even more, reaching for his main weapon.

When Riku had made the motion of grabbing his keyblade, all the other guards took the quote and took a firearm position pointing towards the door. After a moment, the screaming and pounding of feet stopped and everyone began relaxing. But no sooner than they did, the double swung open to reveal a blood-splattered teen.

Riku noted how he looked no older than himself, or possibly even a year younger than he was. Was this the killer? He didn't look much of a challenge, and yet, he had made his way through all the line of defense without even a scratch.

Suddenly, a guard holding a gun began to snicker at the boy. The assassin's blue eyes flickered over at the one making fun of him.

"Don't tell me. A kid was responsible for killing all our men outside? What a joke. Go back home, young man."

"Are you afraid to die?" he asked coldly.

That only made the guard and the rest of the men burst into laughter with the exception of the assassin, Riku, and Kairi. Kairi sat as still as a stone, waiting, wondering what the killer would do. She still hadn't opened her eyes in fear of what would come next. And it did.

The first guard that had spoke and was laughing along with the others began to choke up blood and fell to the ground bleeding to death from the gash in his throat. Kairi sensed what was happening and screwed her eyelids to shut tighter as all the guards immediately stopped their laughing.

"B-boy, we'll give you a count of three to-to drop that weapon and do as we s-say or else we'll open f-fire," someone quaked whether in fear or surprise.

Kairi squeezed her clasped hands in her lap tighter and tighter when the assassin stated, "You are afraid of death. All of you." She heard him take a step, then another and another.

It was followed by sounds of feet running towards the assassin. Guns began shooting off the hook and the loud noise rung in Kairi's ears as she clasped her hands over them to block the sound. Her eyes were still closed shut as one by one; the thuds of bodies dropped onto the plush carpet.

Riku stood close to Kairi, but all the while, watching his comrades fall, dying and losing. He took a fighting stance, gripping his red and black keyblade tightly in his hand. He couldn't help but notice that this would be the first time he had to fight another keyblade master.

Soon, everything was dead silent and Kairi could sense the assassin face her and Riku. She removed her hands from her ears and let them drop onto her lap as she trembled. Everyone besides her and Riku were dead. All because of this one man slayer...

And a young killer for that matter, she had heard. Even though he was young, how young was he to go around on a killing rampage? She didn't know, and she didn't want to know. All she wanted was for it all to end.

The dangerous stranger moved closer and closer. Both keyblades clinked as their owners tightened their grips on their weapons.

Riku began to speak, "You're a keyblade master aren't you? Why are you doing this?"

"The answer is no concern of yours."

"I see. It doesn't matter, you're not going to lay a hand on her."

"It's my job to complete this task. Step out of the way or you'll lose your life too."

Riku smirked, "Not if I can help it."

Both fighters charged at each other, weapons raised and ready to deliver a kill. Metal clashed with metal and sparks flew between the friction. They both pulled away and charged again, both equally matched. Riku's blade caught his opponent's and slid down to make an uppercut, but the assassin saw it coming and forced Riku's dark keyblade away quickly. They continued to clash and all the while, Kairi prayed they would stop. Though she couldn't see them, she knew that one of them will lose, and the one who did would die.

The brown-haired teen made a cocky grin as he kept his piercing blue eyes locked with Riku's. Before the older boy knew what was coming, the assassin struck out a foot and knocked Riku's legs from behind. During the unbalancing confusion, the killer took his chance and delivered a quick plunge for Riku's stomach. At the last moment, the silver-haired teen moved away, but the white blade caught his side. His blood poured from his newly inflicted wound as he leapt away holding a hand to the injury.

As the dark liquid continued to gush past, between Riku's gloved fingers, his eyesight began to waver and darken, but he wouldn't let himself pass out. Not when Kairi needed his protection. Forcing his hand away, Riku grasped onto his weapon and raised himself up again.

The other teen shook his head nonchalantly. He swung his keyblade into a fighting position again as Riku came at him and blocked each blow swiftly. Now that his opponent was weakened, the killer took the upper hand and delivered a deadly combo, sending Riku out of fighting commission. Riku gasped and tried to stand, but his body wasn't allowing it.

The assassin turned his attention away from the injured teen and faced Kairi and peered at her closed eyes.

Kairi heard Riku gasp in pain. She snapped her eyes open and as blue met blue, time seemed to freeze right then and there between them.

She was surprised to find herself staring into the eyes of a boy no older than she was. So he was the one who killed everyone. He was the one after her. She shivered at the thought of someone as young as her would be doing this. She peeled her eyes away from the killer's. The bloodied bodyguard caught her attention on the ground with his keyblade sprawled a little way out of his reach.


If he heard her, he didn't make a notion to tell her so. She looked around the room to find dead people scattered across the room. It was all just a bloody mess and she fought the urge to scream. Once she saw all the blood, it only made it's stale, metallic scent assault her nose more than it did when she had her eyes closed, unaware of the true state the sickening scene held. She turned her head back to Riku and urged him to wake up somehow. She was about to cry when the thought that he would be dead in a matter of seconds crossed her mind.

"He's not going to die. As for you…" His steps came closer and closer to her once more.

Kairi felt her blood run cold as the assassin made his way towards her. She dropped to the ground, and reached over to grip Riku's hand tightly in her own as she did many times when she was little. The killer was drawing nearer and nearer and her mind was going blank. Should she run? Or should she let him kill her?


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