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"Robin.. I'm afraid I do not fully understand this..." Starfire remarked quietly as she eyed over the white box in Robin's lap, carefully being folded up into a sheet of soft blue wrapping paper, with no wrinkles or tears like hers had been.

"Understand what? Wrapping presents?" He asked with almost a laugh in his tone as he flipped the box over to wrap the other side, then cast a glance over her way.

"Exactly. I don't understand why we waste such beautiful paper only to be torn apart and thrown away afterwards." Starfire glanced down at the seemingly mangled package in her own lap and frowned. "Why.. on my planet.. such paper would be considered a precious treasure and--"

"It's wrapping paper, Star. It's an earth tradition. You'll get used to it." he answered.

A heavy sheet of snow had fallen over the entire city, and crime rates had significantly dropped in size due to it. Truth be told, all the Titans were about ready for a riot to break out in the streets, just to have something to do other than stay in their giant tower on the outskirts of the city for hours upon hours. Certain people had been at other certain people's throats during the last few days, but the anger and frustration had soon subsided, however, when the calendar hit December 10th, and it was announced that everything would be decorated over for the Christmas holiday coming up. Presents that were bought earlier were dragged out from the closets, wrapping paper distributed, and a multitude of Christmas Trees had been properly delivered for the matching multitudes of rooms to put them in. It left Starfire puzzled, this being her first time witnessing such a holiday.

"And.. Robin? Why do we place glass balls on the branches of trees? And why do we bring such trees indoors and string them with lights? I don't understand. This is all so.. interesting." Starfire stole a glance at the towering tree in the corner of the room. Herself, Robin, Cyborg, and Beastboy had taken hours upon hours to finish decorating that tree, but none of them had really taken the time to explain why, almost like they expected her to figure it out on her own.

"Geez Robin.. you'd think you woulda taught her about stuff like Christmas by now.."

Both looked up from their place on the couch to see Cyborg enter in from the hall, a boatload of presents in his arms that were soon dropped and pushed under the tree with his foot. He turned towards them and folded his arms over his chest, as if waiting for a responce from the masked boy.

"Bet you're going to tell me I slacked off?" Robin asked with a bit of amusement in his tone of voice, and leaned forward a bit to get a good idea of just how many presents had been put under the tree after all.

"Probably.." was the only responce.

Starfire sighed heavily, sensing yet again the tension between the two boys rising as their words grew sharper.

"I can't teach her everything."

"You're the one she's with almost constantly."

"She's with Raven alot too, you know."

"Yeah.. uh-huh, blame it all on Rave.."

"I'm not blaming Raven for anything."


"I'm not!!"

"Uh-huh.." Cyborg turned and started walking back towards the hallway. "If ya need me, I'll be around."

With a low growl, Robin slouched down into the couch, ignoring the worried look from Starfire. Picking up another white box, he abruptly tore a piece of green sparkling wrapping paper from the roll, causing a jagged edge, and went about folding the paper around the box quickly. Starfire simply stared at him, for instead of the marvelous job he had done before with each of his gifts, this one was even making hers look good.

"Um.. Robin? Maybe you should take a break, maybe get some fresh air?" she suggested uneasily.

"I'm fine." he snarled under his breath, and slapping a small decorated sticker on the top of the hideous package, wrote Cyborg's name sloppily, and chucked it from his position on the couch, to under the tree.

There was a moment of uneasy silence between the two teens, but with the soft sound of Starfire clearing her throat, and her leaning forward to examine the one remaining package they had to wrap, the mood in the room changed a bit.

"I'm afraid we may be missing a few presents for our friends. I don't have one for Raven, or one for you."

With a moment of thought from Robin, he stood, stretched, and looked down at her. "Well, I don't have one for Beastboy, or you.. so.."

Starfire's eyes lightened and she clasped her hands together tightly. "Oh! Does this mean we may now go out into the vast malls of people and shop once more?!"

"Uh.." Robin shifted uneasy and rubbed the back of his neck. "... yeah."

"Joy!" Starfire jumped up off the couch. "When can we leave?!"

"Um.. as.. soon as I send Cyborg out for groceries, I guess we could leave."

"I will go and fetch him then!!" and with that, Starfire was gone down the hallway, leaving Robin to stand alone in the christmas-light-polluted room, utterly confused.


The snow fell softly around the city, except unless you looked hard from Raven's place in the darkness of the night on the top of the tower, you wouldn't have been able to tell. Not that she cared really that her dark purple cloak was slowly being given a cloak of it's own, causing it to soak through to her usual uniform she wore. She didn't care that her body was freezing. Hell, she didn't care about anything anymore.

Everyone was happy, carefree... Almost like they hadn't even noticed her added sadness over the last few days.

She walked slowly across the roof of the tower, running her hand through the inch of snow that had gathered on the railing as she made her way to the other side, where the lights of the city burned brightly, and reflected over the slowly freezing lake. It was personally her favorite spot to stand and stare, due to the unusual beauty of the scene. Even in the freezing wind that whipped around her, and the snow stinging the skin that was bare to the weather, she found it just a bit peaceful.

She couldn't tell if she was concentrating on the skyline, or the conversation her mind played out in her head, but whichever it was, it was slowly causing a gashing hole in her being. Soon, she began talking to herself. Did it really matter if she did? They were all downstairs decorating the tree anyways without her. They probably hadn't even realised she had not made an appearance to them the entire day, yet.

"I should just leave." she spoke quietly to herself, then ran her hand over the railing once more, gathering up a handfull of snow, balling it in her fist, and then dropping it over the edge of the building. She gazed over to the amazing height she was from the ground, and it almost took her breath away. She wasn't afraid of heights in the least, but the fact that she could barely even see the ground from where she was startled her. She had never realised just how high up it really was.

Raven darted back suddenly at the sound of the door below her opening, pouring a coat of soft yellow light from inside out into the snow, and Cyborg suddenly rushing out, Robin hot on his heels, both talking so loudly that she could just faintly make out what they were saying. She peered over the edge once more, more curious than anything, as the wind kicked back up, shoving the hood of her cloak down behind her head.

"You sure you have the list with you?" Robin's voice clearly asked, and he stopped, just short of the blueish tone of light a few yards away where a single car sat, snow piling on it's hood.

"Yeah yeah I got it..." the car gave a loud beep in responce to Cyborg pressing a button on the keypad he held.

She watched with a curious, yet subtle look, her emotions unmoving. It was just a simple thing they did practicly all the time, sending Cyborg out into the city to pick up grocerys, and someone having to rush after him to make sure he had the proper list of items so he wouldn't forget anything. But for some reason, this time it was a sort of bittersweet sight to her. It was probably just another effect of her depression she had slipped into, and also being seemingly ignored by the others.

Her arms slowly wrapped themselves around her middle, and she closed her eyes. She was about sick and tired of this feeling surrounding her, she just wanted it to stop... even if she had to do it herself.

She took another step towards the edge of the building and gazed over the edge. Cyborg had already pulled away, and the door had closed behind Robin, leaving it deserted in the outdoors again. But, that's not what she was concentrating on. Her eyes were fixed upon the barely visible indent of the snowball she had dropped just below. Her hand grasped the railing tightly as she watched, almost as if her body was trying to push her on by itself.

Her fingers flexed again, and the thought of allowing herself to just fall off the side flashed through her head, causing her to suck in a deep breath of air. Yes, a fall like that.. that would definatly make this feeling inside her disappear... for good.

A flood of light escaped from the doorway behind her, and she gasped lightly, turning around, almost as if she had just been caught commiting a crime. The greenish boy just blinked at the startled look on her face a few times, and stepped out into the snow, closing the door behind him.

"What are you doing out here?" Raven asked sharply, and turned back around to the glowing skyline, casting a quick glance down to the ground beneath them.

"I noticed you weren't helping us decorate." Beastboy said, surprisingly not at all cheerful in his tone of voice. "So, I went to your room, but you weren't ther--"

"You didn't touch anything, did you?" she spat off quickly, interrupting him.

"No, I just knocked and the door opened, so I peeked my head in and left." he responded with a odd cool about him. "I figured if you weren't there, you'd be up here. I wanted to know if you wanted to help me decorate one of the smaller trees, since Robin left it up to me, and you didn't get the chance to decorate the big one."

Raven cast a glance at him as he took his place beside her, wrapped in a heavy hunter green jacket. "You want me to help you? That's a change."

"Or.. we could just sit up here if you want." his tone was back to it's usual perkiness and sarcasm with that remark, and he offered out the black jacket that he had draped over his arm. "But I can't let you freeze, ya know."

She looked at the jacket, then looked at him, and then back down at the ground below, causing him to look over as well to see what exactly was so interesting about a snowcovered ground you could barely see.

"I want to be alone."

"And that's different from....? Com'on, you have to be cold in that outfit, and Robin and Star are gettin' ready to leave to do last minute Christmas shopping. If you don't want anyone to know that you actually talk to me, then this is the perfect time." he gave a grin at her, but soon frowned at the emotion that had crossed Raven's face at his comment.

"You.. really want me to come down there with you?"

"Yeah, of course. I've been wanting to hang with you all day but you were always gone and stuff."

He felt his stomach untie the knot it had made when she gave a soft smile and started to walk back to the doorway Beastboy had come from in the first place.

"Alright.. but only if you make me a cup of tea once we're down there."

Beastboy grinned widely and rushed after her to open the door first. "Deal."


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