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Warning: Yaoi means guyxguy thing. Contains Lemon well more like a lime between two guys nothing too graphic though but if you're not comfortable with that don't read.

Song: Every you, Every me by Placebo also not mine.

Italic words = Bakura's thoughts

Italic words like this /blah/ = Song lyrics

Lights flashed on and off, momentarily leaving a blinding sensation making everything seems confusing and unfocused. Smoke filled the room making the air thick. The smell was also quite unique burnt cigarettes, alcohol and the perspiration of the bodies swaying languidly to the rhythm of the music, mixed together giving off a rather intoxicating air. The perfect environment where faces got obscured and personalities mingled together, where everyone was a stranger an unknown an anonymous face. It was perfect.

Bakura scanned the dance floor searching for his nights victim. He was cradling a drink in one hand his eyes searching the crowd. He sat on a black stool in the bar leaning his back casually on the counter. He looked down at himself and gave a small nod of self approval. He was wearing a tight muscled shirt and a tight black leather pants. His current position caused his shirt to rise up exposing his somewhat pale abdomen, showing two lines joining to form a V inside his pants, tempting anyone who passed by.

Bakura smirked his eyes finally settling on someone. He took a sip of his drink and set it down taking a small hop off the stool. He walked towards his prey.

/Sucker love is heaven sent / You pucker up, our passion's spent / My hearts a tart / your body's rent / My body's broken, yours is spent/

He cut through the crowed easily, people parting making way for him and he smirked they did not know who he was or what he had been but still couldn't help and sense the air of danger hanging around him. A hand shot out from the crowd giving his rear a firm squeeze. Bakura didn't flinch he spun around taking a hold of the hand and broke it with out a second thought. He scoffed and left the stranger screaming in agony.

Eyes unwavering trained on his target. The boy had his eyes closed his hands raised above his head waving softly his hips swaying in a hypnotic rhythm a rhythm Bakura felt himself drawn to.

Unaware he was being watched the boy kept moving, his body tempting anyone who glanced his way. Bakura walked behind the black haired boy with pale skin almost as pale as His. He slowly placed his hands on the boys legs running them slowly up to his hips and over his stomach grinding slowly into him.

"Wanna dance?"

Bakura whispered seductively into his ear. The other didn't bother answering just leaned his head back on Bakura's shoulder and rubbed against Bakura's front, his lips falling open in a barely audible moan.

/Carve your name into my arm / Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed / Cuz there's nothing else to do / Every me and every you/

In a rhythm of their own they moved together, Bakura taking a hold of the boy's slender hips guiding him in a slow sensual dance. They boy turned and for the first time Bakura saw his eyes. Piercing baby blue stared at him their color heightened with the make up around his eyes, his lips full and rosy his skin pale. Though at the moment wore a slight flush. Beautiful. Like him but not quite.

The boy wrapped his arms around Bakura's neck and gasped as Bakura slipped his knee between his leg running his knee against the bulge in front of the boys pants. The boy smirked and leaned forward to kiss him, Bakura turned his head and leaned forward towards the other's ear.

"Let's go somewhere"

He whispered licking said ear, producing soft moans from the dark haired boy. He suckled the delicate neck and grinned when the other boy tilted his head backwards leaving his creamy neck completely exposed and at Bakura's mercy.

The boy let one hand trail down Bakura's chest and lower still until he found the bulge in Bakura's pants and gave it a teasing squeeze. Bakura groaned pulling the boy closer to him, licking his ear.

"I live a couple of blocks away"

Bakura smirked into the boys ear at hearing the invitation.

/Sucker love, a box I choose / No other box I choose to use / Another love I would abuse / No circumstances could excuse/

They stumbled into the dark bedroom hands too busy tugging exploring heated skin to bother with the lights. However lights were not necessary there were two opened widows letting the light from the full moon fill the room with a ghostly blue almost neon light.

Stripped of all their clothing Bakura paused momentarily looking down at the heaving body on the bed who's skin seemed to shimmer with the moonlight reflecting off his sweat covered skin, looking almost ghostly. Is that what he would look like?

The boy grew impatient and reached up pulling Bakura on him. He made a move to kiss Bakura who dipped his head and went for the boys neck instead. The boy suck in a gasp and let out a strangled moan.

Rocking slowly into the body beneath him. His paced increased with every sound the boy emitted. Bakura lost himself like every time before. He closed his eyes hearing the screams the moans feeling the hot body beneath his the legs wrapped tightly around his waist pulling him deeper with each thrust.

Behind his lids imagining it was another he drove himself into. Imagining it was another screaming in pleasure, another who's hands were slowly raking up and down his back leaving small fingernail imprints another who yelled out for more.

Would he call my name? Or would he bite his full lips trying to hold in his pleasure? Would he meet my rhythm thrust for thrust? With the image of another in his mind he pushed in faster breathing more rapidly the boy beneath him withering in pleasure his back arching elegantly off the bed desperately seeking that maddening explosion of pleasure.

/In the shape of things to come / Too much poison come undone / Cuz there's nothing else to do / Every me and every you / Every me... hee

Clutching tightly to the strong body above him he came. Bakura thrust a few for times and growled as he came wishing it was another who he was inside of.

Bakura let his limp sweat sleek body fall onto the slightly smaller one beneath him. He felt slender arms wrap around his spent form and rolled to the side away from the contact. He didn't want the sweet cuddle after sex. He looked at the boy beside him who was panting slowly looking sleepily up at the ceiling.

Would he look so dazed?

He leaned forward and licked the boy's shoulder.

Would he taste like this? No he would taste sweet and salty or perhaps tangy.

The boy's breathing became more steady and deep, his eyes were hidden behind closed eye lids enjoying a satisfied sleep. Bakura let his eyes drift close.

Had he fallen a sleep? No never asleep not in another's bed he had merely rested his eyes. He looked over to the side a clock flashed one fifteen. Bakura got up his body now rested. He searched the floor and gather his clothing slipping easily into them. He sat on the edge of the bed in the process of slipping on his shoes when he felt a slight movement behind him. He didn't turn. With his shoes finally on he stood up.

There was a loud shifting of covers and he heard a voice calling out to him.

"What are you going?"

Bakura stopped and turned looking down at the blue eyed boy on the bed. Who was very beautiful but would never be as beautiful as him.


Was his one word answer, the boy sadden and lowered his head, his hair falling around his face hiding his face in a curtain of raven hair. Hiding the baby blue eyes shinning with ready to fall tears. Bakura moved to the bed and held the boys face in his hand and looked into his eyes.

Is this what he would look like too if I left? Broken.

Too many emotion the boy held in his eyes though he didn't care. Not for this boy. This person was merely a stranger nothing more. No one he should concern himself with, his heart was too small to hold any concern for anyone but for the one who had his heart.

"But I thought..."

A broken trailed off whisper. Bakura scoffed lifting off the bed.

"Thought wrong"

He turned and left never again looking back.

/Sucker love is known to swing / Prone to cling and waste these things / Pucker up for heavens sake / There's never been so much at stake/

The night was chilly and there was a slight breeze he now wished he had worn a jacket. The streets were not completely deserted just lightly traveled with people and few cars. The moon though had changed position was still full and clear illuminating his path.

A smirked curled his lips as he thought to his nights activities. He scoffed thinking how the boy had tried to kiss him, he might have shared his body but his lips he reserved for only one. The only part of himself that was still left untouched by another except him. The only part of himself he reserved only for one other. His lips and his heart but that was a different matter in itself.

The wind blew gently caressing his face with a cold sting and he lifted his face welcoming the biting cold. Letting the wind brush his skin using the biting cold as if he were being splashed with cold water.

In no time at all he reached his house he stepped inside and away from the cold weather and as he closed the door he closed off the nights event never to be brought up to his mind again.

It was warm inside he walked into the living room which was lit, in fact the entire house was still lit as if the occupants of the house were still up and around. They were not he knew for sure. The lights were left on for him always. Just for him, there was a tiny twitch on the corner of his upper lip that if it had been witnessed it might have almost seem like a smile.

Walking further into the living room he turned off the lamps and proceeded to the rest of rooms in the first floor turning the rest of the lights off. When the first floor was flooded in darkness he moved to the stair where the only light left now came from the hall on the second floor.

Bakura climbed the stairs the carpet muffling his steps allowing him to move soundlessly. On the second floor he walked to the second door on his left which had been left ajar. He pushed the door open and stood at the threshold now a genuine smile on his lips, as he looked at the sleeping form on the bed.

/I serve my head up on a plate / It's only comfort, calling late / Cuz there's nothing else to do / Every me and every you / Every me and every you / Every me... hee

The light from the hall flooded in casting his shadow in front of him and across the floor reaching the bed. The light also lit the boy sleeping soundly in the bed. He stood there for a few minutes not moving or blinking just watching, his light.

Ryou his Ryou after so much self doubt and self battling he had come to terms with himself he was in love with the boy. And had trouble believing his innocent Hikari felt the same way about him. After all why would Ryou love him of all people? Why? He had asked Ryou that question. Ryou had merely smiled and had said he Bakura was his other half his soul mate. He had told Bakura the question wasn't how could he love him? But rather how could he not love the other half of himself?

After that had been understood Bakura had taken Ryou. Or he had wanted to, he sighed closed his eyes and leaned against the door frame remembering the night he had almost taken his Hikari's innocence.

He remembered Ryou's soft warm body beneath his, his moans of pleasure. He remembered how he could hardly contain himself he had wanted to bury himself inside his lover and be one. Ryou had been panting and shaking and somehow through his lust fogged mind he realized Ryou was not panting or shaking in anticipation but with utter fear.

Bakura opened his eyes and stepped into the room his shadow moving ahead of him now, almost covering the angel on the bed. He stopped a few feet away from the foot of the bed and looked down at Ryou, his face was that of peace and a carefree. And again he remembered the fear in his eyes as he was about to take him. He remembered him shaking in fear his hands gripping his shoulder in a death grip small rivers of tears running down the sides of his face onto his hair and the sheet beneath him. He had been petrified.

Lifting his hand he watched as his shadow followed his movements and he moved his hand forward. And watched as the shadow of his hand caressed the beautiful face just a few feet away from him. Ryou had been petrified of that level of intimacy but had said nothing had not protested he had been willing to do something he was not ready for all to make his other half happy.

When the full realization of that had crashed over him, Bakura had gather the crying Ryou in his arms cradling him like a small child. Ryou had cried openly sobbing apologies into Bakura's chest. While Bakura made soothing noised and rocked him gently until he had fallen a sleep. Missing the single tear that ran down Bakura's cheek.

It was than Bakura realized how much Ryou really did love him, Ryou had been willing to give up his innocence to him just to make him happy. He vowed than to never hurt Ryou in anyway. Problem was Bakura had never been good with keeping promises.

Ryou shifted in the bed and Bakura's hand fell to his side. Instead of getting in bed with his love like he wanted to he turned right and walked into the adjoining door leading to the bathroom. He flicked the lights on and shedding his clothes off, he wanted to be next to his Hikari but he would damned if he ever let Ryou smell another's sent on him.

He stepped into the shower turning the water on not caring that the water was cold. He let the water cascade down his body falling like rivulets over his muscles down the floor into the drain. He scrubbed his face his body washing away the scent of that nameless face.


Washing away the traces of that boys hands and his body washing the memories away. And the guilt? What guilt? Yes there was guilt in the beginning when I first slept with another person. The guilt was killing me knowing I had shared my body with someone else other than Ryou. After I had vowed to not hurt him.

The guilt had been too much I couldn't stand looking into his eyes and seeing nothing but complete trust. I told Ryou the truth. I told him I had slept with another person. I know I was hurting him when I told him I needed to find release somewhere. Selfish I know but old habits die hard.

/Like the naked leads the blind / I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind/

Ryou my sweet Ryou was devastated I thought that was the end of us. After all how could he forgive me for what I had done? And I couldn't explain that my being with someone else was purely physical no emotional attachment what so ever was formed in my part. At he time I didn't even understand that, but Ryou did.

While I sat down with my head bowed like the scum I felt like, Ryou had crawled into my lap and made me look at him. What he said to me that day is still burned into my mind and heart forever. He took my face in his hands very gently like only he could and kissed my lips and said.

"They may have your body for a moment but you will always come back to me because your heart belongs right here"

He took his hand and placed it on his chest over his heart a few tears sliding down his cheeks.

"Next to mine as mine will always belong here"

He moved his hand to my chest placing his hand over my heart. I had wanted to argue after all how could he be so understanding I wouldn't have been. I would have killed anyone who dared touch my Ryou. He explained.

"Bakura I understand your need to seek with another what I'm not ready to give but that's okay, because your heart belongs to me your heart is mine and as long as I have that I have everything and the ones you seek release with have nothing more than a mere meaning less cold touch"

/Sucker love I always find / Some one to bruise and leave behind/

At the time I didn't understand what he meant I understood to an extend. I slowly began to analyze what he said yes he had my heart I knew that much. With that came all my feelings and emotions, emotions so strong I couldn't even begin to describe and all for him. That's when I began to understand what he meant when he had said that by having my heart he had everything he was right. Because if he had at that moment told me to stop sleeping with other people I would have just for him.

Did that knowledge bother me? Did knowing I'd doing anything he asked of me bother me? No. Not in the least. It doesn't bother me to know that I would do anything for Ryou he need only ask. Why? It's a mutual feeling. He proved he's willing to do anything for me the day he was willing to let me take his virginity with out being ready. So it doesn't bother me, but Ryou won't tell me to stop having sex with other people. Remember I'm the selfish one.

The water's stinging now I turn off the shower and step out grabbing a towel and wrap it around my waist. I move to the sink to brush my teeth hmm I frown into my reflection there's no trace of the boy in my mouth for that I'm grateful.

Yes I sleep with other people but only Ryou has claim to my lips, it's not much but it's all I can leave just for him and he knows. Just like he knows I love him. Tonight was a farewell to my scandalous ways. Tonight I decided I would no longer sleep with other people. I decided I'd rather wait for Ryou. Believe it or not I've had enough of nameless faces and meaningless sex. I love Ryou and even though he won't tell me to stop I will. I've decided to stick to that vowed I made because even if he says nothing I know it hurts him and I don't want to do that anymore.

I spit out the foam and rinse my mouth a smirk on my lips. The boy tonight was a farewell that's why I chose him. He looked so much like Ryou the only differences were the eyes and hair color the skin was the same even his hair style was the same, but his eyes did not hold what Ryou's do. None of the people I've slept with have Ryou's eyes and I'm tired of that, tired of searching for what I already have. Tonight was a farewell and tomorrow well we'll see what tomorrow holds for Ryou and I.

/All alone in space and time/

I turn off the light and walk back into the bedroom naked having dropped off the towel back on the towel rack in the bathroom. I rummage through my underwear drawer and pull out some black boxers slipping into the dry fabric.

My hair is still damp but it that's okay it will be dry in the morning I don't bother to turn the light from the hall off all I want at the moment is to be next to Ryou.

A sigh escapes my lips as I slip next to his warm body his back is facing me and I move closer to him holding him closely by the waist. Almost immediately his smell invadeas my nose and my every sense with his unique scent so sweet so innocent driving all the nameless faces away never able to replace my Hikari. I inhale deeply and hold him closer to me.

The movement makes his stir and he moans a little as he turns slowly in my arm and faces me. His eyes trying to open but sleep fighting to keep them close. He looks at me through droopy eyes and I smile kissing his forehead. He smiles back and snuggles closer to me placing one arm around me and the other on my chest over my heart almost as if a reminder that it belongs to him.

"Hmm. You're home"

He says before drifting back to sleep his head tucked safely beneath my chin his steady breathing tickling my chest and I smile again closing my eyes thinking about what he just said.

/There's nothing here but what's here's mine / Something borrowed, something blue/

"Yes I'm home"

/Every me and every you / Every me and every you / Every me...hee

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