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Gentle sun rays filtered through curtain drawn window, flooding the room with soft morning light. Two sleeping bodies laid together limbs haphazardly intertwined making it difficult for any on looker to see where one started and the other began. Holding each other closely like that they gave off the very picture of sleeping angels.

Ryou felt the soft light on his eyes and slowly his eyes fluttered open like a butterfly opening its wings. A smile graced his lips making him look even more innocent. He closed his eyes again and snuggled closer to Bakura.

He loved waking up before Bakura did, he enjoyed watching him sleep, his expression completely vulnerable. Opening his eyes he propped his hand on his bent arm and used the other hand to gently play with Bakura's hair. To his surprise and amusement Bakura disn't even stir. Dropping Bakura's hair he leaned forward placing a soft kiss on Bakura's cheek, before getting up.

Goose bumps formed on his bare arms as the chilly morning greeted his warm skin. He shivered standing up stretching with his arms raised high above his head and standing on his tip toes. He relaxed again a soft sigh escaping him.

"Need shower"

He mumbled to no one. Giving the sleeping Bakura one long last glance he turned from him walking to his closet. Picking out old faded navy jeans and a somewhat tight black shirt he entered the bathroom closing the door behind him.

With a yawn he moved about the bathroom and glared as he stepped over something soft. Looking down he saw it was Bakura's clothes from last night and he stood there for a few seconds glaring down at the garments. With shake of his head he picked them up to dump them in the clothes hamper, but not before a whiff of a foreign smell hit his nose and he felt a pang in his chest. As once again he remembered Bakura is not just his, closing his eyes tightly to fight back tears he dumps the clothing in the hamper letting the lid fall back down.

Trying to push those thoughts out of his heads he walked to the shower turning it on adjusting the water temperature quickly before stepping inside the tub. For a few minutes he just closed his eyes placing a hand flat on the wall in front of him letting his forehead rest on said hand. The warm water cascading slowly down his head and through out his body.

Feeling a little better and more awake he peeled himself away from the wall and started washing himself. He finished rather quickly and turned the shower off.

Sliding the door opened he was greeted by the fog created by his warm shower. Ryou reached for a towel with out getting out of the tub. He wrapped the towel around his waist as to not drip too much water on the floor once he stepped out.

In the bedroom the sound of the shower being turned off registers in Bakura's ears and he groaned. Cracking an eye open he glanced at the clock to see it was ten o'clock. Another groan was emitted from his mouth before he buried his face on his pillow, but he didn't fall back a sleep.

With a reluctant sigh he turned on his back opening his eyes. He sat up making the covers fall around his waist and he leaned back on his arms letting his head fall back arching his back in a long stretch.

That is the sight that welcomed Ryou once he opened the bathroom door. Almost dropping the hair brush in his hands as he looked on to Bakura's, wonderful exposed chest and neck completely on display just for him. Letting his eyes roam freely from Bakura's abdomen to his hard nipples due to the cold and up his long slender neck which Bakura had thrown back and Ryou couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to kiss and lick that beautiful skin.

His eyes widen at the sudden thought and he felt himself blush as teared his eyes away from Bakura to look shyly a the floor a small smile lingering on his lips.

It had been like that lately Ryou had been catching himself staring at Bakura more and more lately, wondering what it would be like to touch him. And for some reason the thoughts didn't scare him as much as he thought they would, instead he welcomes such feelings.

"Morning love"

Bakura's husky with sleep voice reached his ears making him look up and smile at him.


Ryou said softly. Slowly Bakura takes in his small love's form who is giving him a look. Holding a brush in his hand head damp and cheeks still flushed from his shower. Bakura smirked not a cruel smirk but an amused one.

Throwing the covers aside he swung his legs off the bed and onto the carpeted floor sitting on the edge of the bed. His actions were rewarded by Ryou's eyes lighting up seeing his unasked request being granted, he walked towards Bakura.

Before sitting down he gave Bakura a warm smile that unknown to him always made Bakura want to wrap his arms around his hikari and never let go.

Turning around Ryou sat down on the floor leaning back against Bakura's leg. His arm shoots up holding the brush up for Bakura to take.

At the first soft strokes Ryou's eyes slip close as he relaxes enjoying the feel of his hair being gently brushed.

Bakura smiles at his hikari's head shaking his head slightly. Everyday it's the same thing it's almost like a ritual. Ryou gets out of the shower and asks-- no he never asks Bakura to brush his hair, he just stands there pleading with his eyes until Bakura swings his legs off the bed granting him his request. After all how could he ever not?

A soft kind of mewl sound reaches Bakura's ears and he smiles, feeling like he's caressing a small kitten rather than his hikari. Though he truly doesn't mind loving the sounds Ryou makes and lets his mind wonder about what other noises Ryou could make. Catching himself before wondering too far he lookedid down at Ryou.


He sa handing the brush back to Ryou who stood up turning with a smile of his lips. Taking the brush and placing it on the night table.

"Thank you"

Ryou said leaning forward and bending down to kiss Bakura. Who's arms immediately snaked around his waist pulling him close. Deepening the kiss Bakura leans back falling back on the bed bringing Ryou with him.

Breaking the kiss Ryou giggled looking down at Bakura. Who in turn was slowly running his hands up and down Ryou's back. Not in a seductive manner but in a comforting gesture.

There might have been a time when such an action would have made Ryou blush, bolt and pull way from Bakura. Though now he realized how he was slowly becoming more and more comfortable with Bakura's touch to the point of almost craving his touch. Even though the blushing remained there was hardly a trace of discomfort left if any at all.


Bakura whispered.


Ryou siad bringing one hand up to slowly trace Bakura's lips with his index finger.

"Why are you up so early on a Saturday?"

Ryou smiled and pulled away from Bakura. Bakura had to fight the urge to just pull the boy back down again.

"Because we're going over to Yugi's remember?"

Bakura sat up narrowing his eyes at his hikari who had moved a few feet in front of him and was currently in the process of tying his shoes.

"No I don't"

He said not really wanting to go to Yugi's house. Not so much because of Yugi but because of the Pharaoh. He could think of other ways he would rather spend his day than in company of the pharaoh like sleeping.

Unfazed by Bakura's tone and glare, Ryou straighten up finishing tying his shoes and smiled innocently at Bakura.

"Don't worry I remembered for both of us"

He stated cheerfully. At that look Bakura almost crumbled almost being the operative word. It would take more than Ryou's sweet smile to get the yami to agree.

"I'm not going the Pharaoh will be there."

He said spitting out the words. Ryou continued to play innocent cocking his head to the side cutely and Bakura knew it was all a show to get him to go. Heh clever little thing you've become Ryou.

"Of course he'll be there Bakura-chan he lives there"

Ryou explained as if talking to a small child. Crossing his arms Bakura stared defiantly at Ryou.

"I'm not going"

A soft huff escaped Ryou's lips before stomping to Bakura like a train set on it's course with no chance of steering away from it's path, and he straddled his yami his legs folded on either side of Bakura's legs and his arms wrapped around his neck for leverage.

To say Bakura was shocked by the move would have been a great understatement. But he did nothing except to stare at his hikari.

"But Yugi said if you came to help he would make sure Yami would stay out of your way"

Ryou said to Bakura who had now turned his face away from him.


Was Bakura's firm reply, while he gripped his crossed arms tightly to fight the feelings Ryou was stirring with in him by just being so close.

"But Bakura"

Ryou whispered not in a whining tone but in a sad defeated one. Bakura knew it was still part of the show, but made the fatal mistake of looking at his hikari. With his head bowed Ryou slowly lifted his head looking up at Bakura his eyes wide and innocent, lips in a small pout.

"You promised"

That's it, those eyes that look, that's always what made Bakura crumble and fall like a cookie crumb when Ryou munched on them. Even though he remembered making no such promise the look that Ryou gave him made him agree anyway.


Bakura grunted out. Ryou's eyes immediately lit up with joy an he gave Bakura a loud smooch on the cheek before getting off his lap.

"Great you get dressed, I'll go make something to eat before we leave"

He said and Bakura watched his hikari talk happily with that twinkle of joy in his eyes before walking out of the room.

Alone in the room Bakura lets himself fall back on the bed draping one arm over his eyes and shaking his head slowly, chuckling without humor. At a joke that was not funny at a joke that was on him. It wasn't a show Ryou had not been putting on a show of feigns innocence. The joy in his eyes convinced him of that.

Ryou would never be so deceitful. Ryou was just too honest with his feelings that Bakura sometimes mistook them for something more.

Like when Ryou had straddle him it had taken all his will power to keep himself from just ravishing the boy there and than. That move had been so seductive yet coming from Ryou it had been purely innocent with no hidden or ulterior motives.

That innocence would be the death of him one day he was sure. Just as sure as he was that Ryou had no idea what such an action did to him. After contemplating his feeling for a while he let his hand fall from his face.

"Well no good mulling over it"

He said to himself and once again sat up this time standing up from the bed to ready himself for a day at the pharaohs. To help. Ryou had said. Help with what? He would have to ask Ryou.

"Ryou the things I do for you"

Two arms wrapped around his waist and soft lips landed on his shoulder.

"I know"

Ryou whispered and Bakura shivered at the warm breath tickling his sensitive skin. He turned around looking down at Ryou who was smiling softly up at him.

Taking his arms from Bakura's waist to wrap them around his neck giving him a shy smile. His eyes flashed uncertainty before pushing it aside and making up his mind stood on his tip toes bringing their lips together. Kissing him slowly at first than parting his lips opening his mouth to Bakura's seeking tongue. Ryou moaned softly as Bakura explored the warmth of his mouth mercilessly. With Ryou hanging on to his neck as if for dear life and Bakura was only too happy to hold on tightly.

Out of breath Ryou pulled away slowly, Bakura catching his bottom lip gently between his teeth and letting go just as slowly as Ryou is pulling away.

"Thank you for coming. Breakfast is ready. Okay?"

He said. Bakura nodded once and watched as Ryou exited the room again leaving Bakura to finish dressing with a smile of his lips.

"The things I do for you..."

He said again to himself shaking his head in amusement. While moving to his and Ryou's closet.

"But when you do that it makes it all worth it"

It was very rare when Ryou initiated anything between them. Though incredibly enjoyable, he remembered not too long ago Ryou would have never thought of initiating a kiss. That only made Bakura smile more, it meant Ryou was becoming more comfortable with being a bit more intimate with him.

Reaching for a white long sleeved thermo shirt he putted it on and slipped a navy blue one on top of that one. And again Bakura was reminded of how the mere touch of his Ryou drove away the nameless faces who could never ever compare to his Ryou. Never compare to the unique feel and taste of his small lover. With a satisfied smile he nods knowing he made right choice last night.

Although he wasn't planning of telling Ryou of his choice, he preferred to just let Ryou see. Let him see he was the only one for him.

Ryou was all he needed all he wanted. To him Ryou was the only one who could make living not tolerable but worth it. He wouldn't have it any other way. Zipping up his pants he left the room to join his hikari in the kitchen for breakfast, before going over to the pharaohs. But who cared if it was the pharaoh as long as Ryou was there he made everything bearable.

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