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Sixth year had come and gone without much fuss.over Draco anyway. Of course, there had been the usual parade over that worthless piece of filth Potter, but Draco had started to simply accept the fact that Potter was an attention whore. Now that seventh year was in its beginning, he hoped that the Dark Lord would simply dispose of the scarhead, but no matter what, Potter would not be an issue by the end of the year.

"At least I hope not." he muttered to himself, leaning his head back onto the wall behind him.

For a moment he almost felt like going out of his compartment to make mischief, but the urge for peace and quiet overwhelmed him, and he closed his storm cloud gray eyes against the blaring sunlight.

"Draco!" he heard a female voice say suddenly, "you didn't send me an owl all summer!"

He didn't need to open his eyes to know that Pansy was standing right above him, glaring at him with her piggy eyes bugging out of her piggy face. Why had he slept with her again? Oh, yes, because he had been horny and she'd had her legs open. Why did she suddenly assume that because they'd had sex once that he'd do it again?

His blond eyebrows coming together with his frustration he said, "Pansy, think of yourself as a flower and me as a hungry bee. I have visited your bloom and taken your pollen. Now, you must whither and die as winter comes." he paused for a moment, a cruel smile playing on his lips, ".and its going to be a LONG winter."

"You are," she began, her voice getting higher with every word, "the most filthy, disgusting, mean-spirited, heartless man I know."

Draco smiled again and softly said, "Then why do you want me so bad?"

One unintelligible outcry and many quick footsteps later; Draco was alone. Ah, bliss. He had always hated the ride on the Hogwarts express. Annoyingly loud students packed in a train for hours had always been a recipe for foul company. He would have much preferred to be alone, or perhaps to just have his own car.

"What are you pouting about, Dragon?" Draco heard from the door.

Opening his eyes, he stared for a moment. Blaise Zabini was hardly worth a quick response, and Draco was still to busy collecting his thoughts to bother being hasty.

"I'm sorry," Draco yawned, stretching his arms above his head until his shirt rode halfway up his belly. Teasing Zabini sexually was one of Draco's favorite hobbies. "Did you say something Zabini? All I heard was a light buzzing."

Zabini's face suddenly split into a smile. Draco had always wondered why Blaise seemed to enjoy being tormented, but had never been curious enough to ask.

"Oh Draco, you say the sweetest things," Blaise said, sitting down next to Draco. "Actually, I asked what you were pouting about."

But Draco only smiled, closing his eyes in a silent refusal of the question. Useless person, useless question, not worth an answer.

"Oh," Zabini added happily, though with a bit more scorn, "you know, I heard that Potter got a personal escort this year to school! I mean, he must be the most influential wizard of our time."

Trying not to, but listening anyway, Draco started to feel it again. That white hot anger that spread from his face to his toes while pausing at certain areas in between to linger. Though Draco wasn't quite sure about the lingering areas he was sure about the anger. What made him so special? What made others fawn upon him like a newborn infants first smile?

"Enough Zabini." Draco muttered

"In fact," Blaise continued, his voice becoming overtly snide, "he must be the most famous."

"Enough." Draco said, louder this time.

".the most respected."

"Stop Blaise."

".not to mention the MOST handsome." Blaise continued, undaunted.

"Shut up!" Draco spat, sitting up sharply. "Not another word, worm. You know I can't stand.that I despise.that I LOATHE.!"

"Harry Potter?"

"Yes, Harry Potter." Draco finished. But something wasn't quite right. The voice that had said the name hadn't been Zabini's. In fact it had sounded a lot like.

"Potter.," he sneered, narrowing his eyes.

"Afternoon Malfoy," he said, running his hand through his messy hair and grinning wickedly. There stood the raven-haired boy that had thwarted this every attempt at triumph.

"Come all the way down here without your bodyguards and cheering squad? Just to see me? I always knew you wanted my body, Potter, but this is just bold."

"I'm not as timid as I used to be Malfoy," Harry said, leaning down over Draco and placing his arms on either side of Draco's head, effectively trapping him for the moment.

Draco was suddenly eye to eye with someone he usually would only get close enough with to spit on. His breath smelled of peppermint and his eyes were like new spring grass. These were the sorts of things you only notice close up, and Draco still wasn't certain why he was noticing them at all.

Smiling brightly, Harry reached forward to brush a stray hair from Draco's eye, only to wrap it around his finger and said, "Your hair is rather unkempt this year. Letting yourself go?"

Draco had been growing his hair out for years, though it had just reached his shoulders. During his fourth and fifth years it had looked outrageously stupid, but he had been desirable all the same. He had thought about putting it back in a ponytail that morning, but he hadn't. Really.who was he trying to impress that wasn't impressed already?

Pulling the hair from Potter's grasp, Draco quietly said, "If you're quite through fondling my hair, I'd like to be left alone. Don't you have some autographs to sign or something?"

"Or something," came the breathy reply. "But I do have to be going."

With that he pulled away, brushing his hand along Draco's thigh as he did. Draco couldn't help but wonder if that had been intentional or just a slip of the hand. Not wanting to ponder it further Draco leaned back again, closing his eyes to the whole situation.

"Oh, and Draco?"

"What is it, Stinky?" Draco spat.

"In regards to me wanting your body.?"

Draco went still, his eyes flying wide open.

Harry grinned wickedly, making his green eyes sparkle with amusement and said, "I just mostly want your ass."

With that parting shot he walked out the door, leaving one slack- jawed dragon and one Slytherin, doubled over with hysterical laughter.

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