Draco was beginning to get cold as he watched Potter fidget with his camera. How much time did he have to waste waiting for him to take a few pictures? Why was he even allowing Potter to film him? Better not to ask, lest you'll get an honest answer. It was quite the dilemma...but while he didn't really want to admit it, part of his personality was enjoying itself. He wasn't sure which part, but when he saw that Potter's hands were shaking so badly that he was hardly able to work on the delicate camera that sat in front of him, Draco had to laugh inwardly. It was precious.

"Nervous, Potter?" Draco said, his voice nearly a purr. The feel of the scratchy cloth beneath his bare ass was beginning to turn him on as it rubbed and burned his skin. As he licked his dry lips, he watched the Gryffindor's pants began to fit a bit more snugly at the sound of his voice and the sight of his tongue. My, my...one could only wonder what he was thinking about.

"I thought you would be enjoying yourself more than this," Draco whispered as he listened to his voice bounce off of the stone around him.

Suddenly regaining his composure, Potter stood up fully and began to walk towards the chair that Draco sat in. At first Draco tried not to look at the growing erection parading itself towards him, but eventually he had to give in. It seemed nice enough, but he was rather certain that Potter wouldn't know what the hell to do with it. Not that Draco would ever want to find out anything about what was in Potter's pants. There were plenty of willing partners out there, and the Gryffindor wasn't going to be one of them.

"You don't know me well enough to know whether or not I'm enjoying myself," Potter said, grinning as he walked back towards Draco. He had lit the torches on the wall a few minutes earlier and the soft light was bouncing off of his cheekbones...making his eyes stand out again. If you never noticed anything else about the raven-haired boy, you would always notice those eyes.

As Potter reached him on the other side of the room, he leaned down, one arm on either side of Draco's body. Potter's bottom lip was beginning to swell from when Draco had thrown him to the floor, and in a random moment of emotion that he didn't quite understand, he almost wanted to touch it. Almost wanted to give comfort. What was wrong with him?

"What are you staring at dragon? Do I have your attention yet?" Potter said, flashing a smile of pure white that stood out in the semi- darkness. How on earth had he gotten his teeth so pearly white? Why was Draco even thinking about his teeth in a moment like this?

Potter was so close at this point that Draco could smell the soft scent of cinnamon that came from his mouth as he spoke. It was the sort of smell that reminded him of autumn...reminded him of the sort of home that he hadn't ever had. What was it about sitting naked in a room with another man that made Draco contemplate his life? Probably the surge of hormones...yeah, that was it.

"I was hardly staring at you golden-boy. I was staring at your fat lip...its rather unattractive. Purple isn't your color," Draco said, his voice barely above a whisper. He would have spoken a little bit more loudly, but Potter had taken to grabbing his arm.

"Are you touching me Potter? I didn't know you liked to play so rough...though I'd take your hands off me if I were you."

"You know," Potter said, coming perilously close to Draco's lips, "that isn't what you want. Your body is giving you away."

It was in this moment that Draco looked down at himself to see that his body had indeed betrayed him. Cursing his lack of self-control, he tried to think of something disgusting or cold to calm himself down. Ice cubes...snow...Professor Dumbledore jerking himself off...yep that had done it.

"Spread your legs."


A wide smile spread across Potter's face as he put a cold hand on either thigh and spread Draco's legs to the point that he thought he might become off balance. Draco's eyes narrowed as he attempted to put his legs back together. He could feel his thigh muscles straining against Potter's arms, and he was giving it everything he had, but couldn't break the Gryffindor's grip. Apparently Potter was stronger than he looked.

"How DARE you! I won't throw my legs open for you like some whore!" Draco yelled, wishing there wasn't a silencing spell on the room, but knowing that there was. Otherwise he would have called for help...maybe...

"Don't concern yourself," Potter said, running his hand up Draco's thigh. "I'm not going to rape you. I just want your legs spread for the picture. Jumping to conclusions just a bit aren't we?"

"It's would be just like you to be so pathetic that you'd have to force yourself on someone. I was just coming to the obvious conclusion." Draco spat, feeling his face get hot with his anger and slight embarrassment. He had forgotten for a moment that he was being photographed...how embarrassing.

"Now just put your arm here," he continued, seeming to ignore Draco's comments. A few minutes later, Draco was ready for his photograph; legs spread wide while he leaned back in the chair with one arm behind his head. He had to admit that he probably looked ravishing. This would be the sort of picture that made people come on sight.

"Lovely," Potter murmured appreciatively, camera flash sending shadows all over the room as the bursts of light bounced off of Draco's pale skin. Every few bursts, Draco would squint and try to see Potter's face, but every time he was disappointed.

Without warning, the flashes stopped, and Draco (his eyes being closed) began to wonder if Potter had finished his little pet project. His curiosity was rewarded a moment later when he heard the gentle rustling of fabric and felt movement in the room.

Opening his eyes, Draco felt his breath come out in a deep sigh as he watched a now, nude, Harry Potter walk towards him. At this point Draco doubted that even the thought of a masturbating Dumbledore would stop the erection that forced his legs apart. Damn treacherous body! What was a horny dragon to do?

"I thought you might want a better view of what you've been staring at all night long," he murmured, falling to his knees in front of Draco's chair. Fantasies flowed through Draco's mind as he grinned down at the nude man below him. So many possibilities...

Raising one eyebrow, his grin spread even more evilly across his face as he said, "Staring I may have been...but I've just never seen anything so small in all my life...it's more like a freak show attraction than an object of attraction."

Without warning, Potter's hand reached out towards Draco's thigh, gently brushing through the pale hair that was a mere dusting across his skin. He wasn't trying to go any higher (though some dirty part of Draco was hoping he would)...instead he was taking little sections of blond hair in his fingers and pulling. Pulling hard.

Inhaling sharply, Draco pulled his hand back and roughly backhanded Potter across the cheek. "Ow! You cunt!" Potter rocked backwards for a moment, and then gave a sort of half-grin.

"I don't have a cunt...which my lack of clothing should have demonstrated to you," Potter said, finally taking his fingers off of Draco's leg hair. One wouldn't think that pulling a person's leg hair would hurt, but it really did.

Deciding he'd had enough physical and mental tormenting for the evening, Draco stood up and grabbed his clothing off of the floor. Potter was still on his knees, watching closely as the Slytherin pulled his pants over his slim hips. He was going to leave him like that...leave him with a throbbing dick kneeling on the floor. It was only fair. It was only right...this was Draco Malfoy he'd been fucking with all night.

"If we're quite through, I'll be going...," Draco said, putting his hand on the door handle.

He would have pulled the door open. He would have gone back to his common room. He would have been safely tucked away in bed after a cold shower. As it stood he suddenly found himself eye to eye with the boy that had been his nemesis for seven years. The boy who had made his life miserable and humiliated him over and over.

He wanted to look away, but Potter's steady gaze made his breath come in rapid pants and his pulse speed up. The lion's lips were so very close...close enough to do any number of wicked things. Though he tried with all his might, he was frozen in place...and had no idea why. It seemed as though they stared at each other forever...green into gray...before Potter finally spoke.

"You're slipping."

"The only place I slip is between someone's legs...," Draco said, his voice unnervingly low.

"I wouldn't know," Potter said, opening the door. As he walked through the now open door, Draco heard Potter's parting shot.


Once more, he'd left Draco open-mouthed. Once more he'd gotten Draco's body to react without his mind's permission! As Draco walked through the halls back to his dorm, he could only be grateful that Zabini hadn't been there to witness his humiliation.

But as luck would have it, just before he spoke the password to get into the dungeons, he had a wonderful realization. Potter had left the room naked...he'd had to wander through the halls of Hogwarts with no clothes to humiliate Draco. How precious. Here was hoping someone was out for a late night stroll.

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