Stolen child

Chapter 1 The Rabbit Hole

Ron, Harry, and the rest of the 3rd year Gryffindors and Slytherans made there way gloomily down the sloping lawn towards Hagrid's hut. It had snowed the night before, just enough to cover the short, stubbly winter grass, and none of them were very enthused about the prospect of spending an entire class outside, but no one more so than Hermione Granger. She was trailing behind the others, her eyes on the ground, occasionally glancing up at the back of Harry and Ron's heads.
They had both been furious with her ever since she'd told Professor McGonagall about the Firebolt Harry had received from an anonymous person on Christmas morning. A rush of hot anger came over her and she nearly tumbled to the ground as she tripped on a protruding rock. She quickly regained her composure, and sighed, she had become so clumsy lately. She'd never let anyone know it, but the weight of so many classes had her at a near breaking point, and almost always exhausted. Hermione sighed and looked up again at the back of Ron and Harry's heads, wishing they'd realize that she had only meant to help, to keep Harry safe.
Before she even realized it, the long trail of students had stopped, and she nearly ran into Ron, though thankfully she reacted quickly enough, and saved herself from receiving even more scorn from him, though she did nearly slide onto her rear end in the process. Yet again gathering her composure, she looked up just as Hagrid came around from the side of his hut looking quite at home in the snow, bundled up in his mole skin coat.
"Alright, everyone 'ere? Got something special fer ya t'day." Hagrid was beaming down at all of them, completely oblivious to their apprehensive glances at one another. Usually, when Hagrid had something "special" for them, more often than not at least a few of them would be heading to the infirmary. Still grinning broadly, he motioned for them to follow him. "It's just over her, near the tree line."
More than a few students lagged behind, watching the path he was taking towards the forbidden forest uneasily, but thankfully he stopped about five meters from the first gnarled oak.
"Now everyone circle around, but BE CAREFUL WHERE YE STEP" Hagrid said loudly. "Don't step inside them, or on one, everyone understand?" He looked around at the shivering class, most of whom didn't know what he was referring to, until the class began to spread out into a wide circle.
Hermione craned her neck, trying to get a good look at what it was that everyone in the front was examining on the ground. Ron and Harry began to move toward the left side of the circle, and so she decided to go right instead. Peering over the shoulders of the students already huddled around the thing of interest, Hermione could finally see what it was that they were so interested in, and her mood finally lightened a bit. It was a large ring, about six feet across, made of toadstools, a light dusting of snow making them shimmer in the afternoon light. Everyone else seemed to be a bit more at ease as well, a fairy ring was nothing compared to hippogriffs, and far more interesting that flubberworms.
Hermione found a gap in the circle and squeezed in to get a better look at it, careful not to get too close. A few more students filed in behind her, but she was too interested in the fairy ring to pay any attention to them until she heard a familiar gag inducing drawl just a foot or two from her ear. "Oh gods, do you two smell that? Something positively reeks over here." Hermione gritted her teeth, hearing Crabbe and Goyle snicker at Malfoy's remark, she didn't want to admit it, but being taunted without Harry or Ron at her side made even the most cliché remarks almost unbearable.
Before Malfoy had any more of the chance to insult her, though, Hagrid began to speak to the class. "Can anyone here tell me what this is?" Hermione didn't bother to raise her hand, fairy rings, though rare, were very recognizable, and she was sure at least three quarters of the class already knew, and sure enough, at least ten students raised their hands. "Harry?"
"It's a fairy ring." Harry stated in his usual bright manner.
"Right, And can anyone tell me what its purpose is?"
There was more of a pause this time, and only a few people, including Hermione, raised their hands. "Ms. Brown?"
Hermione sighed and put her hand down.
"Fairies dance around it in a circle at night, and on fairy holidays, it's also a gateway to their world, and anyone who steps inside one can be taken by the fairies."
"Exactly, so that's why I don't want anyone to step inside, Fairies like any chance to get somethin' new to entertain them, and nothing is more entertaining to them then children."
The class continued on like this until everyone's interest in the fairy ring had been frozen along with the rest of them, and no one could pay any attention to Hagrid's lengthy lecture and longer. Hermione tried her best to pay attention, but even within her pockets her fingers were beginning to freeze, and she couldn't help but tap her foot impatiently, waiting for the bell to signal the end of the class. The fact that Malfoy was standing right behind her, constantly commenting on the "smell" in her general area, and his inability to see because of the huge mound of bushy hair in his way didn't help her in the least, all it would take is a few more comments and she knew she's end up clocking him.
"Gods, I think I might loose my breakfast if I have to stand so close to this filthy little mudblood much longer." Malfoy whispered to Crabbe and Goyle, just loud enough to allow her to hear it as well.
Hermione whirled around at once, planning on letting loose a string of rather un lady like insults in his face, but instead nearly fell over backwards after realizing just how close Malfoy was to her, his face only a few inches from hers.
"Ugh! Get away from me, you'll soil my robes!" Malfoy pushed her away from him forcefully, his face twisted into a horrible mask of hatred.
Hermione tried to regain her balance, but slipping in the snow; she completely lost it and tumbled backwards towards the snowy ground.only she never hit it. There was a collective horrified gasp emitted from the class. The last thing she saw was Harry and Ron's horrified faces before terrifying blackness and a dreadful sense of falling overtook her.

Stolen Child

William Butler Yeats

Song By Loreena Mckennit

Were dips the rocky highland

Of Sleuth Wood in the lake,

There lies a leafy island

Where flapping herons wake

The drowsy water-rats;

There we've hid our faery vats,

Full of berries

And of reddest stolen cherries. Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world's more full of weeping

than you can understand. Where the wave of moonlight glosses

The dim grey sands with light,

Far off by furthest Rosses

We foot it all the night,

Weaving olden dances,

Mingling hands and mingling glances

Till the moon has taken flight;

To and fro we leap

And chase the frothy bubbles,

While the world is full of troubles

And is anxious in its sleep. Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world's more full of weeping

than you can understand. Where the wandering water gushes

From the hills above Glen-Car,

In pools among the rushes

That scarce could bathe a star,

We seek for slumbering trout

And whispering in their ears

Give them unquiet dreams;

Leaning softly out

From ferns that drop their tears

Over the young streams. Come away, O human child!

To to waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For to world's more full of weeping

than you can understand. Away with us he's going,

The solemn-eyed:

He'll hear no more the lowing

Of the calves on the warm hillside

Or the kettle on the hob

Sing peace into his breast,

Or see the brown mice bob

Round and round the oatmeal-chest. For be comes, the human child,

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

from a world more full of weeping

than he can understand!


Just a few notes: Obviously the characters within this story do NOT belong to me, and I'm not making any money from this. This is my first fanfiction, and the first thing I've written since I graduated high school nearly three years ago. I was inspired to write it after becoming hooked on Loreena Mckennit's interpretation of 'Stolen Child' written by William Butler Yeats. First I did a painting about it, and then, after reading just a little too much fanfiction on this website *twitch twitch*, I decided to also use it as a basis for a story. Anyways, Reviews, of course, are appreciated, though please be gentle, like I said, it's my first time! ^_- , also, this is a HERMIONE GRANGER AND SEVERUS SNAPE fic *L* so don't expect too much of a role from anyone else :P. One last note- it's not explicit yet, but don't fret it will be!