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Abby sighed as a gentle breeze tickled her nose and cheeks. For years and years it seemed they had been walking, but truthfully, they had only left Rivendell three days earlier. Steve was still mad at her, and she knew that there was nothing she could truly do about it. A long time ago she realized that saying "I'm sorry." Doesn't make the hurt or the pain go away. I'm sorry puts out the idea that you understand you were mistaken in your actions or decisions but it doesn't solve the problem.

"It's not like I really did anything wrong," she thought as she trudged behind the rest of the group. "He's just being over protective of me, as usual."

She couldn't be more bored, but all in all, she supposed being bored was better then being worried sick over the fate of the fellowship. She was looking forward to the exciting stuff to happen and in all honesty was ready to scream of frustration.

Boromir, Pippin and Merry were the only ones talking, and she couldn't help but want to join their party at the front, as much she disliked Boromir. The man creeped her out and as much as she tried to not think about what he would try to do to Frodo and judge him on how he acted now she couldn't get the picture of him trying to take the ring from Frodo out of her head. She was mostly afraid that that could be her someday.

She had heard the ring call out to her aching heart, heard its lure saying how she could be all powerful, how everyone would love and fear her, how the emptiness of her soul could be filled. But she had resisted, and resisted strongly, having the foreknowledge of the hell the ring causes. That didn't mean she wasn't tempted, not that deep down they weren't all tempted.

She could stand the silence no longer and began to sing to herself.

"I'm not a perfect person." She murmured in a gentle alto. "There's many things I wish I didn't do."

Suddenly she paused. Where had she heard that song before? What song was it? Her face paled. What was her birthday? Her mother's name? Her address?

She...she couldn't remember. And she passed out. It would have been much more dramatic, if A. anyone had been watching and B. If they hadn't been traveling up hill.


No one noticed Abby's absence from the party until they set camp for the night and began to cook dinner. It was Boromir whom first noticed.

"Lady Abigail has said little this day." He said his eyes sweeping over the group for her, "Something that surprises me."

A few other people, dwarves, wizards, and hobbits, chuckled.

Suddenly Boromir's face paled significantly. "Where is Lady Abigail?" He barked.

Pippin's eyes grew very wide, "The last time I saw her was nearly three hours ago!"

"We should search for her." Boromir said gravely.

Aragorn did not look all too concerned, "We will not be able to find her with the cloak of night upon us. We should wait until morning."

"Do not play a fool Ranger." Boromir hissed, "Both of us know well that you can track her just as easily night or day, and the elf can see clearly during this time as well."

Aragorn opened his mouth to speak but Steven cut him off, "Listen Smelly!" he ordered a touch hysterically, "You are going to get off your lazy ass and come along with me and Boromir and Legolas and we are going to find Abby, even if it's the last fucking thing we do! HOW GET UP!"

Aragorn was surprised how intimidating the dimwitted blonde could be at times like these. He stood up. "Gandalf, you shall stay and watch the hobbits?"

He nodded slowly, "I shall."

"Good." Steven remarked clapping his hands together, "The rest of you, come one!"

They had split up into three groups, Legolas and Aragorn, (although Steven whined that it was unfair as they had the best eyesight and tracking skills.) Steven and Boromir, and Gimili who insisted on going by himself.

They had been on the hunt for at least an hour, and the night air was growing chill.

"Well." Said Boromir, "Tell me about some of the habits of Lady Abigail so that I have a better understanding of where to look for her."

"What do you mean?" Steven asked.

"Well, as you have known Lady Abigail for the majority of your life you must know several things about her. If she was to find herself lost, what would she do?"

Steve pondered for a moment. "She would most likely stay where she was if she knew that someone would be looking for her. Otherwise I haven't the faintest idea."

"Isn't that lovely!" said Boromir with a groan. It would be a long, long search.

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