This story takes place in Feudal Japan, which means Kagome is from that time along with everyone else.

Kagome: 17 years old.

Rin: 10 years old.

Kaede: 58 years old.

Jaken: 50 years old

Sesshoumaru: 21 years old.


Kagome is a seventeen year old girl living with Kaede ever since Kaede
found her in the forest wounded and Kagome can't remember her past, the only thing she remembered was her name. Kagome leaves the village as she says her farewells and is on her own in the world roamed with demons. She meets a handsome demon by the name of Sesshoumaru and can't figure out the
feelings she is having.

Episode 1 - New Journey

A girl with long silky waist length raven hair sat near a stream as she washed a couple of herbs. She was wearing a beautiful red kimono that trailed behind her. Her eyes were honey sweet brown, enough to melt a heart.

The girl stood up and walked away from the stream with her herbs and walked to a nearby village as her elegant kimono touched the ground and slid as it followed her every move.

The girl walked into a hut with a lady, around her fifty's, sat with a girl about the age of ten.

"Kagome, you have returned with the herbs, have ye not?" The old lady asked.

The girl known as Kagome bowed, "Yes lady Kaede, I have brought the herbs."

"Thank you." Kaede thanked as she took the herbs and began making medicine.

"Kagome?" The little girl asked.

"Yes?" Kagome asked as she sat down.

"That's a very pretty name." The girl said smiling.

Kagome smiled back, "Why thank you, what is your name little one?" Kagome asked.

"My name's Rin." The girl said smiling again showing her missing tooth as Kagome smiled at the girl's innocents.

Kagome noticed a huge wound on the girl's leg as Kagome inspected it.

"It hurts." Rin said as she winced.

"How did you get this wound Rin?" Kagome asked.

"A demon bit me." Rin said simply.

Kagome nodded.

"Child, this shall help keep your wound heal." Kaede said as she started putting the herbs on Rin's wounded leg.

Rin winced a bit as Kaede put the medicine on but smiled at Kaede's kindness of helping her.

"All done child." Kaede said as she sat up.

"Thank you Lady Kaede." Rin said as she stood up and bowed.

"Ye should be heading home child, it's getting dark." Kaede said cleaning up the hut.

Rin looked down, "I don't have a family."

Kaede looked at Rin sadly.

Kagome looked at Rin and took her hand, "You may stay the night with me Rin." Kagome said smiling kindly at the girl.

Rin smiled as she hugged Kagome, "Thank you Kagome."

Kaede smiled, she didn't have a problem having the girl stay as long as she keep herself behaved.

"Rin, how about we give you a bath and new clothes hmm?" Kagome asked as she stood up as her kimono moved gracefully behind her.

Rin nodded and took Kagome's hand.

"We'll go get you something to wear from the village." Kagome said as she walked out of the hut with Rin.

Kaede went back to her cleaning smiling.

Kagome and Rin walked down the street holding hands until Kagome stopped in front of a hut that had beautiful children kimonos hanging around.

"Rin, which kimono would you like?" Kagome asked.

Rin looked at Kagome unsurely.

"Rin, it's alright, choose which ever you like." Kagome said as she moved Rin to a couple of the kimonos.

Rin looked at them and pointed at one.

"What a great choice." Kagome said as she picked up the kimono and paid for it as she also bought night gowns for Rin.

The kimono Rin chose was red just like Kagome's, but not the same fabric, it had beautiful flowers on the sleeves and at the bottom. The nightgowns were white and also blue one.


Two hours later Kagome and Rin finished taking a bath and went inside as Kaede finished cooking dinner.

"Lady Kaede, wow, it smells great, as usual." Kagome said smiling as Rin giggled.

Kaede smiled and handed the two their bowls and they ate in silence.

It had been a year since Kaede found Kagome lying in the forest wounded and brought her back to her hut, but when Kagome awoke she didn't remember anything that happened to her.

They finished eating as they went to their rooms.

"Rin, wait just a minute while I get a futon for you." Kagome said as she started looking around for an extra futon. "Found it." Kagome said as she laid it down next to her futon.

Kagome and Rin changed into their nightgowns and laid on the futon with blankets pulled up to their chins.

"Kagome?" Rin asked quietly.

"Yes Rin?" Kagome asked looking at the girl.

"Thank you, for everything." Rin said as she fell asleep.

Kagome smiled and kissed Rin's head and she fell asleep also.


Months went by as Rin lived with Kaede and Kagome.

Kagome sat in a midnight blue kimono as she talked with Kaede as Rin listened.

"Kaede, I have chosen to leave the village." Kagome said as she waited for Kaede to disapprove.

"Kagome, why do ye want to leave the village?" Kaede asked.

"I want to explore the world Kaede." Kagome answered.

Kaede shook her head, "Kagome, the world is filled with demons, ye won't be able to live a day without getting killed."

"Kaede, I am a master archer, I know I will live, Kaede please." Kagome pleaded.

Kaede looked at Kagome, "Ye promise to come back and visit?"

Kagome jumped up and hugged Kaede, "Thank you, thank you, thank you Kaede." Kagome cried in joy.

Rin's eyes filled with tears.

Kagome looked at Rin, "Rin, what's wrong?"

"Kagome, you're leaving? WHY?!" Rin cried.

"Rin, I want to explore the world." Kagome explained.

"But, but, you'll get killed by those mean demons who hurt me." Rin cried as she clung to Kagome's kimono.

"Rin, they won't hurt me, and if they try to, I'll make sure they die." Kagome whispered as she hugged Rin.

"Promise you won't get hurt Kagome?" Rin asked rubbing away the tears.

Kagome smiled, "I promise."

Rin hugged her, "Come back and visit us."

"I will." Kagome whispered as she pulled away and began packing.


Hours passed as Kagome finished packing the things she needed as she put the things on the horse and got on it.

"Kagome, how will you live without money?" Kaede asked.

"Kaede, I'm a priestess, summoner, and a sorceress. I will find a way by helping the villages I pass by." Kagome said smiling.

Kaede nodded and Kagome waved as the horse galloped away.

"BYE KAGOME! COME BACK AND VISIT!" Rin yelled as Kagome disappeared into the forest.

'Kagome, be careful.' Kaede thought as Rin and she went back inside to eat lunch.


Kagome rode her horse four miles and stopped near a stream for the horse to rest.

Kagome took out an apple and fed it to the horse as it ate.

Kagome heard rustling in the trees as she grabbed her bow and arrows in a split second.

Kagome positioned herself as she waited for something to appear.

The rustling continued until she decided to speak up, "Show yourself." Kagome commanded.

There was a snort and a little creature came out. Kagome sensed it was a demon and saw it walk up to her and pointed at the Kagome and Kagome arched and eyebrow.

Kagome picked it up and it bit Kagome. Kagome threw it into the stream as she got onto her horse and rode off again.

"Stupid demon." Kagome mumbled as she rode miles more until the sun began to set, 'Better find a village to stay the night.' Kagome thought as she rode down the hill and saw a small village as entered it.

Kagome rode through the village as many people stared at her beauty.

Kagome stopped in front of a shrine and got off her horse as children stared at Kagome and ran up to her as the parents tried to stop them.

"Hi, welcome to Sakura Village." A little boy welcomed.

Kagome smiled, "Well thank you."

The parents calmed down assuming Kagome was a kind person, which she is, and walked up to Kagome.

"Miss, is there a reason you're here in Sakura Village?" A lady asked.

Kagome nodded, "I need shelter for the night."

A man came out of the shrine and walked up to Kagome, "So you say you need shelter?" The man asked.

Kagome bowed, "Yes sir is there any shelter here in the village I may stay at?"

The man nodded, "You may stay the night here." He said as he lead Kagome to the shrine as Kagome took her horse and they stopped in front and Kagome tied her horse and walked into the shrine. "Sit down please." The man said as he took out some tea. "Tell me, what is your name?"

"My name's Kagome, Kagome Higurashi." Kagome replied taking the tea the man offered.

"K-Kagome H-Higurashi?" The man asked amazed.


"You are the famous priestess many who travel have told us about." The man said smiling.

Kagome smiled and blushed, "I wouldn't exactly call myself famous."

The man laughed and stopped, "Sorry for my rudeness, my name is Hojo Shinseki." Hojo said smiling.

Kagome smiled back as she stood up.

"You may stay in this room." Hojo said as he gestured to a small room, "Sorry it's a bit small."

Kagome smiled, "Thank you, and it'll do just fine."

Kagome went to get her belongings and went to take a bath and went to bed that night.


The next day Kagome woke up and bathed and began packing as she changed into a green kimono.

"Thank you for everything Mr. Shinseki." Kagome said as she bowed.

"No need." Hojo smiled as Kagome got on her horse, "Now take care."

Kagome nodded and she rode off into the forest and began her journey once again.


Kagome rode what seemed like hours until she decided to stop.

Kagome rested and ate some fruits as she fed the horse.

Kagome took off again to the west as a demon appeared before her.

The demon was a cat demon with long claws, sharp fangs and didn't look to happy.

Kagome stared at it.

It stared back as it walked up to Kagome.

"A human like you should not be roaming around unprotected." It snarled as it bared it's fangs and it's claws ready to attack.

Kagome stared at the demon as frowned.

"Die." The demon said as it attacked Kagome, but she was gone. "What the."

"Over here." Kagome said. She was behind him with a bow and arrow pointed at him, "It's not nice to pick on girls." Kagome said as she released her arrow and killed the demon.

Kagome sighed as she went on.

Kagome rode on as demons attacked her, but they weren't as strong as she thought they were, or either it was her powers, who knows.

Kagome rode on and camped for the night near a river since she couldn't find a village nearby.


"Lord Sesshoumaru!" A little green toad demon cried as he stood in front of a demon with long silver hair.

"What is it Jaken." Sesshoumaru said.

"Well, there have been rumors there is a human in the western lands killing demons that attack her." Jaken said

"A human female?" Sesshoumaru asked emotionlessly.

"Yes milord." Jaken said.

"And why would there be a human in the western lands?" Sesshoumaru asked.

"I don't know milord." Jaken said backing away as Sesshoumaru kicked him and he walked on.

"Get rid of the human." Sesshoumaru commanded as he went into a room.


Kagome suddenly woke up and sneezed, "Wow, what was that about." Kagome whispered as she lay down and went to sleep.


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