Who Got the Titans High?


Enter the Weed

For those of you wondering, this whole story takes place sometime after Season 3, so Brother Blood is half robot.

Quick recap from Vol.1: Stuff happened.

Well, the heroes and villains had been driving, and driving, and driving, and driving, and driving, and driving, and driving, and driving, and driving, and driving for a while now. So long they have been driving that I forgot what happened. Oh screw it!

Raven: Cyborg, are you sure we're going the right way?

Cyborg: Of course I'm sure! I'm the one driving! (They all drive pass Titan's Tower) Oh look, hitchhikers.

Mad Mod: Do ya' think they would stop for us?

Brother (Brotha') Blood: Yeah, dat car be that what stops and picks us up!

Fixit: I am Fixit. I am Fixit. I am Fixit.

Mad Mod: How do you suppose we turn him off?

Mumbo: I'm blue, da ah dee dab ah die…

Fixit: I am Fixit. I want to cut myself. I am Fixit.

T-Car drives right pass them.

Mad Mod: Ay! What about us you little duckie!

Fixit: I could just make something with the stuff I would try to slash my wrist with.

Brother (Brotha') Blood: Yo' home-boy, why you be so suicidal?

Fixit: Because, I am Fixit. I am Fixit. I am Fixit. I am Fixit. (5 months later) I am Fixit. I am- (Sleeps)

Mumbo: I say we follow those Titans and steal what they take!

Mad Mod: But Fixit is a good guy, even though some sites are stupid and still classify Fixit as a villain, idiots. Besides, he reminds me of that carnie that made who I am today.

Brother (Brotha') Blood: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


The Titans and the villains arrive at a Bed n' Breakfast, only without the beds. Alright, it was some stranger's house that they broke into.

Raven: Yelling at a bagel WHAT! You mock me! Fck you, you fried Cyclops! Why if only the power of my biscuit's goodness was as powerful as the cheese between my toes then you would be a Pop Tart! In fact I only wish me fishy friend would come and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15... Oh my God you have no nipples! Hurry doctor hurry! The fried Cyclops has no nipples!

Robin: Calm down Raven, just because they forgot the cream cheese…

Raven: Silent filthy bird sht boy! I WANT MY CREAM CHEESE!

They all back away slowly as Raven began cutting the table with a ferret.

Back with our villains of the story, not the ones that are going to Reno, but the OTHER villains, let's call them The Four Janitors!

Mad Mod sits on the couch and turn's the TV on.

Guy on TV: Buying roses for your date: 25.00. Getting her a nice ring: 89.00. For everything else, there's masturbation.

Mad Mod: He has a good point.

Fixit: (Holding knifes above his wrists) Slashy slash.

Brother (Brotha') Blood entered the room, he was wearing his bling and stuff like that.

Brother (Brotha') Blood: Men, and half human-robot! I have received word that the Titans and some other people are going to Reno, but are currently in Canada. Now! Let us go!

Mumbo: But I thought we were trying to get to Vegas?

Brother (Brotha') Blood: Reno is near Vegas.

Mumbo: Oh.

Now back with the Titans-

Horrible Ferret Monster: Raaaaaaaaaaawqqaffffffffffffghryioooooodfawerdfuckfiwhqahgjkasijhgarew! (Explodes)

Robin: What a crazy adventure that was.

Jinx: Yes, let us hope that won't happen again.

Beast Boy: Don't worry, the author wrote that part down with a lot of detail.

Skeith (Me): Uh, yeah……………………………………………………………………. Bye!

Terra: Wait, how can I be here if this takes place after the fight with Slade after he fell into the vol- (Turns into a rock)


Terra: (truns all normal) Yay, I'm back!


Slade: Does that mean I'm dead?

All but Slade: (whistles.)

Some guy: Hey! What the hell are you doing in my house?

Everyone: Oh sht.

They all run out of the house while Some Guy is chasing them.

Some Guy: (Calls 9-1-2Canadian Police Number) Help, police, some freaks and a pedophile were in my house and now they are on the run!

Police Guy on Phone: Herewaba reaaba heytaba eadinghaba?

Some Guy: They went down Fuckyoubitch St.!

The Titans were running and running and running when Robin tripped and fell on top of Slade.

Slade: Why Robin, I didn't know you wanted it now.

Police man #1: Eyhaba! I oundfaba hetaba respasserstaba!

Beast Boy: What did he say?

Gizmo: I don't know ass-wipe, I can't speck Canadian.

Robin: Titans and others go!

Back at the dump-

Fixit: I am fixit, I give you our car: "The P.I.M.P Mobil".

Mad Mod: What does that mean?

Fixit: People In Ma' Pants.

Brotha' Blood (Notice that it's no longer "Brother (Brotha')" Blood?): Now with dreadlocks Me thinks that it need a new name. The Fixit Utility Car Kracka'!

Mumbo: Yeah! The F.U.C.K! I like it!

Brotha' Blood: Now then, let us go follow the Titans!

They drive off in a flash and in 10 sec. they will be right were the Titans are, oh, they are now there.

Police man #2: Pointing at Brotha' Blood Ooklaba! Tiaba's a hitewaba Amaicanjaba!

Brotha' Blood: What the fck he say man?

All the police people surround Brotha' Blood, the white man who wants to be black.

Cyborg: Good, he was a distraction now lets get out of here!

They all hop into the car thing that I know has a name, I just can't remember it right now to find to midgets and Mickey Mouse, oh wait, it's just Mas y Menos and Bumblebee.

Cyborg: Was up Bee?

Bumblebee: snore

Lightning: She's asleep! Let's do her!

Blackfire: Me first!

All: O-O

Blackfire: What, uhhhh, he said it! points at Thunder

Thunder: This is fun!

Lightning: Bother! Stop playing with yourself!

Thunder: Stands up, has a Thunder action figure in his hands Why? It's fun to play with myself! I'll do it all day if I could! In fact I will! I will play with myself!

All of a sudden, there is a flash of light and Aqualad and Speedy are standing on top of Thunder.

Robin: LOVER!

Speedy: I'm not like that any more. The author now likes me a little more because of Titans East 1 and 2.

Aqualad: Same here. Holds up a fish bowl with a fish in it He even got me this fish, Jezebel. Who loves you baby! Who loves you!

Speedy: Shut up! I'll eat that damn fish!

Aqualad: NO! She's the only thing I love more then me!

Bumblebee, Mas, Menos: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz…

Jinx: Lets strap them to the top of the car.

Cyborg: No, only strap Bee to the top of the car, put Mas and Menos in the engine, make sure they're touching.

Because of this, the car know moves reall really fast! In fact they're already in the place that supposed to be the home to all the admin/mods of Teen Titans Girls. We will not tell you other people. More good news! They killed all the Nazi bastard admins at Teen Titans GO! That have no idea how to run a site! no offence

P.S: If my English teacher (This fic will get old so its my 10th grade one) is reading this some how, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME SAY THE PELAGE IF I DON'T WANT TO!

ASGT: Why are you making them come here?

Skeith: Dunno? Mr. Blonde?

Mr. Blonde: SleepingMmmmmmmm, Incredible Hulk, touching me.

Chief: I can't make up my mind about who to date! Both real and fictional!

Anyway, back to the story, it was here that the Chosen One learned a vauble lesion, Iron Claws hurt like CRAP! Oh wait, wrong story, where were we at? Oh yeah, the Titans and More left the place that is fictional which is where we live, and made it to England?

The Titans and other people drive pass Big Ben, disappointing Robin and Slade.

Robin Slade: IT'S A CLOCK TOWER?

Robin: I thought you said it was a Clock strike

Jinx: I wish, but no, I said Clock, though I wouldn't mind sClock strikeing a big cClock strike while he fClock stirkss my vClock strike. (This isn't for kids B-) )

All the boys; but Robin and Slade; Blackfire and Me: WE'LL DO THAT!


Brotha' B: Smoking a joint and wearing those Jamaican hats. Yeah man, I was all like 'Why you talkin' to tha ducks?' and he was like 'Because they're me ancestors…

Fixit: What is that thing Mod is smaking?

Mad Mod: Smaking

Mumbo: You don't wanna know.

Puppet Mumbo: 5 minutes Mr. Amazing! 5 minutes! You're so sexy, do me!

Fixit: That puppet. It sounds a lot like you. How depressing, where is my rope?

Mumbo: Well Fixit, you also sound like me if I was a depress, suicidal, Robot man that lives in a dump.

Fixit: What is this show the puppet spoke of?

Mumbo: Oh, he's always saying that.

Mad Mod: Smaking even faster

Some fat guard: Alright, you's be set free.

All: By whom?

: By us! Killer Moth! And this fat guy.

Fat Guy: Control Freak you stupid bug!

Killer Moth: Come Larva M-3 19!

Silkie: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jumps out a window and flies away, into to sky to fight the evil known as the Homeless, so depressing, yet so tasty

Killer Moth: Didn't know he could do that.

Back in England

Voice: Ba-ba-barbarian! Ba-ba-barbarian! Ba-ba-barbarian!

Cyborg: I knew he would do that. Oh look! There's the place where they film the Harry Potter movies!

Dan He's cool: So I saw 'Voldemort!' and Ron and Hermione fall to the floor in fits of seizers?

New NEW Director guy: Yes, yes they do.

J.K. Rowling same as Dan: But I didn't write that in the book.

NND: Who's directing this? You? It's not like this is your movie or anything!

J.K.: But I wrote the novel this movie is based on!

Mad Mod: And when do I come in a Harry's DADA professor?

Alan Rickman same as the others: Who wants WAFFLES?

All: We do!

NND: Alright, after the waffles we begin the lightsaber practice for the fight between Hagrid and Drth Vader.

Cyborg: Man that looks like it'll be a great movie! Hey, who wants show tunes?

All: NO!

Thunder: I need to piss- never mind.

Robin: Uh, Cyborg, should we check on Màs and Menos?

Cyborg: They're fine.

Shows Màs y Menos's rotting carcasses, but don't worry, some how I'll bering them back.

Raven: Hey look, it's those guy Points at Mad Mod, Bro.B, Fixit, Mumbo, Killer Moth, and Control Freak.

Killer Moth: You, stop for us!

Terra: Screw you! Hay! I haven't aid anything for a long time.

Slade: Don't say that to my helpers in my plot to kill you all and steal this Reno Weed! Oops…

Terra: Oh yeah, that's what we came here to do.

Blackfire: I'm tired of this, I wanna go back!

Cyborg: Yeah, this is getting weird. Lets go home, come on guys, we'll give you a lift.

And they drive off into the sunset, going home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Homie G….

10 seconds later!

Beast Boy: I feel like some brownies.

Cyborg, I got's some right here. Pulls out some brownies Lets start eating!

And eat the all did,

Hero and Villain,

Adult and Kid.

And the Control Freak,

Blubber and all,

Sat too at this feast

And he himself,

Carved the first piece………………. Of brownie.

Little did they know that they continued eating and eating the same brownies that started this journey, why they even flied around when all of a sudden…

Silkie: Crashes through a window Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Terra: Man bug! You dare try to fight me!

Silkie: Pulls weed out of somewhere on his person and smokes some Now! I am completed! No one can stop me! You idiots! You had no idea that it was me! I made the weed, here in the Tower! Reno is my stores name!

All: You?

Mad Mod: But ya' just a littl' bugger!

Silkie: Yes, now CUE BATTLE MUSIC!

Battle Music: Silkie Silkie! KILL KILL KILL KILL! Silkie Silkie! KILL KILL KILL KILL! Silkie Silkie! KILL KILL KILL KILL!


Starfire: My little Bungof! Hugs Silkie

Silkie: Too tight! Too tight! Head explodes

Star: covered in gore Yay! Today must be Fookfook! The Tameranian festival of exploding heads!

And so, our story ends. Finally, I'm getting tired of this. Good night!

Màs y Menos approve this liver!

Màs y Menos: Sì!