"There's a whole page about it!" Said Hermione. Ron and Harry got closer and looked over Hermione's shoulder.

"A demon who possesses the power to manipulate time is called a Time Shifter. Legend says that a great wizard created it hundreds of years ago. The wizard was very old and he knew he was at the end of his life, so he created a clock to turn back time and make himself young again. However, in the process he opened a time gate and he accidentally created the Time Shifter. The wizard didn't know what to do so he sealed the demon in the clock. After using all of his energy to seal the demon in the clock, he died.

The demon still had some power left so it inscribed a spell on the clock just before it fell into a deep slumber for all eternity. However, if someone was to read the spell out loud, the demon will awake and rise once more.

All eyes were on Ron. "What?" Said Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes and continued reading.

If someone did read the spell, the demon would rise out of the clock and create disturbances in time.

"I guess we are the disturbances," said Lupin, looking at Dumbledore.

No one knows how to send the Time Shifter back into the clock, but all we know is it has something to do with time.

"And that's it," said Hermione, closing the heavy book.

"So what do we do know?" asked Ron.

The gang sat in silence as they thought. Suddenly, Dumbledore felt a soft tap on his shoulder and he whipped around. It was Lavender.

"Hallo, Ms. Brown. How are you doing?" asked Dumbledore in his usual friendly voice. Lavender smiled and fluttered her long lashes. Harry and Ron thought they were going to vomit.

"How do you know my name?" asked Lavender in a sweet voice.

"Well, um-

"I told him, already," said Harry nervously.

"Yeah, he um- he already told me," stuttered Dumbledore.

"I heard you were new so I was wondering if you'd want me to take you on a tour," said Lavender.

"I know this building like the back of my-

"We already gave him a tour," said Ron quickly. Ron and Harry gave Dumbledore a mean look. Dumbledore shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

"Oh," said Lavender. "Well, I know this might be a little forward but, um, there's another ball coming up and I was wondering if you'd want to go with me?"

Harry and Ron almost choked with laughter. Dumbledore shot a mean look at them and turned back to Lavender.

"I'd love to."

Harry and Ron stopped laughing and stared at Dumbledore.

"Okay, I'll see you then," said Lavender, smiling. She tossed her hair and walked away with the rest of her group.

After the group had left, the gang still had a strange look on their faces.

"Wow, Albus! You already got yourself a date!" said Lupin, punching Dumbledore's shoulder.

"Uh, professer, I think they call that jail bate," said Ron.

"Oh hush, Ron," said Hermione.

"But he's like a hundred years old!" shouted Ron.

"But my body isn't," said Dumbledore matter-of-factly.

"Still, that is a little disturbing," said Harry.

"Anyways," said Hermione loudly, "We have to think of how we can send the demon back before it does something terrible."

"She's right, let's think," said Lupin.

They sat in silence for what seemed to be an eternity until someone spoke.

"So, Ron, Harry. Who are you taking to the ball?" asked Lupin.

A loud chorus of "Lupin!" echoed in the library and Lupin blushed.

"Just wondering," said Lupin quickly.

"We have to think! What can we do?" said Hermione.

"Dumbl-Albus," said Harry, correcting himself. "Who gave you that clock?"

"It was such a long time ago, hmmm…"

"C'mon, think! Who gave you that clock?" said Lupin.


"This isn't gonna work," said Ron.

"Aha!" yelled Dumbledore.

A chorus of "What?" echoed in the library once more.

"I just remembered-

"Remembered what? Who gave it to you?" said Lupin anxiously.

"-that I forgot to give Minerva that fruit basket!" exclaimed Dumbledore.

"WHO CARES ABOUT FRUIT BASKETS!" yelled Ron. Dumbledore smiled and shrugged his shoulders once more.

"At least I remembered something at my age," said Dumbledore in a small voice.

"You guys, this isn't working," said Harry.

"I got an idea! Everyone, to my office!" yelled Dumbledore. Everyone sighed and slowly got up.

"What is it? Give the demon a fruit basket?" said Ron.

"No, to look at old photos!" said Dumbldore excited, his eyes round like two blue buttons.

"Oh yeah, that's better," growled Lupin.

"No, if I look at some old pictures, maybe I can remember who gave that clock to me, geez," said Dumbledore impatiently. "Now, let's go!"

But before the group could go, a pointed face accompanied by two large shadows appeared in front of them.