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The hallways he passed were dark and silent. No sound could be heard. After all, that was the way it was supposed to be since every single person within the castle was asleep.

`Well not every single being is asleep' interrupted Harry his musings. He liked the dark and the silence it brought. It was his peace, his time to be who he truly was: `Just Harry'.

Carefully, he navigated through the corridors on his way to the dungeons. His mind set on one single thing - reaching his destination. He ignored the pain all over his body as best as he could, intent on fulfilling his plan tonight. It would not do well to tire himself to the point that he could not go through with it.

Every step took him closer to the only person he thought worthy of his good bye, for nothing held him here any longer. His only safe place, especially after this summer of hell he only was able to leave this morning, was not as pleasant as it used to be. It changed ever since the person he thought he could trust took his happiness away, without thinking once about what it would do to him.

After what seemed like forever to Harry, he arrived in front of the portrait of Salazar Slytherin who he had been introduced to around a year ago. After a few quick words and the explanation of why he had not visited in so long he was let inside without the password. The Hogwarts founder knew him well enough to know that he meant no harm for the person living in the quarters behind the portrait. Carefully he entered the room, not bothering to look around as he knew the room by heart. Once inside, he made his way directly to the door on the opposite site and silently opened it, thanking whatever gods that were responsible for his former lovers love for silence, which made it possible for him to open the door without a sound. Once safely inside the room he closed the door behind him and walked unsteadily to the bed in the middle of the room. He stood a moment just staring at the person occupying it, unsure of what to do next now that he had reached his goal. While he stood there thinking he suddenly remembered the letter he had written and pulled it out.

While contemplating its contents he was soon called back to reality by the occupant of the room moving in his sleep. He thought about where to place the letter and after a few minutes decided on the bedside drawer.

Looking once again at the man in the bed, he felt the need to lie beside his one and only love for the last time. Thus, he started the near impossible task of lying down without causing himself any more pain than he already felt. With some difficulty and more pain than he would have liked, he managed this task and took a deep breath and the scent of Severus Snape, the man that had captured his heart. Even after all this time he still smelled like home to Harry, but fate – or rather a person everybody thought trustworthy – was against them being together. He hated Dumbledore for denying him something he needed more than anything else, for hurting him worse than Voldemort would have ever been able to. But it did not matter any more, for soon everything would be over.

The warmth of the body beside him made him feel safe and slowly lulled him into sleep. He closed his eyes and started to drift off, but before he could completely submit to sleep he moved a bit, trying to get closer to the man who held his heart, and was painfully brought back to the world of consciousness.

This pain reminded him on his plans for the night. It reminded him that the only reason he was here was to say good bye and not to fall asleep on the man he loved more than anything else.

With some difficulty, Harry managed to stand up with as little pain as was possible considering his injuries. Once he stood for a second or two, everything turned black, accompanied by a dizzy spell, but was quickly gone. He gave the sleeping man a chaste kiss on the lips before turning around and walking to the door. Unfortunately for him luck was not on his side and before he could reach the exit his world turned black once again and this time it did not return to normal, leaving him with nothing to do but to succumb to the darkness and the painless unconsciousness.


He could not sleep. Tonight was the first time he had seen the man he loved since the beginning of the summer holidays 2 months ago and he seemed different than before. Aside from the fact that he still did not speak with his friends his demeanour had also changed. He could not decide what was responsible for it, but something had changed. He also wondered what caused the break in the friendship of the trio, but he had no way to inquire about it since he was forced to end his relationship with his love during the last months of the previous school year.

Sighing, he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling thinking about how much he missed the younger man. If someone had told him that he would get used to the presence of one Harry Potter so fast he would have send them to St. Mungos, but now he was faced with exactly this realisation. He never felt that way about anyone before and most probably would never meet another person like Harry.

His thoughts were interrupted by the faint sound of the portrait to his quarters being opened in the next room. Quickly thinking about his options, he decided to pretend to be asleep in order to gain the advantage of surprise should the intruder intend harm.

He did not have to wait long for the person to enter his bedroom. Lying silently in his bed he could hear that whoever stood in the room was breathing heavy, as if he or she ran all the way which was illogical. Why run, when you do not want to be detected?

He heard the intruder coming closer, stopping next to his bed and then nothing. Severus thought about possibly taking advantage and attacking the person now, but before he could act on his thoughts he heard the rustling of clothes and risked a quick look. He saw a dark figure pull a letter out of his robe pocket and put it on the drawer next to his bed. It was not difficult for him to recognise the figure for it had spent many nights next to him in this very bed. It was his love, his Harry.

He quickly closed his eyes before the dark haired wizard found out that he was not asleep. He did not have time to wonder about what would happen next, as he felt a shift in the bed which was soon followed by Harry laying himself down next to him. It was pure bliss to be once again that close to the younger wizard. He could finally smell the unique scent of his love again. It smelled a bit off, but he could not point out what was different as his sense of smell was not good enough. He wished that he could spend the whole night like this, being close to his lover and thinking that everything was as it was three month prior. He thought about revealing that he was awake and taking Harry in his arms, but before he could act, Harry was already standing up and walking to the door after a short pause.

With Harry no longer next to him, a feeling of loss started to engulf him. However he did not have much time to wallow in this, for he soon heard a soft thump of something hitting the ground. He quickly sat up and looked around to locate the source of the sound and it did not take him long to find it. Within seconds, his eyes fell on the prone form of Harry lying unconscious on the floor. Shocked, he immediately jumped out of the bed and ran over to his lover, checking for a pulse.