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-Innocent Betrayal-

Chapter One: Frozen


The sun was only but a light gray circle in the sky hidden behind layers of thick snow clouds as a wintry dusk fell upon Haven City. The first snowstorm of the winter season had just started to flake its ice crystals upon the town, but the white powder was quickly accumulating. It was a beautiful way to encourage the holiday spirit with Christmas only three days away and that night being the first night of Hanukkah. Besides, everyone couldn't resist feeling cheerful with the sight of the beautiful snowflakes floating peacefully onto the ground just in time for the holidays. That is, everyone except Keira, the city's top zoomer mechanic and daughter of the green sage.

Keira held her coat tight around her body with every attempt to keep warm as she walked from the race garage to the Naughty Ottsel. With the threat of blizzard-like conditions, Governor Ashelin thought it best to keep the airways clear of zoomer traffic, so if Keira was going to meet her friends and Ashelin herself at the bar in time, she was going to have to walk. What a way to end her exhausting day at the garage, when she barely had enough strength to keep her eyes open, let alone walk the three miles to the saloon.

With snow crunching under her modest black boots, Keira tried to keep her goal ahead of her. Besides, whatever she was meeting her pals at the Naughty Ottsel for had to be important; governor Ashelin had called the get- together. But was it really worth a burdensome voyage through a land that resembled the North Pole on five hours of sleep and eleven hours of work?! Keira sure hoped so.


Meanwhile in the Naughty Ottsel, Jak, Ashelin, Brutter, and Sig gathered around the front counter of the bar. They sipped from their drinks as they watched Daxter dust the Metal Head head trophy mounted on the wall ahead of them, all musing about the day three weeks ago when Jak earned the prize itself.

"Sure is a beauty ain't it?" Daxter muttered sarcastically as he finished polishing the dead Kor's razor sharp teeth. He momentarily hung the cleaning rag by his side and looked at the other four for a reaction.

"Must've took a lot to bag that fat ass, eh cherry?" Sig inquired, looking back and forth between the Kor head and Jak. He picked up his drink and took a swig, ending his swallow in a sigh. "Took a lot of balls, Jak. You and your chili pepper rodent."

"Yeah, Jak," Ashelin agreed, solemnly nodding her head. "If it wasn't for you, this city, these people wouldn't be alive right now. I owe this city to you, really." Ashelin smiled, which was really rare for her. "But of course," she added, replacing her smile with a playful snarl, "I could've took him in three-fourths the amount of time you did! I'd have his ass bought and wrapped before you even pulled your gun out."

Jak grunted and shook his head. "Yeah, right. Now I see why you and Torn go so well together. Way too over-confident, ain't that right Dax?"

Daxter, who had returned to cleaning, shrugged. "I dunno, Jakkie, I think I'd root for the chicka! She's got the *assets* to beat anything, if you know what I mean."

Brutter furrowed his brows. "Brutter thinks Jak would win. Me KNOWS he wins. Because he win! Ashelin never fight a Metal Head leader, no no no!"

Ashelin gawked. Her voice was irritated when she said, "Like I couldn't! I wanna see a Lurker battle a Metal---"

"Okay, okay, let's not get out of hand people. All that matters is the Metal ass is dead, and we've got a prize to show it. A damn big one at that," Jak muttered.

"No, a HIDEOUS one at that! This thing's UGGGGGLLLLLLYYY!!!!" Daxter commented as he made a queasy face at the dead head. "It's almost like that freakin' beast is still alive, with its teeth and eyes and whatnot!"

The discussion was broken by the jingle of the Christmas bells that were hung on the front entrance. The whole lot turned to the door to see a snow dusted, frost bitten, exhausted Keira walk feebly into the bar. Her feet were so cold that she could barely move them and her green hair was so frosted, it almost looked white.

Jak leaped off of his stool and ran over to a near-frozen Keira, who half-heartedly greeted him with an unconvincing smile. "It was a long, cold, walk," Keira said in a tone of voice that said 'that's an understatement'. She hung her coat on a rack near the door and scuttled as fast as she could over to the bar.

Jak sighed sympathetically as he rubbed Keira's shoulders to keep her warm, coming as a surprise to both the green-haired young woman and the blonde hero himself. Jak blushed when he noticed Keira jumped with his contact, and immediately backed away in embarrassment.

Ashelin tilted her head. "I'm sorry, but I had to close the airways. Safety reasons and such. But since when can't Keira brave the mile to this bar?" she asked, somewhat jokingly, but also somewhat concerned.

Keira moaned as she launched herself up onto a stool. "I dunno, I guess it's just been a long day at the garage. Besides, it's snowing, and the walk is THREE miles," she mumbled. The young woman laid her head down on her arms as she leaned on the counter, staring up at the cleaning ottsel.

"What happened to the spunky Keira that we knew and loved so well?" Sig joked as he tapped a random beat on the counter. "Especially cherry here," the waterlander added tauntingly. Jak threw him a death glare and was relieved that Keira hadn't noticed Sig's sly joke.

Keira shrugged and a small yawn escaped from her cheeks. "Ughh," she moaned, "it's just one of those days."

Ashelin sighed contentedly. "Well, now that we're all here, I can all tell you about the holiday formal dinner Torn and I are having in the palace, which is the reason I *forced* you guys here tonight."

Daxter's eyes widened as he gawked at Ashelin's words. "Ooh! Dinners! Formal dinners! Sounds fun, when is it? Will there be lots of girls there? Mmm, what about chocolate, chocolate's good! Formal, too! Will I have to wear a suit? Will the girls wear skimpy dresses? How about the---"

Just then, Sig grabbed Daxter by the scruff of his neck fur and clapped his hand around the ottsel's mouth. "Would you shut up, squirrelly ass? My God!" Sig roared. Daxter squirmed in the man's grasp, his muffled voice shouting protests and curses. Sig rolled his eyes. "You're lucky I don't pull my peace maker out on you!"

Ashelin cleared her throat as if to say 'can I continue'. "It's tomorrow night, and yeah it's formal. We, as in Torn and I will be announcing our plans for rebuilding the city and you can bring a date if you want to. Bring any one else you wish to, too. Everyone's going to be there."

Jak's ears reddened as he looked over to Keira, knowing well that he wanted to bring her with him, and hoping that she felt the same. But when he looked at her she was off in a daze, probably too tired to listen to Ashelin. But she did hear her invite as she tried to keep her eyes open.

"Brutter invited to party?! Yay! He will come! Brutter likes parties!" the Lurker exclaimed to Ashelin, acting overjoyed. It wasn't common that a Lurker was invited to a party, let alone the governor's dinner.

"We all know who will be going together," Sig said with a hint of instigation in his voice. He threw Jak and Keira a wink, to which Jak returned with a scowl but Keira barely noticed.

"Okay, then, everyone's going," Ashelin checked, and was returned with agreeing nods and joyful mumbles. Everyone seemed pleased with the new holiday plans. "Well, since we're all here, Dax, and the news is out, why donchya get some drinks for us? It's on me." Daxter nodded and grabbed out some drinks, passing them around.

Keira shook herself out of her daze and asked, "So, what did I miss while I was on the winter land trek over?"

Daxter grunted as he sipped out of a bottle of Samuel Adams. "Nothing, really. We were just talking about the big beast here," Daxter rolled his eyes and pointed to Kor. "Sure is a beauty, isn't it."

Jak furrowed his eyebrows and put his bottle down. "You wouldn't be saying that if you beat his ass. You'd be damn proud of it, Daxter," the hero explained.

Ashelin stared up at the beast with suspicious eyes. "I dunno, the thing's creepy, if you ask me. Better looking than the rodent here though." Ashelin squinted as she compared Daxter to the head. "Yeah, much better."

Daxter bit his tongue. Oh, he wanted to rebuke that Ashelin like there was no tomorrow. But she was the governor and all.

Keira sighed shakily as she looked up uneasily at the Metal Head. There was just something strange about it that made her feel terribly uncomfortable. Like every time she looked at it, the head gave off some kind of air that sent chills down her spine. Some kind of air that made her feel really dark and distant. An air that made her want to---


She snapped around and suddenly noticed that all eyes were on her.

"Keira," Jak said cautiously as he leaned towards her, "are you okay?"

Keira looked confused. "Umm, why do you ask?" She looked into Jak's eyes, eager for an answer.

"Keira, you were shaking really hard, and I'm not sure if it's because you're cold," Ashelin explained as she looked worriedly at Keira's dumbfounded expression.

"Yeah, Keir, your eyes were locked pretty intently on that Metal Head," Daxter added as he bounded over to Keira and looked at her face. "And your pupils are all small. Creepy!"

Keira looked around at the worried faces and looked back at the Kor head. Suddenly, her vision became unfocused and blurry and her breath grew short. Her eyes rolled back in her head and the last thing she saw before she passed out was the fierce, deathful scowl of Kor.

-To Be Continued-