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Zelda's Choice

Epilogue: One Year Later

Zelda smiled as she watched the pair enter. Sitting on the one of the thrones, she beckoned the two forward. Link stood beside her - since he was simply her consort he was not able to occupy a throne. It never truly mattered to him, though; Link had never been one for power.

Zelda watched as Duke Kyanel of Farthington Hills and his new wife, the Duchess Faelyn, bowed and curtsied. Faelyn was a tiny woman with chestnut locks and hazel eyes. Her face was sweet and pretty. Kyanel was beaming, and Zelda could hardly restrain a laugh. He seemed very happy.

"I have not seen you for quite sometime, Duke Kyanel," Zelda remarked, smiling. "And I would assume that this is your new wife?"

Kyanel nodded. "Yes," taking Faelyn's hand, "we were married just this past winter." He added, "The loveliest season of the year."

Link tipped his head in acknowledgement. "Congratulations," he said quietly, "I hope you will have a wonderful marriage together."

"Thank you, Your Highnesses," Faelyn replied in a high-pitched voice, although very softly. "We will be very happy, I'm sure."

"Would you two like some tea in our apartments?" Zelda asked.

Kyanel replied, "That would be wonderful. Thank you." The two couples left the throne room and quickly walked to Zelda and Link's rooms. When they arrived, Zelda rang a bell and notified a servant of their need for refreshments. Kyanel and Faelyn sat on one sofa, and Zelda and Link occupied another. Their tea soon arrived.

"Well, Your Highness," Kyanel said, "How is everything here? All's well, I assume?" He took a sip of tea.

Zelda replied, "Quite well, I assure you. Link and I are very happily married, right?" She poked her husband in the ribs, making him blush. She laughed. "Yes, at least I think so."

Their conversation lasted for quite sometime, although it was mostly between Zelda and Kyanel. Occasionally Faelyn would interject a comment or two, but Link was fairly silent. Zelda knew he was only conversational around her, but usually not to such an extreme.

When the sun began to set, Kyanel found that they should be going. Zelda made arrangements for their stay at the castle. Leaving, they thanked them for their hospitality and said good-bye. Zelda plopped back down on a sofa, smiling broadly.

"Those two make quite a pair, don't they, Link?" she asked off-handedly. Link murmured a response, but it was unheard by his wife. Beckoning him to her, Zelda said, "What's wrong, Link? You have been so quiet today. Did something happen?" Concern for him flooded her features.

"No, not particularly," he replied quietly, not truly answering her question.

Zelda frowned. "Linkā€¦" she whined, "what's wrong? You're going to have to tell me." With mock seriousness she said, "I order you to explain."

He smiled slightly and plopped himself down next to her. "That Duke is a fairly accomplished man," he remarked. Zelda raised an eyebrow at the subject change. What was wrong with him? Link then asked suddenly, "Why did you choose me over him, Zelda? You could have had any man you wanted." He looked down.

Zelda knew her husband too well to believe that he was saying things like that simply for attention. Her ire rose slightly, though. How could he say such a thing? "Because I didn't want to marry him," she replied firmly, "I only wanted you." She then laced a hand around his waist, pulling him close. "I don't give a damn what that silly duke has accomplished, or what wonderful lineage he has been given, or how charismatic or charming he is. The fact is that Kyanel isn't you." Zelda snuggled up against him. "Don't ever ask such a thing," she said quietly.

Link sighed. "Are you sure?" He began to relax.

"Of course I'm sure, you silly man," Zelda replied, looking up at him. "I made my choice, and it was you." Then she kissed him hard on the mouth, running her hands through his hair. "I love you, Link," she whispered

His smile was infectious. "Ah, my dove, I love you too." He kissed her and held her close.

Confidence was restored. Love continued to bloom. And a choice was finalized. The Princess of Hyrule had found and chose her one-true love, and it was absolute.

THE END!!!!!!