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Voguish Fib

Chapter One - The beginning

Once upon a time...

There lived a stubborn young nymph in the district of Furugawa, a quaint, secluded area of land at the boundaries of the East Ocean. She was rough and always fought with the other nymph children and refused to do her school work. She'd cuss loudly and belch at the dinner table when important guests came to visit. She also liked to catch the glowing airborn caterpillars that flew around her balcony. A hobby only village boys would be caught doing.

Many of the other nymphs percieved her as crude and thought that all creatures of the world were subordinate to her. Just because she was the King's daughter. Everyone thought she was a spoiled brat of a princess; a rebellious, cynical tomboy of a princess. They thought her parents were a bit lenient on her.

Her name was Sora.

Today was another typical evening for her. After sending a search crew to find her, her father and mother dressed her up in elaborate clothing, getting her ready for the next boy in line whom they hoped wouldn't be afraid or repelled by their daughter.

"Father? Must we really meet the parents of my suitor today?" Sora asked as her mother dressed her in another one of her finest kimono. Her mother tugged at the ends of the obi with a little force as if warning her daughter, 'Don't even think about arguing tonight young lady.'

Sora sighed, knowing her father wouldn't answer her anyways. Why today though? She wanted to go to her room and play with her caterpillars and maybe read that weird book she found in the Akaguchi Forest the evening before.

"You must be respectable, do you understand Sora? We're tired of you fooling around! No burping, swearing, or any of that foolishness you're so accustomed," her mother scolded. "All your last suitors--I've lost count--and their families had disregarded us because of your famous new swear words that you insist on burping instead of saying over dessert."

Sora sighed again as she felt another tug on her sash. She hated wearing kimono. It didn't give her enough leg room. She squirmed uncomfortably until finally, she was ready to meet her suitor.

As she was led out, she gave everyone a feigned smile, taught to her by her own mother. The best fake-smiler in all of Furugawa.

Sora watched as a middle-aged couple walked into the dining room with a young boy between them. He looked about her age, quite handsome too, but he looked like he was having just as much fun as Sora. His hair was a dusty blue that was almost as violet as it was blue. His eyes were peircing and black, and from where Sora saw him, his teeth were absolutely white.

The parents seemed to be beaming when they saw Sora. The father nudged his son appreciatively. "You sure know how to pick your women," he whispered in a not-so-soft voice. In fact, it was so not soft, everyone in the room heard what he said but decided to keep their mouths shut in desperate hope that the two would like each other.

But then the boy smirked in a way that made Sora hate him that instant. She turned back to her mother and father, shaking her head.

"I don't like him," she said.

"Oh stop being such a spoiled child, we didn't raise you this way! Now, be nice to the Kido family."

Sora turned back to the family with that famous fake smile. As the boy, Jyou, watched her face, he realized just how frightening the smile actually was. Since he lived in a different district, he didn't know what she was capable of...hm...

All the while, Sora was still smiling that smile. In her mind she cursed them to damnation and whispered to herself, Fine, I'll be nice to them...

Sora always loved the forest. It was beautiful. The colors of the sakura trees were much more colorful than those in the human world, which lay hundreds and hundreds of miles beyond the thick forest of Akaguchi, or simply, the forest of the Red Mouth.

How did it get it's name Akaguchi anyways? Once humans and the nymph kind lived together in total destruction. Humans would catch the harmonious nymphs and overwork them as slaves, then sell them when they were tired of them. They would also rape them, kill their children, and destroy their villages.

Well, there was also a monstrous dragon living in the area to make things worse for the nymphs. It fed off of them as well as earth gods and fairies that gave him enormous quantities of power. The thing was, this power was temporary. Once it wore off he would come back for more.

That was when a small group of nymphs decided it was enough. So they crossed into the dragon's territory where they found it sleeping soundly. Silently, they surprise attacked it. The dragon got so startled it began shooting fire darts at each of them, injuring a couple and killing two. Then, the nymphs all took out their cross bows, and with a signal from one of the lead nymphs, they fired into its mouth.

These arrows weren't ordinary arrows, no...they were special. They contained a sort of substance at the tips that gave the dragon a violent allergic reaction.

All they needed to do now was watch it as it slowly died down...blood spilling from its mouth like a river going downstream. (Therefore called the Red Mouth.)

Finally it died, but the blood continued to flow and flow until eventually, its thick, soil-moisting blood created the forest of Akaguchi, separating the humans from the mystical creatures. Their communication was blocked out forever. The dragon had been sort of a...blessing in disguise.

Sora quietly climbed one of her favorite trees as she stared off into the forest created by that destructive dragon. She smiled knowing that she was safe...

She turned her attention back to the strange book in her hand. She turned it upside down, attempting to read the strange symbols but finally, she gave up, knowing that human writing was far beyond her level of expertise.

She put the book away and stared off into space. She sighed to herself. A thought occurred to her. Was she a bitter person? The dinner that had been planned that night turned out to be a complete disaster. It involved immoral questions and broken dishes. She really didn't want to remember.

So...once again, she let her parents down. Yeah...she was spiteful and bitter because after she had caused that horrible disaster, she decided to stay out late again just to worry her parents. She wished they'd worry.

Still, all she wanted was for them to worry and what they wanted was too much for her to give. An heir!? No way. Not now. Maybe not ever.

Why? Because she would never be free.

Besides, why couldn't they have an heiress? Why couldn't she inherit it herself?

As she pondered on her disfunctional royal family and her nonexistent freedom, she felt stirring behind her. When she turned, she realized she made a mistake.

There was a boy there, in the carved center of the dead sakura tree, balanced like a cat, ready to pounce on her if she tried anything.

Right now she couldn't really see his facial features due to the darkness. She strained, but was suddenly interrupted when one dirty hand covered her mouth and another on her shoulder, soiling her silk kimono. She tried to utter even a small scream but only a mumble could be heard.

She bit him. Hard. It was the only thing she could do at the moment. He flinched but only slightly loosened his grip on her mouth. She managed to say, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!"

The boy chuckled softly before jumping off the tree. Sora grabbed onto his arm for dear life as they floated listlessly in the air. Her eyes were tight shut. She had a feeling it wasn't going to be such a smooth landing.

I'm gonna die, this is it. I'm sorry Mother! Father! As she clutched his arm, the boy's feet touched the ground (actually, more like his behind but you get the picture.) She managed only to slouch against him at the impact.

"Actually, you know, I do know who you are," the boy replied, getting up off the ground with her still in his clutch.

Sora scoffed. When she felt his grip tighten on her, she became conscious once more and attempted to wriggle away from him.

"You know, if I sell you I could get--"

"Let me go--"

"--maybe around the thousands category--"

"No!" came the voice from the boy on the tree. Sora and the boy holding her looked up. She squinted into the brightness of the blue sakura tree at the boy balancing on the branch she had been on only a few seconds ago.

"What now Taichi?" the boy holding her asked. The boy named Taichi jumped off of the branch, landing right in front of her. Sora instinctively examined him. He looked dirty and his hair was a disheveled mass of brown tresses. His eyes were a peircing tawny color and his face was covered in dirt that was a bit caked. His shoulders were broad and his body was built, yet not muscular and his clothes looked...human.

Sora's eyes widened. No! These kids are human! She had to get away!

While the two boys talked, Sora quickly locked her leg around the boy holding her and pulled forward, causing him to lose his balance and fall back. The other boy, Taichi, was taken by surprise but didn't hesitate to chase after her as she made her way through the trees.

"Hey! Princess come back! We're not gonna hurt you!" Taichi shouted after her.

Did he really think she was that stupid?

Before she could get any further, her trailing obi got caught on one of the protruding branches. She yelped in surprise but struggled to remove the obi from her waist, unfortunately, her mother had been scolding her when she put on the obi and wrapped it tightly around her waist.

Taichi caught up to her right as she got the obi loose. He grabbed her wrist and bound her hands and feet before she could get up enough strength to fight back or say anything. Then he lifted her over his shoulder like a man carrying a short log for building and began walking in the direction they came from.

"Let me go you filthy human!" Sora screamed, bringing her bound hands down hard against his back.

"Go ahead and struggle, you'll only get tired and give up. That rope is good quality," the boy said evenly.

She wanted to scream. This boy and his friend were making her so angry she wanted to scream.

"If I signal that I'm in trouble, my father and his guards will come here and wring your stupid necks! Then burn your rotting carcasses!"

"My, a little graphic are we?" he said in a calm voice. Then he said, "We'll simply block your signal." Sora said nothing. "We're not dumb Princess. We've been in this forest longer than you could imagine. Well I have. My friend Yamato? I don't know. But besides that, we know how to handle a nymph like you. Now, I'll just bring you back--"

"Bite me human!"

"Oh. That too. I'm not exactly human." (Ohhh...That's how he jumped off that tree with perfect ease.)

Before Sora could tell him to go choke on his tongue, she felt the boy leap over onto something (which apparently she couldn't see because the only view she had was of his left butt cheek) and land in some sort of flat-hand made flooring.

Surprise caught in her throat as she was dumped onto the floor as the boy walked away as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Her eyes darted and her head pounded. Where in the world did he take her?

As she reached up to rub her aching head, Taichi stopped in his tracks but didn't turn. "Don't even think about leaving Princess, we have this place guarded--they're ruthless and not human either," he said before he began to walk off into another room.

Sora decided to take a look around. It was like some sort of tree house, she concluded as she looked out through one of the windows. She noted that the sakura trees here were a little taller than the ones around Furugawa. Then it hit her. He brought her further into the forest.

The threshold in which Taichi had come into was suddenly filled with heavy foot steps. She turned towards the door and frowned when she saw the figure.

It was that boy who wanted to sell her. When he caught her eye, he glared back and smirked at her as if he knew Taichi would catch her. He kept his eyes on her as he dusted off the caked mud from his blond hair.

"Pathetic nymph..." he whispered before going into the room Taichi had gone into.

Sora had been tense the entire time he crossed the room, but now that he was gone, she slumped down onto the ground and sulked.

Now she regretted even more that she wanted to worry her parents.

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