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Trying to Solve the Mystery that is Harry Potter

Chapter One

Harry hasn't exactly been acting like himself lately, and I can't say that I blame him. He's been with his horrible relatives for almost two months, and had only joined us at Grimmauld Place for the last two weeks of summer vacation. I don't know why Dumbledore made him stay with them for so long, and if Harry knows the reason, he's not talking. Actually, he's not really talking to anybody. He kind of sits alone a lot, with a blank look on his face. Fred and George even set off a couple of their firecrackers right behind him - just to see if they'd get a reaction - and he didn't even flinch. Or blink. Or move. Or anything. It's like someone had sucked the soul out of him, and he's a walking, breathing shell of a person. It's quite sad really.

After Harry had gone to bed (which was very early, seven thirty), Hermione, Ginny and I had a little meeting in the drawing room, regarding Harry. We all figured that his behaviour had something to do with Sirius, and having to be in Sirius' old house. Hermione thought that there had to be something else that would make him go into such a catatonic state. I don't know if I agree, but Ginny sure did. We devised a plan to go looking through his stuff to see if there was anything that could help us figure out what was really wrong with him, and if we could help him.

The next day when Harry wasn't in the bedroom (a miracle in itself), Ginny sneaked a peek into his school trunk while Hermione kept watch at the door and I at the stairs. When she was done, we went back to the drawing room where she told us what she had found. She said that she found a knife hilt and some broken pieces of mirror at the bottom of the trunk, some letters, a picture album, and what looked like some sort of journal or diary.

We knew that the knife hilt was from that knife that Sirius had given Harry in fourth year for Christmas that had been melted at the Department of Mysteries. We didn't have any idea what the mirror bits were about, though.

Ginny said that she looked at the photo album and it was all pictures of his parents and Sirius. There was even a picture with all four of them - Harry's parents, Sirius and a baby Harry - that had been marked off by a bookmark.

It was the letters and the diary that gave us the most concern, however. The letters were mostly letters written by Sirius to him, but it was the current letters at the top of the stack that worried us. They were mostly from Dumbledore and Professor Lupin. Lupin's letters were all funn of sympathetic fluff and some light-heartedness, obviously meaning to cheer him up. Dumbledore's letters had some mild sympathy, but they were also letters asking him if he wanted to go back to Grimmauld Place yet. The mystery of why Harry had come so late to Head-Quarters was atleast solved: he hadn't wanted to come. The last letter, Ginny explained, was a letter saying that the guard was going to pick him up, whether he like it or not. That also explained why he ignored everyone when he first stepped into the house, and went straight upstairs to his room and closed the door behind him.

Ginny also said that, while she was tempted, she couldn't read his journal, saying that it was very private and was something of a "friendship felony", as she put it. We were no closer to cracking the mystery of Harry Potter.

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