Consuming Darkness

Do you know of the darkness that lives in my soul?

It awakens every time I think of it

Do you know of the pain I have experienced?

An agony beyond anything you can ever imagine

It wrenches at me on the inside

Awakening the darkness that is encaged

And it controls me; consumes all rational thought

And all is hopeless, because you know that the darkness will win

But you fight it anyway – you fools —!

Always proving that the darkness is invincible

Always proving that you will lose to me

I will tear your soul away, and watch it writhe in my hands

The most wretched misery is what I will inflict upon you

And no one will stop me, for they are too afraid

I control all with my warped soul

You all will scream in anguish as I wreck you –

Your cries will forever be unheard

As I drag you to my personal Hell

And drown you in the malicious waters

Licking at you until all you feel is the coldness

Of my putrid heart

Everyday I disappear little by little

Until there will be nothing left – I will cease to exist,

All but the darkness in which you fear

The cruel, twisted, woeful darkness

That will cause you to vanish, too.