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Chapter 2
It must have been only a few hours later when Meryl opened her eyes. The first thing she was aware of was the body pressed up against her own, and then...
".ugh..it's hot..." she groaned.
The low moonlight sent a hazy glow in through the grimy windows, making the room look like it was being baked. The weight of the leather heat pack sat like a big glowing ember in her lap. Quickly, Meryl threw the bag out from under the blanket, instantly feeling refreshed. She tried to get up and stretch her lame muscles, but found something was holding her back. Glancing down, Meryl saw Vash's strong hands clasped around her torso in a possessive hold. She craned her neck around and looked up into Vash's sleeping face. His eyes were closed and his hair hung down limply in front of them. He was breathing slowly and steadily from his slightly open mouth.

*He looks so peaceful.* Meryl thought, *It would be a shame to wake him up now*. Happily, she snuggled back into the envelope of his body. *Besides, this could be the last time you'll ever get to be this close to him, so better live it up now.*
When the sun rises and they reach Halavere City, she might never see him again. She would be assigned to another job, another life, and she would have to forget all about the humanoid typhoon. It wouldn't have worked out anyway. He was, after all, the 60 billion double dollar man, an amazing gunfighter with a dazzling and sexy smile...well, when he wasn't being a doofus. And she, well, she was just a boring old insurance girl with a bitchy personality and loud mouth. How could she ever have imagined he would fall for her?
It made her dream last night all the more depressing.
In it, she told him she loved him and he had, par for the course, cried. But this time it was because he loved her as well. After which....
Meryl blushed as the memory of the dream. If only she could relive that sleeping fantasy, if only this was still a dream. She imagined his hands, clasped tightly around her waist, moving down towards her legs and up along her sides, lovingly stroking and caressing her body. Just the thought made her squirm a little.
"It's just a dream..." she sighed and closed her eyes.
It will always be just a dream.
She had wanted to tell him how she felt the moment he had come back from the fight with Knives, but of course he had been too concerned over his brother so Meryl had just put it off...and put if off.... and put it off, until finally, she felt the window of opportunity slip away. Coward, she called herself. Weak. Vash needs someone strong. And now, it's too late.
"If...if only I could have told you." she breathed as quietly as she could.
All at once, Meryl's eyes shot open!
The hands around her waist were moving. Moving just the way she had dreamed.
She sat perfectly still as one hand made it's way down over her hip to gently stroke her thigh through the material of her skirt. The other hand traveled up her side and crept up over the opposite shoulder, grasping it tenderly and pushing her back slightly. Meryl thought she was going to scream when she felt Vash's lips come in contact with the bare skin on her shoulder, and then stay there, tickling her nerves with warm breath. Was it still a dream? Am I still asleep?
"You're awake." he rumbled deep in his chest causing her to shudder with excitement.
It was defiantly real! Her mouth worked, but no sound came out.
Meryl watched the large masculine hand, which was pressed against her leg, as it slowly rubbed up and down in small strokes, causing heat to spread throughout her whole body as she watched. Her checks flushed red at the intimate touch, and she was breathing shallow.
Vash. What was he doing? Did he think he was still just keeping her warm? Didn't he know this was driving her crazy..?
"Vash..." she managed to croak out. Stop right where you are, Vash, you big womanizer! She had meant to say, but all she could get out was "Vash, you..."
He smiled on her skin. *You cant' fool me, Meryl,* he thought, *I know how you feel now.*
Then his right hand came up and began stroking along the thigh of her other leg as well, increasing the heat.
*Is this for real?* she thought, as she felt him lean his chest onto her back as his hands massaged further down her legs. Vash leaned his face against the back of her head until his nose barely touched her left ear and she could feel his breath on her neck. He encircled her from behind; arms wrapped loosely around her hips as he continued to stroke and kneed her legs, sending electric waves through her stomach. When he spoke, Meryl's entire head vibrated with the sound, and she felt her body nearly rise up off the floor with anticipation.
"What is it, Meryl? What is it you want to tell me?" He already knew what it was, even if she never told him directly. No more playing the shy guy. Now was the time, time for him to force it out of her. He could sense it, see it, smell it on her skin, her desire for him. He could almost touch it...
Vash licked his lips and pressed a soft kiss against the skin behind her ear. It was at that moment that Meryl lost all control of pretense. She gasped and arched her back, feeling the desire course through her body in a single wave.
"Uuh. Vash, what are you doing?" she rasped.
He stopped and immediately she felt sorry for asking the question. With gentle pressure, Vash turned Meryl around in his lap until their faces were a few scant inches apart. Eyes the color of a perfect summer sky gazed into her cloud covered ones with a penetrating stare. It felt like a truth serum.
Vash raised a hand to stroke her cheek, "I won't ever do anything you don't want me to do, Meryl," he said quietly. "You're too important to me."
The room suddenly lost cabin pressure.
Was he saying what she thought he was saying? She braced herself. She had to know for sure.
"Vash." she started, "You never answered my question, you know. Why did you want to come with me?"
It was time to tell her.
"Because.... because I wanted to stay with you as long as I could." Vash said shyly, "Because I thought, maybe, I could convince you not to go."
Meryl gaped at him. Her heart hammered against her chest as he meet her eyes.
"Please, don't go Meryl. Don't leave us. We need you."
"We..." she choked, narrowing her eyes. "What about you, Vash? What do you need?"
"I..." Vash continued in barely a whisper. "I need you most of all."
"Why, Vash," she pressed, edging closer, "Why do you need me."
"Cause," he breathed, taking her face between his hands. The moment stretched out into infinity, "I...love you."
The dam broke, and Meryl felt all of the pent up emotions from the past two years spill over the causeways of her heart. He loved her, Vash, the humanoid typhoon, the 60 billion $$ outlaw, the feather brained, crazy donut snarffing idiot genius broom headed hunk of a simpering puppy dog...Oh, but it didn't matter which Vash he was, she loved them all at once.
"I love you, too, Vash...you stupid idiot.." she broke down laughing through her tears of happiness. He held her tenderly in his arms, running his fingers through her thick hair and down her neck. She melted into his body, wrapping her arms around his thin waist and pressing her face into the nape of his neck. The skin there was soft and smooth, and she could feel his pulse racing at his throat. She gently kissed the pounding vein and it drummed all the faster. Tender hands reached under her chin and lifted her face up to his. They both stared into each other's eyes for a moment before Vash leaned foreword and brushed her lips with his own. Meryl closed her eyes and leaned in.
The kiss was sweet and lingering. His soft mouth pushing against hers, silently pleading for more contact. She granted the request by opening her mouth slightly and letting the moisture on her lips wet their kiss. Her fingers slid up into his silky smooth spikes of hair and she relished petting the soft strands. Meryl felt like she could exist in this moment forever, mouth to mouth with Vash. But then she felt an odd wetness on her cheeks. Breaking the kiss and looking up into his face, she saw that he was crying again. Tears streamed down his cheeks from his deep blue green eyes, which smiled at her from the bottom of his heart.
"Vash?" she breathed.
Without speaking, he pulled her into him again and enclosed her in his strong embrace. He covered her neck with kisses. Meryl closed her eyes and leaned her head to give him better access and he blazed a path from her neck up along her jaw line and straight to her lips again. She felt her body thrill with each touch.
As their mouths worked against each other's softly, Vash's hands moved up and down her bare arms, setting the cool skin there to tingle.
Meryl moved to touch his scared arm.
Vash jerked slightly and pulled away from her. Meryl looked up at him; puzzled, thinking for a moment that maybe he had changed his mind.
An expression of nervous fear was written on his face.
*He thinks I'm going to reject him, now, because of his body,* she thought.
Smiling reassuringly, she moved in closer, firmly placing her hand on his scared arm again and caressing the long lines etched into his skin.
I'm accepting you.
Vash didn't move this time, but looked at her with wonder. She bent over slightly and placed a tender kiss on the deep scar on his forearm and she heard him inhale sharply. It was a sound of shock, but also one of pleasure. She kissed the scar again and this time Vash relaxed, sighing as he moved to wrap his hands around her waist.
I accept you.
Meryl continued kissing up his arm, receiving small groans of pleasure each time she kissed the sensitive scars, as Vash rubbed tiny circles along her back in response.
God, his lazy hands were driving her crazy! He lowered them to her hips and pulled her up by them. Meryl felt her skirt raise a few inches up her legs and she gasped into his hard shoulder. The thought of possibly going farther with Vash was more than she had anticipated, but still, the prospect was not as frightening as it once had seemed. In fact, now that she knew how he felt about her, she decided that if he asked her, she wouldn't refuse.
She half hoped he would ask.
Lifting her up onto his lap, he swung her legs out so she was sitting sideways in-between his crossed legs, and pulled the blanket up over the two of them again. Dim light began to filter in through the cloudy window, casting a warm glow on the two as they quietly kissed and touched beneath the woolen blanket.
Vash reveled in the feel of her warm skin as he rubbed her neck and shoulders with his real hand. He was still trying to figure out how they got here, in this position. True, it had been a part of his plan to get them stranded together, alone and without heat. But, he had never really thought it would actually work out this way, with Meryl kissing him, unrepulsed by his scars, and reacting to his touch with soft sighs like she was doing now. He thought for sure that she would deck him right in the bean bin if he even so much as touched her like this. But now, she was lying in his lap, a little too close to his lap maybe, but still, the way she was arching her back into his touch and grasping his arms and chest was almost too much for him to handle at the slow pace they were going.
Could he ask her? Would she say yes, or would the old Meryl come out and pound him instead? When had he realized he wanted this? Right before he left to meet Knives, that's right, just after he had seen Rem in her. But it hadn't been Rem, it was only Meryl. Meryl, whose words had brought him back to life. That was when he knew for sure, he wanted this, wanted her. For as long as he could have her.
His mouth came down on her collarbone. Meryl clutched the back of his head to her, not wanting him to stop. She was very warm, pressed up against his chest, but it was the kind of heat she wouldn't mind dying from. Snuggling up into his body, she was just about to slide her hands around his sinfully thin waist, when she felt something press into her side. She moved on it experimentally and was surprised to hear Vash grunt low in his throat and momentarily freeze in mid-grope. With a blush, she realized what it was.
Then she remembered the leather bag, and her unintentional hand job. Battling her inhibitions, she felt her cheeks burn, but did not move away. Instead, she wiggled against him, trying to imagine what it would feel like unencumbered by clothes as she rubbed her side back and forth along it.
*I should be shocked at my behavior,* she thought, *But, I don't think I could forgive myself if I stopped now,*she grinned in spite of herself, *Besides, how many times will I get to get Vash the Stampede up against the ropes like this. It feels too good...*
Her movements brought Vash out of his shocked trance and he thrust his face in her shoulder, moaning each time Meryl rubbed herself up on him. Both his arms latched around her tightly as if he was trying to hang onto her to keep from falling. His hands began to wander uncontrollably over her back, arms, and legs, groping her exposed limbs and dipping his fingers briefly under the hem of her shirt and the edge of her short skirt. Meryl felt a surge of electricity at the risks they were both taking.
She leaned against him hard and he grunted through clenched teeth, doubling over onto the ground and taking her with him. The ground was dense packed earth, but Meryl didn't notice. Vash was sprawled out on top of her, panting for breath. His arms and legs trapped her underneath him, and his hips were pressed up on hers, moving slowly up and down. She felt for the first time the size of his arousal as it rubbed over her hips, "God..." she croaked.
Vash answered her with a deep groan as he attacked her mouth again.
Her arms clutched his shoulders with passionate strength as she leaned into him. It was his turn to gasp when he felt her hands trace a path down his back and across his sides. The heat from her hands was enough to send shivers through him, almost as if her fingers were sending a metal image of what was to come...where they would travel to next.
Groaning into her mouth, Vash slid his anxious tongue over her seeking lips, revealing in the warm slick feel of that open kiss. He pulled back for a moment to catch his breath and Meryl gave a tiny cry of protest. Smiling to himself, he raised a hand to stroke the delicate skin of her neck and she leaned into his touch. His eyes widened at her response and he looked at her with questioning eyes.
*After everything, he's still so innocent...* she thought. Placing her hand over his, Meryl guided his hand lower, all the while staring into his pure aqua green eyes as if to give him permission to continue.
Vash's eyes were wide and brilliant, and Meryl could see the question in them.
"Is this..." he started, "I mean...you sure you want this? There's so many things...I mean...You know I'm not like other people...and my body...it's not..."
Meryl silenced him by kissing him hard, and sliding her hands up underneath his tight black shirt. It was so like Vash to think so little of himself, to put himself down and think he wasn't good enough. Meryl made up her mind to show him just how good he was. With as much strength as she could muster, she yanked the skintight shirt up his torso and over his shoulders, breaking the kiss momentarily to pull the material over his head and toss it away. She ran her hands over the metal grids and pins and gashes that covered his chest and back, bringing him down against herself to show him that she didn't care about all his imperfections. Vash was tense at first, but when she didn't pull away from him, he relaxed his muscles and sighed, his good hand resting on her breast.
"Does that answer your question, you perv." she laughed lightly into his ear.
Giving her a playful kiss on the nose, he leaned back and fiddled with the top button on her shirt. "Your turn." he said, grinning. Meryl's heart hammered as he carefully undid each button and parted the light material from her body. The look of wonder on his face was almost funny. Almost like...
*He's never done this before...*
Slowly, his fingers trailed down her chest, coming to rest in-between her breasts and lightly caressing the spot. Meryl stopped breathing as she concentrated on the feeling she knew was coming. She closed her eyes and moaned lightly as Vash brushed his hand across the soft skin of her breast, stopping to hold it in his palm. She arched her back, desperate for more. He was in awe of his own ability to produce these wonderful sounds from her.
He complied by gently lowering his mouth to hers again, this time barely brushing his lips against hers. Letting the heat from their mouths linger on each other's senses as she licked his lips and tasted his mouth with her tongue. The hand that cupped her breast moved and he began to rub her nipple through the cloth of her bra with his thumb. Meryl moaned louder and deepened the kiss. The delicious sensation he was causing from within her making her move against him again.
Vash groped at her back, looking for the latch of her bra. That clumsy ox. Thank God for front clasp bras. With a flick of her fingers, Meryl unhooked the metal and the flimsy piece of material joined Vash's shirt on the floor.
There was no longer any shyness or hesitation. Vash was on her in a second, kissing and tasting her with a starved kind of hunger. The wetness of his tongue combined with the cool air, made her nipples tighten, a physiological response, which Vash was utterly enthralled by. Meryl let her fingers grasp his spiky hair as he circled her with his tongue, closing in.

When he found her, Meryl gave a small cry and clutched at his backside, pulling him onto her, pressing up against him. The feeling of his warm skin mixed with cold steel mesh on her bare body was intoxicating. She slid her hands into his pants.
"Hngg.." was all Vash managed to get out before she grabbed his muscular backside, kneading the flesh and pulling it closer to her still. Vash stopped and raised his eyes up to meet hers. He watched her intently as he reached down between them and ran his good hand up her inner thighs, spreading them apart. Meryl saw the desire burning in his sea blue eyes as they gazed at her, making her want him more than ever.
She wrapped her legs up over his hips and roughly pulled him down on her, grinding her hips up on his. Vash began moving on her, rubbing himself in-between her legs through the thin material of his pants. Meryl's skirt had hiked itself up over her thighs a while ago. Both of them rocked together in a steady rhythm, mimicking the act they both ached to perform with dry thrusts.
Meryl could see Vash, his eyes were closed tightly and his mouth was open as he panted quietly, deep in the sensations. Glistening moisture was beading his brow and his silky hair feel in front of his face. The sight was euphoric.
*He looks like an angel...* she thought.
Just then the moving hardness between her legs found a spot that caused her to lose her train of thought completely. "God.."
Meryl threw her head back, reveling in the waves of heat that radiated through her.
"Oh...Vash..." he raised his head to look at her, never stopping his movements. He could sense her temperature rising, and knew she was close to something. The sensations building from the friction of their bodies was making his body feel like it was on fire. Pulling at him was both the desire to make it last as long as possible and the desire to get to the end as fast as possible. But, when he looked down at Meryl, her head flung back, her neck flushed with excitement, and her mouth open, he could think of nothing else but to please her.
"Meryl," he breathed huskily, "tell me what you want me to do...please."
Her hazy brain barely registered what he had just asked her, but there was one thing she had wanted ever since she and Milly had walked in on him that day on accident.
"I want to see you," she said into his ear, caressing the inside of it with her tongue, "All of you."
Vash pulled back slightly, his brow was furrowed. Meryl could tell he was nervous. But he just gave her a nervous smile and nodded his head.
He sat back and began to unlatch the many buckles on his massive boots, tossing them and his socks to the side. He moved to his belt, but froze when he felt another pair of hands at his waist. They flicked his hands away and tugged at the thin strip of leather. Meryl leaned in close and kissed him, running her mouth over his neck and up to his parted lips.
"Let me." she said through the kisses.
Vash could only nod dumbly. Her small hands pushed him back with ease, and she straddled his legs. Soft black hair tickled his torso as Meryl bent down and placed kisses all over his chest and stomach. Vash closed his eyes and clenched his hands on the blanket under them, his heart was racing madly. When she reached his belt, Meryl slid her fingers under the waistline of his pants, tugging slightly; she placed some kisses just under the edge of the material. Feeling him shiver in response was one of the most erotic sensations she'd ever had.
Running her hand over the zipper of his tight black pants earned a strained whimper from the gunman beneath her. She continued her torture, tracing his length through the restraining material, which pulled taunt as he grew harder from her touch. Vash bucked his hips up toward her hand on her last pass, giving a whine like a hungry dog. "Meryl..." he managed hoarsely.
All right, no more teasing. Meryl pulled the zipper down and thrust her hands inside. Vash arched his back, moaned through his clenched teeth when she whipped his constraining pants off in record time and grasped him tightly, rubbing her hands up and down his body. His legs were just as scared as the rest of him, but Meryl found the feel of skin mixed with metal intoxicating. She blushed when she saw his arousal, and breathed a sigh of relief. No scars there. He must have worked diligently at protecting that particular piece of anatomy, along with his face. As lightly as she could, she trailed her fingers delicately from base to tip and back again, repeated with more pressure the next time, until her whole hand was wrapped around him, stroking him quickly.
"God..ah..." Vash inhaled sharply. So this was what it was like. For being such a notorious skirt chaser, he had never actually been this far with a woman before. Watching her as she pumped her hand on him was the most amazing sight he had ever seen. Much more stimulating than when he did it himself. But it was almost too good; he was going to lose it soon if she kept this up. He reached his good hand down to stop her.
"Please," he panted, catching hold of her wrist, "not yet."
"What?" she looked a little surprised. Vash smiled, and leaned against her, catching her against the wall and his body.
"One good turn deserves another," he growled in her ear. Meryl shivered as his tongue came out to dart across that ear, and trailed down her neck. She almost didn't notice as his hands unhooked the buttons on her skirt, tugging the crumpled piece of clothing off her legs.
It was still cold inside the little shack, but Vash's hands left such a blaze of heat, Meryl felt she was burning from the inside out. His fingers brushed back and forth along her sides and stomach in a lazy heated dance, making the little hairs on her arms stand up straight. The calloused pads of his hands slid over her hips, and Meryl instinctively spread her legs apart, arching her hips upwards toward his hands, a mute plea.
Grinning like a fool, Vash engulfed her tight nipple in his mouth, and at the same time, inched his good hand down the front of her underwear, slipping the thin covering off of her. His lips worked on her breasts as his fingers stroked her in-between her legs, gently, slowly...torturously. She was already wet from all the foreplay they had engaged in, eyes shut tightly, and her breathing was coming in short, shallow gasps now.
Exploring this intimate part of her was fascinating to the outlaw. It was a completely new exprierence for him. Not that he didn't know what to do now, he had read enough and caroused enough with the drunks in various town, that he had heard about lots of very useful tricks which he intended on storing away in his brain until the opportune moment. And here it was. The fact that he would be sharing his first time with her, with someone he loved, made it even more exciting.
His middle digit found her opening and he circled his finger around until it finally pressed inside. Meryl's breath caught in her throat and her legs tensed around his sides. It felt painful...but somehow it felt wonderful as well, like she wanted more of him. Raising her hips up made Vash's finger slid tightly inside of her, causing her to clamp her inner muscles around it. Meryl wondered if this is what making love to Vash would feel like. She had been nervous at first, because the most she had ever done was to kiss and occasionally fondle a little bit. But this was heads and tails over all her previous snogging sessions.
Vash began moving his finger in and out, slowly.
"God, Meryl," he said deeply, "you're so tight...." he suddenly brought his head up from her breasts. "What a minute, are you a... you know."
"Mmmhmm." Meryl nodded through covered eyelids. "It's all right, I want it to be you." she pulled him down to the ground. He smiled into her eyes.
"Me to," Vash sighed as he crushed his mouth against hers.
At the same time his hands spread apart her legs further and he positioned himself at her entrance. The tip of his member pressed against the slickness of her opening, slipping back and forth over her center. Meryl's heart thrummed with anticipation. Was she really here, preparing herself to make love to the humanoid typhoon? A sudden idea seized her.
"Wait". She said, stopping Vash right before he made his first thrust. Now it was his turn to look surprised.
"Huh? Is something wrong, Meryl? Do you wannnahhmm..." she stopped him in mid sentence, pushing him back on the hard ground, and letting her small hands grab onto his length again. She placed kisses down from his neck to his scared chest and continued lower. Vash's breath caught in his throat when he realized what she was about to do.
"Meryl...what are you..."
"Shhh," she whispered against his stomach, "don't talk anymore."
He wasn't about to argue with her. His eyes closed.
The only sensation Vash was aware of was Meryl's tickling hair over his abdomen, her soft hands clutching at his hips, and her faint breath over his arousal. The breath came closer, until it was right on top of him. He felt her pause, unmoving for what seemed like forever. The anticipation made his body thrill and his heart bang against his chest.
Then he felt the warmth of her mouth as she tentatively licked the head of his penis, fascinated by its silky texture and taste. A sharp moan escaped Vash's throat, and his hands shot out to tangle themselves in her hair. Meryl continued circling her tongue around his tip, taking time to flick the edge of the soft head and rub her tongue over it's opening, tasting the salty precum. Vash tightened his grasp on her hair when her felt her take this head into her mouth, sucking gently, almost teasingly. His mouth was opened, and he was panting, desperately trying to stay in control of his over stimulated body.
Her mouth slid down, taking more of his length into it. Vash bucked his upward on instinct, teeth clenched together in concentration. The warm wetness of her mouth was starting to send him over the edge. He couldn't hold on much longer. He moved to stop her again, but she only held onto his hands and started sucking as fast and hard as she could.
Just then, Meryl moaned deep in her throat and sucked him in as much as she could. The vibrations on his shaft made Vash open his mouth in a silent gasp raise his hips off the ground, and cum hard into her mouth. White light flashed through his vision and his entire body felt like it was rising up off the ground for several glorious seconds. Slowly, his body ceased it's after-orgasmic shaking, and the world came back into focus. He never remembered feeling so relaxed and peaceful.
"Mmmeryl," he hummed, reaching down to find her. But his hands only grabbed air. Confused, he propped himself up on his elbows and tried focusing his dizzy eyes. The fuzzy light from the dingy windowpanes was slowly filtering into the little shack, making the room glow. Meryl's bare skin caught the beams of dusty light, and she lit up like a plant, or an angel. But it was her back that Vash saw first. She was turned away from him, her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped around herself.
"Meryl..." he whispered gently, reaching out to touch her. As soon as he made contact with her skin, he felt the muscles underneath jump with tension. A hushed choke came from the small woman, almost like she was....
"Shhhh, don't cry." Vash said sweetly, enclosing her in his arms from behind. Somehow, he knew it would all be all right now. She had let go of her emotions, at last, letting her tears fall, not because she regretted anything, but...
"I'm sorry...I, I don't know why I'm c-crying. I'm...not sad, really. It's just..." Meryl turned in Vash's grasp and nuzzled her face in the crook of his neck.
Vash held onto her with strong arms, "It's ok, you can tell me." he chuckled. "It won't change how I feel, Meryl." She sighed, squeezing her arms around his waist.
"It's just...that I'm scared...that I won't be able to keep you." her voice was barely louder than a breeze, but it hit Vash like a ton of bricks. She was a human, he was a Plant. She would die of old age, long before he started getting his first gray hairs. He was already four times her age. The thought of losing her, so soon after he had found her was heart wrenching, and Vash felt his own tears begin to escape. They could only cherish their time together.
As lovingly as he could, Vash lifted Meryl's shaking body onto his lap, cradling her in his arms. His good arm brushed the length of her body, memorizing her as best he could. The memories had to last.
"I will keep you for as long as I can." He murmured into her mouth as he kissed her, her tears, and her pain away. Lifting her chin up so he could look directly into her swollen eyes, "I do...I do really love you...Meryl...I do..."
"Me too..." she smiled and kissed him back, opening his mouth to her own.
The heat quickly returned to their bodies, and soon they sprawled out on the blankets again, kissing and caressing each other with a kind of obsessive fervor.
Vash trailed his hungry mouth down her body. He was surprised at how fast he stiffened so shortly after his release. Stopping his attention to her chest and stomach, he prepared to part her legs, but Meryl put her hands over his to stop him. Slowly and carefully, she guided his real hand to the apex of her legs, placing one of his digits over the small hard nub of her clitoris. She began moving his finger against it, making sure he could feel it just right. Firmly grasping his other hand, she moved it towards her center and pushed one of his fingers inside of her. Then, she let go of both his hands and looked up into his startled face.
He started moving his hands in just the way Meryl had wordlessly instructed him. As soon as he did, Meryl began to make small sounds of pleasure and rolled her hips up to meet Vash's fingers as they worked against her, sending fire straight to her brain. She arched her back up. "Faster..." she growled.
Vash increased his pace, memorized by the beautiful woman writhing beneath him. Her hips thrust up, her face and neck flushed once more, and her hands clutching the blanket. She looked so good, he wondered if he could....
"Don't move," he breathed, lowering himself down on top of her.
Meryl's eyes shot open when she felt him replace his fingers on her clit with his warm mouth.
"Unmmmah, God, don't stop!" she shouted, as he continued to rub his tongue on her and pump his fingers into her at the same time. The wet opening helped him to side two fingers into her and slip in and out easily. The taste and slick feel of her small bud invaded his mouth as he flicked his tongue across it with a passion. He loved how she would raise herself up and spread her legs wide with each insertion of his hand. She was now moving as fast as she could against him. Vash leaned down to catch her orgasm, but she stopped him again.
"Geez, Meryl, can we finish at least once?" he whined, complete with puppy dog eyes.
"Yes, Vash," Meryl said seductively, "We're going to finish now."
The feel of her hands was soft and hot as she gently guided his hardened penis to her opening. Softly, she slid the tip into her wetness, pressing her hips into him until he could feel her barrier against the head.
"Ready?" he whispered.
"I love you," she answered.
With one hard thrust, Vash broke into her, sinking in as deeply as he could. He could almost feel her pain, and his eyes watered at the thought that he had caused her any at all.
For a while, they simply stayed as they were, resting, one inside the other, placing long kisses on each other's faces. After a time, Meryl moved against Vash again, and found that the hurt was fading, and that she was adjusting to his size inside her. Vash took it as an invitation and began moving slowly. It was incredible, the feeling of being inside another person, inside of her. The tightness, the wet warm pressure on his shaft felt like some kind of sexual intoxication. He began pumping a little harder. She was a drug, and they were both so close to coming again.
Meryl flung her arms up and around his shoulders, her fingers clutching his scared back and arms in a desperate attempt to hang on. She joined his rhythmic motions when she wrapped her knees over his thighs and threw her body against his, rocking together with Vash, bodies glowing with the risen sun and light sheen of sweat. Every time he pulled out and filled her again, it felt like she died and was reborn in a split second. Vash's lips latched onto hers as their pace increased, each of them thrusting their bodies together, as if trying to become a single entity; one mind, one body. The metal of his chest felt like heated iron against her bare stomach and breasts. Meryl arched into him again and pressed herself fully against the delicious heat. Vash clenched his teeth; eyes shut tight, and lean arms holding her close as he reached his max. He could tell from her pounding heartbeat that she was nearly there again.
A couple of carefully placed thrusts into her brought Meryl's arms up around his neck and her mouth open as the first intense waves crashed down on her, and she cried out his name over and over. This time, she felt the sensation of weightlessness, her body rising up off the ground as she exploded with the feeling of him. After that, she just surrounded him with her limp arms and legs as he drove himself into her frantically. A few seconds later, the humanoid typhoon was a boneless pile of limbs lying next to her, his last bit of passion spent after he ran himself between her legs and released into her warm wetness.
They lay collapsed against each other on the worn blanket. The suns were now shining fully into the shack, and the only sound audible was the sound of the heavy panting of the two lovers, trying to catch their breath. Vash flung the other blanket over their exhausted bodies, holding Meryl against him. She snuggled into the warmth of his chest, smelling the same sent of soap, leather, and now, their lovemaking. The scent was wonderful. Breathing a deep contented lung full of air, Meryl craned her neck to look at Vash's peaceful face. He was so innocent looking, still like the otherworldly being that he was. Too perfect for this world. Still, Meryl knew he wasn't as simple as he looked. In fact, she was starting to doubt his word about why he followed her in the first place. Maybe...
"Vash," she said sleepily.
"Umm?" he answered, rubbing his face on her cheek and neck like a baby. His arms and legs wound themselves through her own as he placed gentle kisses lazily on her shoulder.
"About that miscalculation yesterday...How long have you been planning this little...detour?"
Vash froze, but made no attempt to deny the accusation.
"Don't tell me you're, mad at me?" he asked nervously.
Meryl chuckled lightly, "Oh, I guess I can think of some way you can make it up to me, Mr. Hot Pants," she laughed. "Besides, you are an outlaw, aren't you? Embellishing the truth is part of your trade. I guess I'll just have to get used to it."
"Do you mean..." Vash shifted to gaze into her sparkling gray eyes. "You're not leaving? Do you mean you're staying...with me? What about your job?" he asked hopefully.
Meryl smirked deviously, "I quit my job three weeks ago, Mr. Stampede."
The outlaw plant and the small insurance girl lay warm and snug in the dilapidated little shack on the edge of the wild desert. The suns blazed into the cloudy windows, lighting up the kiss they shared like a beacon to the world. Although time may separate them eventually, this moment, at least, would last forever.

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