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Tohru was preparing dinner. Softly she hummed in the kitchen. In the distance she could hear Yuki and Kyo quarreling. Softly she smiled. This was so perfect. She loved it here at the Sohma house. This was her family and she loved each of them dearly. Kyo: He seemed rough and mean, but deep down he was kind and caring. That he had allowed her to see that side of him, she was very thankful. Yuki: He was so different than she had first imagined. Underneath that prince like exterior he was uncomfortable and self-conscious as a little child. Over that past years (A/N: Tohru has spent a little over 2 years at Shigure's house) she had helped him to become a stronger person, though she didn't realize it was her that had helped him. Shigure: He was always there for her. He watched over them, but even though he was older than they were, he was still one of them. She smiled at her family. She loved it here, she truly did.

Kyo strolled into the kitchen pretending not to be interesting in what she was doing.


"Oh hello Kyo! Dinner is almost done, just a few more minutes."

He grunted. "What are we having?"

"Rice, grilled fish, steamed leaks-"


"Oh I-I-I'm sorry Kyo! I'm sorry! Yuki had picked some and I thought it would be nice because they were fresh. I'm sorry!"

He grumbled something about a stupid rat wanting to poison him. Suddenly, Shigure popped out from no where.

"Now are what you to love bird doing in here?"

Tohru blushed slightly.

"What the hell are you talking about dog?"

"Well, since you have decided to abandoned this beautiful goddess, I will save her heart from depression." He said dramatically.

Tohru now turned an even brighter shade of red.

"What the hell are you talking about?!?!"

Shigure strolled up to Tohru. Closed his eyes and puckered his lips. Instead of meeting the embarrassed young girl (who he knew he wouldn't have kissed) he met two fists. Yuki had overheard the whole conversation. He spoke calmly yet his voice couldn't hide the anger in it.

"I suggest you run."


Poor Shigure flew through the doors and out into the garden.

Kyo frowned.

"Why the hell do you let him treat you like that?"

"I-I'm s-s-sorry"



Kyo grunted and walked away. Yuki wordily looked at her.

"You know, he is right. He does this kind of stuff all the time. You shouldn't let him. He takes advantage of your kindness."

"H...Haibut he has done so much for me. I am living here with you all because of him. I owe him so much, so much I could never repay. I am so thankful every day I spend with all of you and it was out of his generosity that allowed me to be in his house."

"Still, he really shouldn't treat you that way, it isn't right."

"I-It's okay. I-I don't mind"

Yuki gave her another concerned look and left. She sighed deeply. Secretly, somewhere deep down she slightlydid like when he did that, the way her heartbeat faster ever moment, the way she felt like she could hardly breath. Subconsciously, she placed her hand to her heart feeling the racing beat from eve the thought of him. But she shook the thought out of her head.

'What was I thinking, mom? I must be tire or something. I think I must be ill.'


Shigure pulled himself out of the bush he had been thrown in. Hearing the sound of a car pull up, he looked to his left to see Hatori.

"Hari! What brings you here?"

"Shigure, my I ask why you are in that bush? Did you do something to Tohru again?"

Shigure gave him a devilish smile.

"I am sorry Hari. I couldn't help myself from flirting with your young lover."

Hari rolled his eyes. "You are truly stupid."

"Is that it? Have you come to express your undying love to Tohru."

Hari just stared at him and sighed.

"Nothat-that wasn't way I came. Akido" Hari said as he approached his friend. "He summoned Yuki and" He paused not sure his friend's reaction. "and Kyo."

"What? Why? I thought he hated Kyo? Why would he want to see him, and the both of them together?"

"Hedidn't say. It seemed argent though. He requested their presents immediately."

Shigure just stared at his friend confused.


Hatori turned his head staring at the forest.

"II don't know, but I have reason to believeit has to do with Tohru."

Shigure tried to read his friend's expression, but try as he could; he couldn't make him out. He couldn't tell what was going through his head. That worried Shigure. What was Akido planning?

"Hatori, what do you know?"

"II am not sure myself, Shigure, what I knowI am justnot sure"

Shigure's face held an unusual seriousness. It was strange that Akido wanted to see Kyo. HowWhat did that have to do with Tohru?

"Come inside."

Hatori nodded and followed him inside.

Just as Shigure was about to open the door, it slid open. Tohru stood on the thresh hold.

"Oh, Hi Hatori!" She smiled at him kindly. He nodded his head.

"Hello, Tohru. I am glad to see you are well."

"Oh yes. It has been quite sometime since you have had to visit because of your job."

He nodded again.

"Are you going to eat dinner with us?" She asked hopefully. "I made extra."

"No, I believe this is going to take just a moment."

"Well please come in."

He nodded and walked inside along with his friend.

Kyo walked down the stairs and noticed the two around the corner.


Hatori nodded at him.

"Kyo, if I may have a moment with you."

He gave him a suspicious look, but shook it off. "Whatever."

They started walking toward the dining room; on their way there, they saw Yuki watching TV in the living room. He was under the blanket. Hearing the noise, he turned his head towards them.

"YukiI would also like to speak to you as well."


Picking up the remote, he clicked the television. He stood up and followed the caravan of people.

They sat around the table in silence. Finally Kyo spoke up.

"So what the hell did you want to tell us?"

He sighed. "YukiKyo, Akido has requested your presents."

All of them seemed very confused.

"Why does the bastard want to see me?"

"He did not say. I was just told to tell you to come as soon as possible."

"You mean right now? Hell no! I'm not going near that lunatic!"

"You don't" Once again he sighed. "have a choice."

Despite how much he wanted to object, how mush he wanted to just go up to the roof and forget about it, how much he wanted to, he knew what that meant. He knew the power Akido held what he was capable of.

Tohru was looking back and forth, from Yuki to Kyo to Hatori to Shigure. What was going on? Why did Akido want to see Yuki and Kyo? Her eyes once fell upon Yuki. He looked almostscared. Living with him for this long, she could tell it in his eyes.

"DDo we have to leave right now?" He said softly.

Hatori nodded his head. "Hai"

There was silence. Slowly Yuki stood up.

"T-Then let's go." He spoke with more determination.

They seemed to stare at him for a moment, but then followed. The sun had set and it was dark. A cold autumn wind blew outside. Grabbing their coats the headed for the door.

Right before they reached the door, Hatori turned to his friend. "Shigure, why don't you stay here with Tohru?"

A mischievous smile came over his face.

"Want me to protect your true love, Hari?"

"Shigure." There was something different in his voice, something that snapped Shigure out of his playful thoughts back into the situation. Shigure looked into his friend's light brown eyes. They were almost pleading.

"Shigurestay with Tohru." He said pushing almost commanding his friend to stay.

"Hari?" Shigure asked questionably. Everyone was looking at the two. Hatori turned to the younger boys.

"Go out to the car, I will be there in a moment."

"Like hell!"

"Kyo!" It was Shigure's voice with that same seriousness. Kyo glared at him, then turned and mumbled about damn dogs and seahorses. Kyo and Yuki made their way out to the car. Inside, Shigure and Hatori just looked at each other. Shigure had asked Tohru if she would give them a moment. She had bowed in her usual polite self and left to put the uneaten dinner in the oven.

"Shigure, I have a bad feeling about tonight. They way Akido acted when he told me to summon Yuki and Kyo. I think something is going to happen tonight"

"Then shouldn't I come with you and help them! What if he attacks them?"

"That is not what I am afraid of. I am afraid for Tohru. Akido is planning something, something evil, something I don't know of. And I fear it might happentonight."

Shigure was confused. What was going on? Like many members of the household he had asked that question numerous times in his mind.

"A-Alright, Hari, but please call me if anything happens, anything."


Slowly Hatori opened the door and stepped out to the cold land before him. He couldn't remember it ever being so freezing. He hoped with all of his being that this wasn't an omen.


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