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Shigure stared at Tohru. Both didn't know what to say. What was going on? The two of them were in Shigure's dark office, only lit by the hallway lights.

"S-Shigure?" That was all she could manage to say. He was cursed. Every time a girl hugged him, he turned into a dog; that had always been the case. Thenthen why was he still human? She looked to him for answers but was just as confused. After a second, Shigure stepped back and looked at his non-transformed body.

What is going on? His mind thought furiously. He racked his mind for an answer. Therethere had been a storyhe had learned when he was growingonly bits and pieces were still in his memory. It was a legend of the Princess of the zodiac, who had the power to cure the cursed members of the zodiac. Supposedly, though, the princess could only cure a certain member; there was some sort of catch. That was an old legend, probably irrelevant, but for some reason this had made him think of that. He shook his head.

"Tohru, I'm not sure what is going on." He said with his usual half smile on his face. A thought struck his mind. "But, I think we should make the most of this." It had happened. He could feel it. The animal in him was coming out more and more. His eyes held a hunger like she had never seen. He was changing. And now, he could touch her the way he wanted to

She looked at him in slight confusion before she found her lips again meeting with histhose soft lips. Everything escaped from her head when he kissed her. His tongue entered her mouth indulging in every nook and cranny of it. Hers followed in suit, quickly learning what the dog was teaching her. Moving out into the hallway, his embrace tightened. One of his hands slid down her thigh as the other up the crock of her back. He could feel her getting excited as he knew he was as well. He would claim her tonight.

Tohru had never been touched like that. No one had ever looked at her like that. She had never experienced anything of the sort. Something deep within her was scared, scared of how much she really did like itshe wanted more. Shigurethis was Shigurehe had taken her inhe had been her hope, her guide when everything seemed to be falling apart

Slowly his hands moved to her shirt where fiercely almost tore the buttons off of the blouse she had on revealing a simple white lace bra. Just like Tohru he thought smirking.

This suddenly registered in Tohru's mind. In that moment, something changed. Something was wrong. She turned bright red, gulping. Fear spread through her mind, No, This is Shigureshe thought, this time differently than before. A red light went up and she pulled back from him as fast as she could. He stared at her concerned while she got redder and redder and tried to push her shirt together; many of the buttons had been broken. What was going on? In confusion, he reached for her and she quickly moved. He was shocked. The animal in him started to go back into hibernation. Everything suddenly felt real. He could feel something in the pit of his stomach. Shewas rejecting him. He had finally showed her how he felt and she didn't want him. Breathing a heaving sigh, he turned to go.

"I understand" He said quietly before leaving. Walking to the main door, he grabbed his coat and left her there in the house alone.

She looked up when she heard the sound of the door closing with shock. Why had she done that? She loved him and yet she had rejected him. Tears stared to fall to the ground.

"Oh Shigure!" she cried before running up to her room and falling onto her bed. She was so confused. If she loved him, why then did she reject him? Her mind argued back and forth.

This is Shigure, you know you love him

This is Shigure, he has been like a father to you

This is Shigure, he wants to be with you as badly as you want to be with him, maybe more

This is Shigure, he is 10 years older than you

This is Shigure

Unable to decide on a side, she resorted to crying. She had been on the brink of happiness and she had thrown it away, or at least it felt like that. After what she did, he probably wouldn't want her anymore.

Outside, Shigure stood looking at her shadow through her window, before casting his head and venturing into the dense forest surrounding their house. It hurtit hurt more than he could have ever imagined. Not only did he love her and so he had believed that she had him, buthe was free to love her, to touch her by whatever powers, tonight she could have been his. Butshe could only see him as a mentornot a lovernot as the one man who cared about her more than any body else in the worldshe could never see him the way he saw her, or at least the way he wanted to see her.

Meanwhile, from within the darkness of the shadows, a figure moved from his hidden position. He smiled darkly, like an animal knowing its prey is just within reach. She would be his slave tonight, and for all eternity. She would beg for his mercy, she would cry out in sheer terror and he would not ease her fears. He would break her tonight.


"Oy, rat how much longer do we have to walk"

"I'd say it will take us a couple days, so I'd stop complaining if I were you, considering we have a long way to go."

"What!?!?" Kyo shouted as the two walked along the tracks. "This is all your fault! I you hadn't-!"

"If I hadn't what, Kyo? Stood up to Akito? I did more than you."

"Grryou damn rat! I'm going to kill you." A quick glare from Yuki was all Kyo saw before he felt a pain across his face as the rat slapped him.

"What do you want Kyo? I am trying to work together with you to get home and you keep acting like a damn neko." (an: ooo, Yuki swore!)

Kyo burst, he swung at Yuki, who not anticipating the punch received the blow dead on. The pain hit, and Yuki staggered back. He felt where the cat had hit his cheek. The rat looked back at Kyo breathing heavily.

"Answer me. What do you want Kyo? What?!" Yuki screamed at him.


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