Sailor Moon S Chapter 37 'Little of the Unexpected'

As the sun raised to meet the sky it was a new day and for most people one to dread since it was the beginning of a new school year. Sonome yawned as she awakened by her alarm clock. She got up and headed to take a much- needed wake up shower. After she dried herself off and headed down for breakfast. As Sonome sat down and dried her black hair with a hair dryer she noticed her grandpa was reading a letter the address said it was from Okinawa. Isnt that where some of our relitives are from asked Sonome. Grandpa didn't answer but got up and left the room which was unusual since most of the time he was such a chatter box and you would wish he would shut up and now he was as silent as an out of work mime. Sonome could have pressed farther but thought it was probably none of her business since she had to go to right now. Sonome got up and grabbed her lunch bag, which was all ready, like it has been for years and headed out the front door and headed to school.

When she got there all was hectic a lot of people seemed to be waiting for her and they seemed restless and confused because I week before the school year had started Ayna had dropped for personal reasons and now people were panicking since thay thought it was all rumor and it was finally hitting them it was true because she was usually here before everyone else. Look people she is not here so everyone inside shouted Sonome when she got into line of sight of everyone. Everyone complied and started heading in except this one girl with Reddish black hair who just stared darkly at her and then turned and headed in with the rest of the students. As she Sonome she met up with Kimmay and Cliff and asked them who that girl since she seemed new. That was Rika said Kimmay. Personally I only know for 2 minutes and I already know she is not nice said Cliff. She is new here what do you expect her coming into a new place like this replied Sonome in her lawyer type tone.You have a point sighed Cliff.. Sonome caught sight of the new girl and remember as class president and school representative she had to greet newcomers to the school since they got very few of those since this school was kindergarten to high school type of school and also being a private that very few people could afford it wasn't often she had to do this and almost never had to either. She walked up to Rika and said hi I'm Sonome and welcome to Ruby Seiyu Private school Rika. Rika turned and looked Sonome right in the eyes and said Cram it Miss Popular and just walked away. That was rude I was trying to be friendly Replied Sonome. Rika turned around to face Sonome and say I don't care what you were trying I already hate your gut you prissy little bitch. Sonome thought how dare she say this to me what nerve and who does she think she is. Before Sonome could say anything the bell rang and she headed to first period class.

Tea was having a not much of a better first day back to school then Sonome since she had first period class with Zoë and Heaven. Heaven still wasn't talking with since the incident at the Amusement park and having in the same class as Zoe the one she was complaining I was spending more time with her then with her made it a room of tension. Zoë was oblivious as always since this was her first time in school she seemed she was enjoying it? Even how weird that was it was understandable she was an alien who never had real friends? And the Negaverse seemed like a harsh place to be compared to this place mite be a walk in the park. Ryoko ran into the class at mid point and handed a note from her mom saying the reason she was late. Mr. Pegasus gestured for her to sit down. Ryoko sat down nearly out of breath since she actually slept in and was lucky her mom was very understanding and wrote up a phony excuse. Ryoko explained this to Tea and they both laughed. Tea stopped when she noticed Heaven was crying. Tea Gets up and goes over to Heaven taking her chair with her and sits beside Heaven. Heaven looked and said im sorry for leaping down your throat from something that is not your fault and it also my fault since it was me who shut myself away from you and not the other way around and im so sorry. Its ok Heaven I should have been around more said Tea with her hand on Heaven's Shoulder. Heaven hugged Tea and said are we friends still. Friends forever replied Tea. Heaven sighed with relief and "said Thank god I thought I it at dreamland". You will never lose me replies Tea. How touching this is definitely a Kodak Moment, when did my class become a Soap Opera? Interrupted Mr. Pegasus. Um sorry said Tea. Its ok I was bored anyway to bad I Interrupted you two replied Mr. Pegasus. Now get back into hugging while I get my camera said Pegasus while he bent over to get his Camera. Suddenly a ripping noise sounded in the class and everyone stared in disbelief because the back end of Mr. Pegasus pants had ripped open to reveal what looked like Barney Underwear. The whole class broke into laughter after the shock wore off. Pegasus screamed ahhh as he covered it up and left saying ill be right back. Ryoko turned to Tea and Said I know that guy was a fruit cake but that I didn't see coming then started to crack up laughing. Then the bell rang to end first period class what the hell was that said Zoe looking around in confusion. That sound mean end of class Zoe said Heaven. Heaven Turned to Tea and asked is she from another planet or something. She is a foreign student from New Zealand. Oh said Heaven as they all left together for there nexy period class.

A guy in a black tuxedo with a cape jumped from rooftop to rooftop I em Tuxedo Shiro and im the coolest Superhero around nothing can stop me im unstoppable thought Shiro. Suddenly Shiro slipped on a banana peel and fell in a wood chipper. A boy comes out of no where and says oh my god you killed shiro you basterds.

The school and Sonome was heading home Cherry Hill Shrine a place she has been living since the death of her parents her parents died when she was very young she barely remembered them and the only reason she even knows about them is what her grandpa tells her owish she know them Sonome throught to herself. As she entered the shrine something felt wrong there was an unusual presence in the shrine it was a strong one at that it felt like it was angry and sad at the same time but she had felt it before. Grandpa was talikng to someone in the living room. Sonome entered the living to find Grandpa siting with a girl. Grandpa turned and said welcome home Grand daughter. She suddenly relized who this was with Grandpa it was her again. What is she doing here asked Sonome. This is your little sister Rika replied Grandpa. Sonome stared and thought this little brat is my little sisters. Why didn't I know about her said Sonome in disbelief. Because your mother died and you two were split up for some reason I don't know. 'Because you didn't want me said Rika and ran off to her room. Where was I sighed Grandpa, you were telling me about her replied Sonome. Oh yeah you two where split up I got you and your aunt and uncle Granger up in Osaka got her but just recently they both died last week and Rika was sent here. This would explain her attitude towards me this mourning thought sonome. I'm gonna make it clear Rika is the handled with gently like fine crystal got it said grandpa. Got it Replied Sonome.

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor Moon says) -Funny moments in Dark moon series- It is nearly time said Queen Mai, every thing is in place said Malachite, the sailor brats will soon be no more says Sailor Senna as she walked into the thrown room, Malachite hands Senna the Sennen scepter. Sailor Senna bows and says ill do my best my Queen and then leaves the room. both Malachite and Mai Start laughing evilly, they laughed untill Malachite Farted Queen Mai smacks Malachite away saying you make me sick. The thrown room Was again filled with evil laughter.