Based on the Anime, Fushigi Yuugi
Disclaimer: Fushigi Yuugi is not owned by me in any way, shape, or form. Talk to Yuu Watase if you want to buy the rights ;p

Author's Note: Minor revision to the ending of this chapter... basically I'm taking Taka out of the story altogether. I can't write him and I don't want to try. ;p So, there! It doesn't change the story at all, but -shrugs- just pointing it out to anyone who read it before the revision...

Chapter One: Reflected Reincarnations

It is said Suzaku's power lies in love.

Three mirrors are suspended in air. Several others are their companions, but they are shadowed. This trio is the center of attention. Each follows a different person, to make up three... three whose destinies were once intertwined. These three, whose new lives were stubbornly refusing to follow the paths Fate had created. It was time to see if these last, subtle efforts had paid off.

A young man with flaming red hair saunters out of a bar. He moves with restless grace, wears a devil-may-care air, supported by a devilish grin. He laughs at a comment from a man hidden from view, and hidden deep in that carefree sound is a hint of sadness, loneliness. The feelings are reciprocated in his tawny eyes. For all his twenty three years, he has been searching for something. Ironically, this search for something--an elusive shadow in his mind--has been the only stability in his life. He still doesn't know what it is, but it might have to do with the picture, tucked safely into his wallet.
A woman stands on a balcony, staring up at the stars. Violet hair streams down her back, let loose from her customary braid. In her hand is a small picture, of a young woman with auburn hair and laughing green eyes. The letter which accompanied it is on her desk, half-forgotten. She puts a cigarette to her lips, a frown between her shimmering, amethyst-tinted eyes. The moonlight catches at her bracelets, one on either wrist; elegant silver bands trimmed in gold, supporting a single circular moonstone.
Posters are plastered all over the walls. Several newspaper articles and magazines are scattered over the surface of a beautiful desk, carved from oak. Clothes are carelessly abandoned all over the room. A man sleeps, recklessly sprawled on his stomach over a huge bed, still dressed, though barefoot. His face is the same face on every poster, every newspaper, every magazine cover; the long, honey-streaked brown hair, beautiful bone structure, alabaster skin. They all proclaim him a sensation, a star. His hand rests on an open textbook, with sentences highlighted yellow and blue. His shirt says simply, "CSU Monterey Bay".

The watcher makes a satisfactory sound. The mirrors are once again shadowed, and another glows with a soft light.

The last wish is finally granted.
The book is now safe to be destroyed.