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Jack, in a sense, is the God of the Manhattan newsies -- seemingly omnipresent, definitely omnipotent and deceptively omniscient. He knows each of his boys inside out, keeping a watchful eye on their actions. So it alludes him how Snitch and Skittery thought he could avoid finding out about their interests in one another; their constant touching and blatant sneaking out excuses were a poor mask for their relationship. None of the other boys had discovered them yet, but Jack knew it was only a matter of time before their actions got them into trouble, and he was fretful.

Jack loves Snitch and Skittery, just like all of the other Lodging House boys. But Snitch and Skittery are challenging his feelings. Jack thought - no, knew - that people like those two were sinners, that they were wrong for what they felt. "A man who loves another man will burn in hell while Satan fucks them up the ass," his father used to slur, staring down the bottleneck of his umpteenth beer.

Jack had decided to stop the madness that afternoon, after following Snitch and Skittery to Central Park, where they lazed the day away. He saw them being intimate, and images of his friends on fire, wailing in pain for eternity plagued him. He wanted to feel happy for them, they seemed so content with each other. But he knew he had to take action, it was all for the best. And if his plants turned violent... well, maybe it would just drive his point home.