They Will Break Your Heart

Disclaimer: Characters belong to J K Rowling.
Rating: PG

You know that you don't get involved with Slytherins. It's not because they're evil, because they're not. You don't want to tar them all with the same brush. But they're sly. They're manipulative. They're devious. They will break your heart.

They will break your heart. They will break your heart. They will break your heart.

You keep repeating this to yourself. Your mantra. They will break your heart. She will break your heart. This foolish, foolish infatuation of yours, this odd fascination with Pansy Parkinson, this will destroy you.

She will destroy you. And it will not be with a curse, with a jinx, with anything that a magic wand can produce. It will be through her words, and her actions.

She will use you and then she will toss you aside and laugh at you, the disdain in her eyes all too clear. You will blink back the tears, not wanting her to see you cry, and you will remember why you've hated her all these years. You will remember how she's insulted you about everything from your studiousness to your hair to your teeth to your friends, all the things you forgot when you looked at her one day and noticed that your heart skipped a beat.

She won't kill you. She won't lock you up in a dungeon, or feed you to dragons, or anything dangerous. Because Pansy Parkinson is not evil. But she is mean, and thoughtless, and sly, and she will, she will, she will break your heart.