Speak to Me

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Summary: Hogwarts is has closed for a year, and Harry is thrown in his room, locked from the outside world, forbidden to speak. What happens when he forgets he has a voice? When school starts up again, who's going to teach him to speak?

Warning: Possibly A/U, Mentions of Abuse. OotP Spoilers, HP/SS SLASH (Will be HP/SS slash later on, much later, because I prefer to work it in, not just jump in. So don't pressure me.), Some bad language. Possible Strong prejudice against Gays, as well as Apathy towards them and nasty remarks.

Black is the absence of all color. White is the existence of all color. Black is the absorbance of the entire spectrum. White is the reflection of the entire spectrum.

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Ch. 7 - Dueling


"From now on, Mr. Potter, when you get angry, I want you to concentrate on keeping your power in. I trust you will have plenty of chances with this with Professor Snape around, of course." Tonks chuckled softly at Moody's words as the Auror moved over to Harry and dropped a black glass ball in his hand. Harry looked slightly confused.

"Black is the absence of light. This ball is black because it absorbs all light, and doesn't reflect any." Moody said calmly, "So this is the perfect concentration exercise. I want you to work on it whenever you have the chance. Concentrate on making light reflect from the ball by pushing your power into it. The color reflect is the color of your aura, or your magical energy."

Harry curled his fingers around the ball and squeezed, watching it and pushing his power into it. The ball slowly lit up in a strange dark violet color.

After retracting his magic, he looked up at moody. Moody looked slightly disturbed.

"Alright. Perhaps you want an explanation. Let's sit." He murmured, conjuring three very uncomfortable looking chairs. Harry sight, but immediately sat down, holding his glass ball. Tonks took a seat as well, and Moody sat down. He looked thoughtful for a moment.

"A wizard's magical energy is exactly as light is, which makes this a great concentration exercise. How do I put this... " Moody frowned for a moment, thinking. It startled Harry when Moody's voice broke though the silent spell.

"Most wizard's auras are white. They have a perfect distribution of red, green, and blue magical energy. It's just odd to see.." He sighed and shifted, looking Harry directly in the eyes. "You're deficient in green magic, it seems. The color your ball reflected is violet, which means your magic energy is dominated by red and blue colors, although it has a little green in it. If You-Know-Who were to push all of his magic into it, the ball would most likely turn a very red magenta color due to his very dark nature. Red magical energy is used to cast curses or jinxes, and the unforgivables. Red energy is the evil energy in a wizard. Blue magical energy is the energy used for simple, neutral spells or charms. Spells or charms that do not reflect an evil or good intent. Therefore, blue energy is neutral territory, it's neither good or bad. Green magical energy is a wizard's curse breaking energy. It's the energy our body uses for healing, it's also the energy witches or wizards need to cast healing spells, put up wards, counter spells, or even erect a shield. Green energy is used when you conjure a patronus, as well. It's the opposite of red energy. It's good energy.

It's quite strange that you, who could conjure a patronus in your third year, would lack green energy. I think that your energy is violet because of your scar there. Dumbledore had told me that when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named tried to kill you, he gave you some of his magic. It's most likely that you just have excess red and blue energy, rather than lack a green energy. Do you understand? I think that, going off from what I just saw, your magical energy would be a Cyan color if it weren't for You-Know-Who's power mingling with yours."

Harry nodded, and gave Moody a weak smile.

Moody smiled, "Good," He began, "Tonks and I need to get going. We have a very important matter that we need to attend to."

Tonks nodded, and sighed slightly. Moody stood up.

"Your job is to figure out how to separate the differant energies. It's best you don't try to get white first, that would require a concentration level of 6 or 7. I can explain why next time we meet if you need, but for now, I can't. If you try to concentrate only your green magic into the ball, then the ball will turn green. It works that way for each color. Why don't you work on that sort while you wait for your dark arts lessons with Snape?"

Harry shrugged, and nodded. He turned his attention on the ball as Tonks and Moody left.

Harry had decided to focus his attention on achieving a blue glow. He succeeded in a very blue violet color when his process was interrupted.

"Potter." A very familiar, male voice said from the doorway. The glass ball Harry was concentrating on turned black, and the young man turned an annoyed gaze on Snape. One that clearly stated 'what do you want?'

"Your boyfriend," He said the word with a cruel smirk, "has been trying to get in touch. The knight bus has been found in front of these buildings, one of the workers of the bus has been knocking on people's doors asking about you. I could not congratulate you any further on your choice in a partner. He may lack more intelligence than you do."

Harry's eyes seemed to blaze with rage. Still, he remained seated, determined to keep his anger in check.

"I have taken the precautions necessary to allow him in here to see you. You have 15 minutes until your lessons start." Snape turned and swept off in a flutter of crimson red and black silken robes.

Shortly followed by Snape's departure, Jackel stepped through the doorway, gently closing the door behind him.

Harry gently set his glass ball aside and stood up, quickly moving to Jackel and flinging his arms around him. Jackel's arms wrapped around Harry's form tightly for a short moment before he broke the embrace.

Jackel stepped back, examining Harry with sorrow in his eyes.

Harry's features drew into a frown. In a short movement he had his writing pad floating in front of Jackel, the words 'What is wrong?' scrawled in the center.

Jackel seemed to study the words for a very long time before he spoke.

"I can't be with you." Jackel said softly, almost in a whisper. He stared straight into Harry's eyes, trying to convey how sorry he was, how much he still cared for Harry.

Harry closed his eyes and turned his head, clenching his teeth.

The writing on the pad was red, bold, and italic. 'Why?'

Jackel continued to watch Harry as he spoke, "You're the Boy-Who-Lived. You-Know-Who will send Death Eaters after you and any that you care for. I can't put myself in that direct line, and I don't think you'd want me to." Harry didn't even twitch. He continued to look as if he had just been slapped. "You don't, Harry, do you? Do you want me to die?"

'How can you say that, Jackel? I would never wish death upon anyone!'

"So you understand then," Jackel said softly, stepping closer to Harry.

Harry stepped away, raising his gaze to look at Jackel.


Jackel suddenly looked angry. What was so hard to understand? He didn't want to die for a selfish, teenage boy.

Harry's eyes narrowed at Jackel's angered expression.

The 'No.' disappeared from the enchanted writing pad, and new words formed.

'I don't see how you can feel that way. As if you think it's normal to turn your back on someone because of circumstances like this. If everyone felt the way you did, I'd have no friends. You knew who I was when you decided to get back together with me. I assumed you knew what it entailed. So why this decision now?'

Jackel's eyes flashed at Harry, causing Harry to glare at him.

"Someone enlightened me to things I had not known previously. I had been offered something that I can not refuse. It was either that, or this, and I chose this. So if you'll excuse me, I'll go pick up my prize- and be wonderfully oblivious to anything that has to do with you." He started towards the door.

Harry was standing on front of it, staring defiantly at Jackel.

'You'll not be leaving until I know exactly what you're talking about, Jackel.' The pad floated in front of Harry.

Harry suddenly lurched forward, stumbling into the enchanted writing pad as the door he had been blocking threw itself open.

Jackel smirked. "Ask him." He said calmly and moved past Snape, through the door.

Harry righted himself and straightened his robes, giving Snape a dark look.

Snape smirked smugly, "Get ready, Potter. I'll be back in a moment, I have a matter that needs to be attended to."

As soon as Snape was out the door, Harry went back to his seat and sat, snatching the glass ball up irritably. Curling his fingers around the ball, he unleashed his irritation and anger into the ball. The ball exploded in crimson red light, and even started to hum and vibrate gently as Harry immersed himself in his anger towards Jackel, Snape, and Voldemort.

He didn't even hear the door opening and closing.

He didn't release his hold on the ball until he heard a deep male voice breath his last name, in a sound that emitted a small amount of awe and puzzlement.

Startled, the red quickly disspeared and the ball became back once again. Harry set it in his lap and looked up at Snape, who seemed to be recovering.

"If you manage to not pick up what I teach you in these lessons, I can assume that it's not because you lack the power, but the brains." Snape was smirking.

Harry stood, the ball rolling off his lap and dropping on the floor. It rolled until it hit the wall, where it bounced, rolled a little more, and then stopped. Harry's enchanted pad found itself floating in front of Snape.

'What did you tell Jackel? Sir, what kind of 'offer' did you make him?'

Snape continued to smirk, moving his was over to a chair near Harry, and sitting.

"It was for your protection, Potter."

'What did you tell him, Professor?' Harry wanted to wipe the sneer off the greasy git's face. The thought suddenly seemed disgusting to him has he decided that no small amount of grease would come off with the smirk.

"I told him that he could either live life in the confines of the Order of the Phoenix, or he could have his memory wiped of everything that has happened between you and him and could continue to live his life, risk free and as happy as he was before."

Harry's anger flared.

'You bastard! How dare you! You're the one who made him decide I wasn't worth all that trouble! You miserable jackass, just because you don't have any friends doesn't mean you can take mine away! It's not my fault you're a greasy vampire! I hate you, Snape. With every inch of my being! You're a cold, unfeeling, stupid, mean, bastard! You're a sorry excuse for a human being! I don't care if you're a spy. I don't care if you're a Death Eater. I do care how you treat people, and you treat them like shit! Especially me, who doesn't deserve an inch of what you give! You use some sorry excuse of 'protecting me' for throwing out my boyfriend! I'm telling you, that's not protecting me. Stop trying to ruin my life and fix yours."

The black ball by the wall was now glowing a faint dark violet color. Harry's power was radiating through the room.

Snape didn't move for awhile, except for a faint twitch of his wand hand, and nothing more. Silence continued to reign in the room as Snape seemed to read the writing pad again. Harry was trembling with rage.

Snape slowly stood from his chair. In a swift movement, he snatched the pad and pegged it against the wall next to the glowing red ball. He remove his wand and banished the chairs.

He then turned to Harry, his voice as frigid as a dead corpse laying in the coldest region of Antartica. "The first thing you need to know about the Dark Arts is that it can engulf a being. It can suck them in and feed off their power. If one isn't careful, it will overpower them, fill all their senses and drive them mad. The Dark Arts is not a talent, and it is not to be considered a mere form of magic. It's a vile creature that flows within most, waiting to be nurtured and fed so it can grow. It eats from the inside, not the outside.

The Dark Lord is an example of the Dark Arts at it's full extent. The more people who die at the hands of the Dark Arts, the more power he gets. The souls of the dead are pulled to him by the magic that took them. You must be careful to never, ever use this magic with evil intent." Snape's lips formed into a cruel smile, "The only way to keep it from completely destroying you is to keep a clear heart. When you use the magic to kill the Dark Lord, you wont use it with the intent to kill. You'll use it with the intent to save. When you use the magic in training with me, you shall use it with the mentality of saving the world. This, I trust, your Gryffindor psyche will have no problem with."

When Harry made a short not, Snape continued.

"We'll start with spells that aid you. The first I will teach you is a summoning spell. The creature you summon will protect you at all costs, and can only be controlled by you. It is not your choice what you summon."

Snape stepped to a cleared area, and withdrew his wand. He demonstraited shortly, summoning a small bat with beady red eyes in a small puff of smoke.

Harry had to hide a grin. How was that thing suposed to protect Snape?

The Professor glared at Harry coldy, then looked at the bat. "Good evening, Sadituria."

The bat let out a long, streaming hiss and spread its wings. With a bang and a flash of orange light, a new creature appeared in place of the bat. The woman looked humanoid, except for the huge, black wings flapping slowly to keep her hovering above the floor, the crimson red eyes and long, pearly white fangs protruding from her mouth. There was barely any clothing covering her tall, frail looking form. Her fingers were long and boney, her nails looking more like claws. She was a beautiful, yet hideous site.

The grin dissapeared from Harry's face as understanding dawned. Snape summoned a vampire bat. He had only been breifed on them in DADA.

"Fresssshh blood?" The woman hissed, eyeing Harry with a lustful look. Harry glared, unconciously taking a step back.

Snape chuckled softly. "My apologies, Sadi. I had summoned you for I am teaching this child the ways of the Dark Arts. I do hope you accept my apologies."

"I do, massster. May I go?"


The vampire bat disappeared with a faint 'poof'.

"The creature that you summon will be a dark creature. That is why this spell is listed as a dark art. I do not expect you to master this on the first wave of your wand, not the 18th. Since you are Harry Potter, you shall undoubtably call the most powerful creature your magic will allow on your fourth try.

Harry ended up with a baby snake on his first try. Snape banished it for him. His second try he managed to get a cobra. Snape glared and banished that, too.

Harry took a deep breath. He tugged at his anger, pushing it into his wand as he did the glass ball. He made sure to keep his good intent in his mind. He unleashed his magic.

As if it were just to spite Snape, Harry got the correct creature on his 3rd try. At least, it would seem so.

A basilisk is a pretty damned scary, powerful creature.

It was such a large one that it broke the floorboards when it appeared. It was intelligent enough to not bang on the ceiling. It did take up almost the entire room.

The baslisk stayed still, and stared at Harry.

It hissed. "I am Sssir Talcion of the Ssssouthern Bassslisksss. I shall follow you who refusssessss to ssspeak. I trusssst thiss man hasss good intenssionsss."

Talcion kept his eyes closed, his tounge darting out and tasing the air every few moments. It didnt take very long for Harry or Snape to realize it was how he saw. The snake did not want to harm anyone unless it was commanded so.

"Harry Potter is practicing the Dark Arts. I am his teacher." Severus cleared his throat, keeping his eyes off the baslisk. He had no idea what the snake said to Potter. "Potter is practicing the summoning charm. He will be until we are certain he can perform it correctly. I hope this does not agitate you, and will sned you on your way. Mr. Potter has lost his voice and cannot command you to do so himself."

The baslisk's tounge licked the air once more, and it hissed to Harry, "Young masssster issss very powerful to call on the great Ssssir Talcion. Feel free to practice summoning me as you wish. I do not mind."

The baslisk dissapeared.

Snape sneered at Harry. "Trust you to call one of the more feared beings in the creature world. Let no one know who your summon is. Now. Practice." Harry glared at Snape as the man conjured a seat, then sat.

Sighing, Harry began practicing summoning.

He was exhusted by the time Snape finally decided he had proved he could do it fairly well.

That just happened to take an entire hour, which was the promised length of time for his Dart Arts lessons.

Snape had left the room as quickly as he could, leaving behind a soft warning before he stroad out. He had told Potter to never, ever, speak to him the way he did then, again. The consequences would be dire. And he wont forget what transpired here. Harry would pay.

Harry sigh and sat down on a safe place on the floor. He stared at the destoyed floor wearily, for several minutes until sleep claimed him.

He was really, really tired from the excersion of todays activities.

Occulmency, dueling, concentraiting, breaking up, and summoning that huge baslisk over and over again.

Harry wouldn't be found in the distructed room until an hour later. He slept the whole time.


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