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Harry's arm yanked against the rough fabric scratching his skin. He kicked out and pulled the cover off his arms. He grabbed it and flung it to the floor. He stumbled off the bed and pushed back into the corner. His shirt was soaked and clung to his skin. He pulled his knees to his chest; the shirt shifted and dragged the salty smelling sweat across his back. He squirmed back farther and froze as heavy tingles shot up his back. It was just a pulled muscle in his back from gardening yesterday. It wasn't from-- they didn't--
Harry started as Hedwig landed next to him. Her feathers were ruffled from the strong wind that shook the power lines outside the window. He reached out his shaking arm to smooth the downy feathers. "Hi girl." He pulled at the twine holding the letter to her leg. The bow unraveled and the parchment slid to the floor. Hedwig nipped his finger and flew to her cage, dipping her beak in the water dish.
Harry Potter
The letters stood out from the parchment; Lupin's handwriting was perfect. If something were wrong it would be messy, hurriedly written. Harry stood and walked to the desk. It wasn't an emergency. So he didn't have to open it right now. He moved to the wardrobe and opened the door. Surely Lupin didn't mean for him to respond before his next scheduled correspondence. To many owls would be suspicious. He pulled out jeans and a t-shirt. And he had a lot of work to do. He pulled off his soaked shirt and dropped it on the floor. He had to finish the gardening today. He pulled the new shirt on. And he should really clean his room. He slipped into the jeans. Dust could be hiding anywhere. He grabbed a belt and pulled it on as tight as it would go. He'd have to move everything around. He sat on the bed and stared at the parchment lying on the floor. He obviously didn't have time to read silly letters. The wind picked it up and it hovered an inch above the ground as it slid closer to the bed. Harry slid off the mattress, glancing back every few seconds. No no. Simply too much to do. He ran to the door and pulled on the knob, listening for Aunt Petunia coming down the hall to unlock the door. He had to much to do. He couldn't stay here all day. His breathing sped up. He couldn't stay in here anymore. He was wasting time. He pulled harder. He had to get out.