Title: Fellow Travelers (1/??)

Author: Allaine

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Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Up to the JL episode "Hereafter". Also occurs after the first eleven chapters of the _Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride_ fanfic.

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Summary: Hawkgirl encounters three women, each like her perhaps forever cut off from their homes, and she begins to wonder if she might be happier with them. Takes place in the animated-JL "Always a Bridesmaid" ficverse.


(Author's Note #1 - This story takes place between Chapters 11 and 12 of "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride". It therefore also takes place between the JL episodes "Hereafter" and "Wild Cards".)

Chapter 1

It was dangerous for them to be together, Hawkgirl told herself. That was the only reason she watched the security camera footage.

While none of the Justice Lords had shown any sign of regaining their powers since arriving there (Wonder Woman was no longer there, of course, but reports from Hippolyta via Diana indicated there was no change), the fact remained that they knew little of the long-term effects of Luthor's ray. And who could trust Luthor to tell them truthfully, whether he knew or not!

So if there was even a hint that Green Lantern had regained his powers (no one was sure if all he needed was a recharge in the way John did after his ring ran out of juice, but they weren't about to explore the possibility), or that the _other_ Hawkgirl had her strength back, then they would have two escaped Lords on their hands. And two escaped Lords could become five so much more easily than if only one escaped.

That was the only reason, she reminded herself during a lonely monitor duty. That was her job, monitoring.

Hawkgirl sighed. How could it be that her double had the relationship she wanted? Was it because she'd crossed the line as a superhero? Had that made her more courageous in other ways as well? Or was the difference in Green Lantern? Had he been the aggressive one?

She changed the picture on the screen with a savage push of a button, interrupting the image of an embrace shared by the Lords, not the Leaguers.

Her depressed musings were interrupted by the alert that a small ship was approaching Earth. "This is the Watchtower," she said, opening a link. "Identify yourself, vessel."

There was a momentary pause, followed by the bored drawl of a woman's voice. "I trust your installation has some sort of refueling station? I'd prefer not to land on that rustic backwater you're orbiting."

Hawkgirl wished she could get a visual so she could bore her eyes into the other woman. "What brings you to Earth?" she asked professionally.

"Like I said, fuel. I have no interest in - did you say this was Earth?" Her voice suddenly held a note of curiosity.

"Yes," Hawkgirl said cautiously. With her luck, this person had remembered a grudge against the planet or one of its residents. Then there could be a fight, and she could pound the pilot's head in.

There was a low chuckle. "I'm going to be landing at your station shortly," she said. "After I refuel, I'll go. But while I'm there, I'd like to speak with Superman. Is there some way of contacting him?"

Hawkgirl rubbed her chin. Her laughter struck her as less than promising. "He doesn't just make himself available to anyone who arrives on our doorstep."

"Well, I don't want to commandeer a broadcast station like the last time, so why don't you tell him I'm here? He'll want to see me."

"But who is I? You have yet to identify yourself."

"My ship is the Lobo. Tell him it's Maxima."

The channel was severed by the other woman, this so-called "Maxima". Hawkgirl thought about it for a moment, and then opened one of the hangar bay doors. She wasn't going to waste Superman's time with a name she didn't recognize. She did recognize "Lobo", though, having met someone with that name not long ago. It had not been a pleasant encounter.

She hefted her mace as she stood up and headed toward the docking ship.

When she arrived, the ship was sitting there, unmoving. Hawkgirl waited for someone to come out, but no one did.


The obnoxious voice emanated from the ship's speakers. "Well what?" Hawkgirl asked.

"I assume you've come to refuel the ship."

Hawkgirl growled. This was too much. "If you don't come out of there right now, not only will Superman not be speaking to you, but I'm going to personally ensure your ship needs a lot more than just a refueling to take off again." She charged up her mace.

There was a sigh. "Typical temperamental Thanagarian," the woman said.

Before Hawkgirl could be surprised by her knowledge of her race, the ship's ramp lowered slowly. After a moment, a short, slim figure emerged. The woman was in a dark cape, and her hood hid her features.

"Why don't you take that hood off?" Hawkgirl warned her before she could speak again. "I'd like to make sure we've never met."

She raised her head and calmly pushed the hood back. She looked human, although some alien civilizations had learned to disguise themselves and such. And certainly Earth did not have the monopoly on human-looking races. Superman was evidence of that. She was also young and pretty, with black hair. "We have never met," she said quietly, and Hawkgirl understood that this was not the person she'd communicated with. "She'll be out in a moment," she continued. "She wanted to be dressed appropriately."

"Great," Hawkgirl muttered.

"I am Raven," the strange woman said. "And you are?"

"Shayera Hol," Hawkgirl replied. "But most know me as Hawkgirl. Have you been to Thanagar?" she asked hopefully. Raven seemed to be as modest as her traveling companion was brash.

"No. I have never encountered your race. I believe Maxima has received your kind on her home world, however."


Further discussion was postponed when another woman sauntered down the ramp. Her body language told Hawkgirl instantly that this was Maxima.

At least she hoped so. If there was another woman like her, she didn't think she could take it.

"I am Maxima of Almerac," she said. Her hair was a reddish brown, and she too wore a cape, a white one, but it appeared more ceremonial, whereas Raven's was evidently part of her attire. "And I am not accustomed to being spoken to in that way."

"I am Hawkgirl of Thanagar," Hawkgirl retorted, "and you will be spoken to in the manner in which you deserve. If you insist on being irritating, I can be much ruder." She smiled.

"Oh, Maxima, could you lighten up for five minutes?"

Hawkgirl looked up and saw yet another woman exiting the ship. "Just how many of you are there?" she asked.

"Just us three," the new arrival said. Hawkgirl was glad Flash wasn't here, or he'd be all over her. She would be sure to show him the digital images, though - just to needle him. Her skin was golden and "the whites of her eyes" was an expression that would never apply to her green eyes. More importantly, her hair cascaded down her back, and her statuesque body had certain "assets" that Flash would sorely regret ogling. "Sorry about Maxima, she works hard at offending people."

"Tact is for those who care what other people think," Maxima huffed.

"I'm Hawkgirl," she said, ignoring Maxima, deciding that Maxima was easily the worst of the three.

"Koriand'r," the alien beauty replied. "I'm from Tamaran."

"No offense, but I've never heard of your planet, or hers," Hawkgirl said.

"That's all right," Koriand'r answered. "I'm not familiar with Thanagar either. Or Earth, for that matter."

Hawkgirl looked at Raven. "Where's your home world?" she asked.

Raven looked at the floor.

"Raven doesn't talk much about her past," Koriand'r told her. "I can't even answer that question, and I've known her longer. But we don't have any ill intentions toward your planet. We're not looking for trouble."

"Speak for yourself," Maxima interjected. "I'm looking for adventure."

"And refuge," Raven said.

"And assistance . . . as you can see, our priorities are a little mixed up," Koriand'r said apologetically.

Hawkgirl nodded. "We have an automated system to handle the refueling. I guess the three of you should come with me for now."

"When will Superman be arriving?" Maxima asked imperiously.

"I haven't contacted him."

"Why not?!"

"Do you always expect people to leap when you snap your fingers?" Hawkgirl asked, annoyed.

"They did on Almerac. I was their queen, after all."

"_Was_ their queen," Raven said neutrally, emphasizing the first word.

"I'll ask him, but there's no guarantee he'll see you," Hawkgirl told her. "How do you know him?"

Maxima smiled. "We were engaged to be married once."

Hawkgirl dropped her mace and almost blew a crater in the floor.


"It's Hawkgirl, Superman," Hawkgirl said quietly. "We have a few 'visitors', and one of them demands your presence," she added sarcastically.

"Who?" Superman asked over the commlink.

"She claims to be your ex-fiancee," Hawkgirl replied dryly.

"My _what_?"

"She also says her name is Maxima."

There was a sigh on the other end. "Has she given you any hint that she wants to renew the engagement?"

Hawkgirl's eyes widened. "You mean it's true?"

"It wasn't exactly a mutual agreement," Superman told her. "So has she?"

"I really don't know." She left the monitor room for a moment and went to where the three were sitting. One of whom did not appear to be waiting patiently. "You're not hoping to rekindle things with Superman, are you?"

Maxima's eyes twinkled. "Well, if he's interested, I'm game. But I'm not looking to tie myself down any more, if that's what you mean."

Hawkgirl returned. "She doesn't appear to be interested in anything more than a one-night stand."

There appeared to be a choking noise on the other end.

"Anyway, she's here with two other aliens, both of whom appear to be much easier to take," Hawkgirl went on. "Apparently they're just passing through. Maybe you could take a few minutes with them, just so I can get rid of them?"

"It'll take a minute," Superman finally promised. "I'm at work."

"I guess I shouldn't bring up your alien affair with Lois?" Hawkgirl asked slyly.

"Maybe I should let you handle Maxima yourself," Superman threatened.

"Okay, okay, forget I said it," Hawkgirl laughed.


"It's about time," Maxima said from the chair she was lounging in. She leapt up and went over to Superman, who had just come in behind Hawkgirl. She placed her hands on her hips and looked sultrily at him. "Do I get a kiss?"

"Hello, Maxima," Superman greeted her. "You're a long way from Almerac."

"I am, aren't I?" Maxima murmured, unconcerned. "It's been too long. But you haven't changed from the first time I saw footage of you." She sighed. "I was lying in the bath, and . . ."

"Maxima," Superman said warningly.

"Still the party pooper," she said, shaking her head.

"Why do you have a ship?" he asked. "Why aren't you just using your boom tube technology?"

"It helps to have a destination," Maxima pointed out. "We don't really have one. Oh, right, I haven't introduced you yet. Superman, this is Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, and Raven of Planet X."

"There's a Planet X?" Superman asked, raising his eyebrows.

"I don't know," Raven answered. "It's just her way of saying she doesn't know where I'm from either."

"And I'm not really a princess any more," Koriand'r corrected Maxima, shooting her a look that suggested it wasn't something she wanted to come up. "Much as Maxima isn't a queen any more either."

Superman was surprised that time. "You're not? Don't tell me there was another coup."

"Another one?" Koriand'r asked, looking at Maxima.

She waved her hand. "Ancient history. And no, it wasn't a coup. I abdicated."


"Well, it was boring. I tried doing the good queen routine you described, and I suppose I was okay at it, but it was dull, and it wasn't really keeping my attention," Maxima said. "I had more fun when you were there. And then afterwards, when you left and Lobo came - "

"Wait a minute," Superman said. "Lobo was there?"

She nodded. "We had some wild times together," she said confidentially. "Still, after he killed a few people when he caused the destruction of a local tavern, I had to expel him for life. I did name my ship after him, though."

Hawkgirl rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"So," Maxima continued, "I abdicated and dedicated myself to a life of adventure, travelling the galaxies and seeking worthy opponents."

Superman looked appalled. "You just abandoned your people?"

"It's not like I left the planet in a state of civil war!" she said hotly. "Sazu - you remember Sazu, right? I named her as my successor. She's much better at it than I am, to be honest. My people held massive celebrations the day I left. Although," she acknowledged, "I'm not sure if they were thanking me for my years of service, or if they were just happy I was leaving."

"How did the two of you get involved?" Hawkgirl asked.

"We arrived in Almerac together," Koriand'r said quietly. "We sought asylum from certain people who were looking for me. Raven, actually, is the one who saved me." She smiled at Raven fondly.

"I could not leave her," Raven murmured. She appeared unwilling to expand upon that.

"I also hoped to find someone willing to lend me their planet's military might, so that I might return to Tamaran where I belonged," Koriand'r continued.

"Unfortunately, Almerac and . . . Tamaran are under treaty," Maxima interrupted in a more businesslike manner. "An act of war could not be my last decision before leaving the throne. Likewise Sazu wasn't about to break treaty her first day of rule. I offered them a place on my ship. I supposed they could find aid elsewhere, and I needed the companionship for my voyage."

"That was almost a year ago," Raven said. Her voice seemed even quieter than usual.

Koriand'r frowned. "Both our home worlds do seem to grow farther and farther away, and not just in terms of the distance," she admitted.

"So that was what you meant when you said you were looking for both assistance and refuge earlier," Hawkgirl realized.

"Yes," Koriand'r confirmed, "but refuge means something different for Raven."

The quiet young woman fidgeted in her seat as the others turned to look at her. "My father is a bad man," she finally said. "He wishes to use me for his own wicked purposes. I am just a healer. I want only to find some place secluded where he cannot get to me."

"It sounds like it would be easier if something were done about your father," Superman said.

"There is nothing you can do about him," she replied softly. "It is best to pretend he isn't out there. I can do no more."

Superman wanted to say more, but Raven seemed to shrink within herself, and he understood that it was not something she wished to debate. "All right then. Koriand'r, I doubt Earth would be able to offer you anything in the way of military aid. We have had no contacts with your planet, and even if we had, the technology - "

"It's all right, I understand," she said with a smile. "Our sensors indicated your planet is not as advanced as mine or Maxima's."

"That being said," he continued cautiously, "if you'd like to stay for a little while longer, you're free to do so, as long as you don't cause trouble."

Hawkgirl suppressed a horrified reaction at the thought of Maxima staying longer - worse yet, at the Watchtower - with the acknowledgement that it probably wasn't Superman's preference either.

"Thank you, Superman," Maxima replied, "but I don't think your planet has anything to offer us."

"Actually," Raven whispered, "I would like to stay longer."

Maxima and Koriand'r both appeared startled, but then Koriand'r smiled brightly. "Raven's right, Maxima. We've been in that ship for weeks, and this is the only inhabited planet in this system. And they have a warm sun too. The last planet we were on orbited a red sun. Harm will not follow us here, I'm sure of it."

"Well," Maxima said, looking doubtfully at Raven, "I suppose there's no rush. Can we expect accommodations here?"

Hawkgirl sighed.

"I guess we could find some space," Superman told her. "Although you'd probably spend most of your time on Earth. There's not much of interest up here."

"Very well," Maxima responded casually. "I could use the relaxation."

"Thank you," Raven added.

"There are five others who come here regularly," Superman mentioned. "I'll let them know you've arrived. Just watch out for the Flash," he said, looking meaningfully at Hawkgirl. "He's very, er, friendly to members of the opposite sex."

"I can imagine," Koriand'r said a trifle ruefully.

"I need to get back. Could you take care of them?" he asked Hawkgirl. His eyes telegraphed an apology.

Hawkgirl's smile was perhaps a little forced. "Sure thing."

"If Superman comes here, then I assume the rooms are quite comfortable," Maxima said when he had left the room.

"Three's company," Hawkgirl thought. "Four's a crowd."

To be continued . . .

(Author's Note #2: While some authors have written x-overs between the Justice League and Teen Titans animated series, for those of you familiar with the TT show, this is obviously NOT a x-over. I'm frequently appalled with what the series has done to characters like Koriand'r/Starfire, and hence I am using a modified version of the DC Comics characters, as seen in the old New Teen Titans title. I'm not using the canon version, however, because neither the JL series, nor the animated Batman or Superman series, has ever suggested that the New Teen Titans were created. Certainly the JL hasn't suggested that Wonder Girl exists.

Maxima, however, is based on the Superman: The Animated Series episode "Warrior Queen", rather than the comics version. Zazu and Lobo were also characters who appeared in that episode.

While familiarity with the three characters may help, it's not a requirement to follow the story.

Also, while this story is a companion to _Always a Bridesmaid_, it should not be considered a sequel at this time, because there are more chapters coming of AaBNaB. When I finish Fellow Travelers, which will be relatively short, I will release Chapter 12 of AaBNaB.)