Ladies and Gentlemen the time you have all been waiting for is here. The Sequel to Back to Lunar, The Devil's Knighthood. This fic will center on the off spring of the Heroes from the first fic. Now Enjoy! (BTW all the Heroes' kids are teens)

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The Devil's Knighthood Chapter One Blast from the Past

" Everyone don't forget to practice Tempest tonight that's your homework"(I wish my Homework was practicing magic) said Hiro.

" Professor can we use amulets on the test?" asked Zach. He had short purple hair and dark eyes, he wore a black and white robe.

" Yes, but not on the final." Said Hiro. The students left the classroom.

" I bet you don't need an amulet ever." Said Zach to a girl with long blue hair, she wore a green robe with a gray sash.

" No, at least when it comes to wind magic. Mia's the one who doesn't ever use amulets, period." She said to a girl with golden locks that went halfway down her back, she wore a rainbow colored robe with a gold sash.

" Ali, you flatter me." Mia said.

" Now for the toughest class ever, non-elemental attack magic." Said Zach.

" I don't think it's tough." Said Ali.

" It's tough for normal people, not girls whose power rivals Althena." Said Zach.

" You're exaggerating." Said Ali.

" No he isn't, your mom has Althena's power right?" asked Mia.

"Yes. We gotta hurry or she'll use that power on us for being late." Said Ali. They hurried to their next class. Zach was the son of Drake and Emily, his specialty was causing and negating positive and negative status effects, he could also use the powers of light and dark, he was really friendly, but also stubborn. Mia was the daughter of Lemina and Aaron, making her junior premier of the Magic Guild. She could use every element except light and dark, she was spunky like her mother but not quite as money crazed. Ali was Hiro and Lucia's daughter, she had a body that made boys drool and girls green with envy. Despite that she was a tomboy and didn't like dressing up. She had her father's skill with a sword and her mother's magic power. While they were in class a hooded stranger came to Vane.

"Welcome to Vane Stranger. What can we do for you?" asked a Vane citizen.

" Are there any strong warriors here?" the Stranger asked.

" Of course, One of the most powerful will be here soon." He said.

" Hi Tom!" said Ali.

" One of your most powerful warriors is a girl?!" asked the stranger in surprise.

" Yeah, wanna fight?" challenged Ali.

" It would be a waste of my time." He said.

" Furious winds!" yelled Ali. The stranger was forced into the city wall and made a big dent.

" Your going to pay for that!" he yelled and drew his sword and rushed Ali. She drew her sword and met his charge. They began moving so fast Tom had trouble seeing them. He then saw a column of fire stream toward something but was blow off course by a strong wind. When the two fighters reappeared, both were panting heavily.

"No one's ever (pant) fought at my level (pant) before, not bad, (pant) for a girl." Said the stranger.

"You didn't (pant) too bad yourself (pant) for a boy." Said Ali. The stranger removed his hood to reveal short white hair, and ruby red eyes.

" My name is Alex, and I'm not leaving Vane until I beat you." He said.

" Fine stay as long as you want." Said Ali. Evening came, as everyone was settling in for bed a teen boy walked into Vane.

" Silly fools. They won't know what hit them." He said he walked up to Guild mansion and threw fireballs the size of a fist. A house door opened.

" Mages, Scramble!" The boy said. A dozen mages dashed out of the house to put out the fire. Boys and girls in red robes gathered the fire into one place and lifted it into the air. Ones in sea blue robes shot water at the fire and put it out. All the commotion woke up Ali, She saw the Guild on fire and went to help. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone in black battle gear throwing fireballs at the Guild. She ran towards him and used tempest to blow away his fireballs. The attacker then threw some at her, she blocked them with a wind shield, the impact caused the fireballs to splatter ( Like a bug on a windshield) obscuring her vision. When her vision cleared, the attacker was about to impale her with its sword. She didn't have time to dodge. But instead of striking Ali, The attacker's sword hit a white barrier.

" If you die I don't get to beat you." Alex said. He locked blades with the attacker, and with a flick of the wrist he disarmed him. Ali chanted a spell and trapped the attacker in a ball of wind. Drake ran up to them.

" What happened?" he asked.

" This guy attacked the Guild Mansion." Said Ali.

" Let me out of here evil scum!" shouted the attacker.

" You'd better tell us why you attacked the Guild Mansion or you'll know what it feels like to be corrupted!" threatened Drake.

"Dark hair, dark eyes and the use of the corruption spell." The attacker mumbled then fell to his knees. "A thousand Apologies milord." He said. Drake's face showed Confusion. " Aren't you Lord Drake the leader of the Devil's Knighthood?" asked the attacker. Drake's eyes went wide.

" Drake honey, what are you doing?" asked Emily.

AAAAH! Evil sorceress!" screamed the attacker.


The evil one who bewitched Lord Drake and killed him!" the attacker shouted again. Everyone was confused.

" What's your name?" asked Drake.

"My name is Ryan, milord, I was auditioning to join your Knighthood just now." Ryan said

" Audition, there's was never an audition to join my Knighthood." Said Drake.

" Shane said there was and if I failed it I wouldn't be able to join." Said Ryan.

"So Shane's the new leader, I didn't expect that." Said Drake.

" My love, what are you talking about?" asked Emily.

" The knighthood I lead when I was controlled by Zophar. I thought it fell apart." Said Drake.

" You mean there were others like you?" asked Emily.

" Yes, remember those bandits that called me the Devil's Knight? I was actually the leader of a small army of Knights full of hate." Said Drake

"This sounds like a long a story." Said Emily.

" One that can wait till morning." Said Alex, he lay down on the street and closed his eyes.

" You sleep on the ground?" asked Ali.

" Yeah, I don't have enough money for an inn." Said Alex, eyes still closed

" Then you're staying with my family." Said Ali. At this Alex opened one eye.

" Are you worried about me?" he asked, smirking.

" No but my conscience won't let me leave you on the street." Said Ali.

"Conscience huh?" said Alex not believing her.

" No really, say hi Garnet." A flying cat with reddish pink fur flew over to Ali's shoulder. Alex's eyes went wide.

"Now come on!" she said.

" I don't need nor want your pity!" he insisted.

"Come ON!" she grabbed his hand and pulled him up. She pulled too hard, She and Alex fell against the wall very close together, their lips brushed. They both turned bright red. Ali pushed him away.

" Get away from me pervert!" she screamed.

" What? You pulled me!" He yelled back.

" FINE! Stay out here and freeze for all I care!" yelled Ali, and she stormed off.

" Really know how to charm the ladies don't you Alex?" said Garnet sarcastically.

"Shut up!" he yelled. Alex followed Ali to her home. " I think I'll accept the invite after all, a bed is much better then the ground." He said to Ali.

"Go ask my dad." Said Ali. So he did.

" Sure." Said Hiro. " You can sleep in the guestroom." Ali started to walk away.

" Where are you going?" asked Alex.

" To take a bath, don't you dare peek!"

" Don't flatter yourself! Why would I want to peek at you?"

" Because you're a sick pervert that's why!"

" Do they remind you of a couple we know?" Hiro asked Lucia.

"Yes, they were just like this." Said Lucia.

That's the end of Chapter 1. If anyone can guess who Hiro and Lucia are thinking of, or who Alex's parents are, I'll give you dancing Lunar 2 character Plushies. Plus I'll have the next chap up in a couple days. Please Review