There is an M rated scene in this chapter, nothing too graphic but too much for a T rating.

Devil's Knighthood Chapter 28 Breaking Free

" A storm's comming. We'll be caught in it if we go to the Blue Spire, if you folks aren't in any hurry, I'd like to dock and wait for it to pass." The captain of the Platuide, the ship that was taking them to the Blue Spire.

" Sure we're not in any hurry." Mia told the captain.

" You know, this reminds me of part of a book. The main character wants to go somewhere but a storm causes him to go somewhere else, where he meets his true love, but then seperated from her and spends the rest of the novel lookin for her." Ali told the others.

" You mean you think this storm is just a contrived plot device by a lazy author?" Ryan asked.

" You read rommance novels?" Zack asked. Ali narrowed her eyes at him.

" So what if I do?"

" Nothing!" Zack said quickly. " There's absolutely nothin wrong with a tomboy reading girly books!"

" Deeper and deeper." Alex muttered as Ali's eyes started glowing.

" If you want to read such nauseating literature, I have no problem with it!" Zack tried to pacify her but was instead making her even madder.

" What if she has a point?" Ryan brought up as Zack was pummeled by Ali.

" That's ridiculous! Our world is not run by clichés!"Laura claimed

" Well there was that time when Alex saved Ali from poison with true love's first kiss." Monfar pointed out

" Then there was that blanket scenario Mia and Ryan were put into by the DKH, who by the way didn't strike the guild at midnight when the mages were vunerable." Monfar continued.

" Then there's the godemode time when Ryan was easily beaten by Alex, then Ryan was able to easily beat Zane. Or maybe that's just a plot device instead of a cliché." Monfar just kept going.

" And how we always seem to have just what we need to handle a challenge, no matter what it is." Laura finally burst.

" Lunar does not work like some contrived rommance novel! We are going to stop in this town and tommorrow will continue to the Blue Spire WITHOUT ANYTHING SPECTULAR HAPPENING!"

The ship docked and the mages departed for the port town


Mira sobbed within her barrel, her wrists and ankles rubbed raw from her struggling and her mouth parched from having a cloth stuck in it. She had no way of telling time, but it felt like an eternity. If only this circlet wasn't blocking my powers When that eternity was over she was uncermoniously dropped and roughly yanked from the barrel. She felt a blade cut through the ropes holding her wrists to her ankles then all the ropes around her les were cut. But before she take advantage of this she was tossed onto a bed and her ankles were spread out and tied to opposing bed posts.

" There, she's all ready for the next customer." She heard someone say.

" Aren't we suppose to undress her first?" That comment sent more panic rushing through Mira's mind.

" No, some of our cilents like doing it themselves. Like some kind of foreplay." There were footsteps and the locking of a door and Mira was left alone. She tried struggling again but still couldn't get her hands or feet loose. With a new wave of tears Mira resigned herself to another eternity of waiting, knowing the next time the door opened, her innocence would be taken from her.


" Where's Mirar?" Shane demanded.

" I haven't seen her lately milord. The next time I do I will tell her you were looking for her." Harison replied.

" Don't play dumb with me, you were last person she was with. You had a meeting with her and no one has seen her since."

" I assure you milord, I have not seen her since then, nor do I know where she is now." Which is true, I don't know where the brothel I sold her to is


(Here's the M scene)
The lock clicked, the door opened, and footsteps headed toward the bed.

" Well, might you be a troublemaker? I hope so, fiesty girls are my favorite." a voice like a snake reached Mirr's ears. " Let's remove that blindfold so I can see your lovely eyes." The blindfold was removed and Mira glared at the man beside the bed. " Fiesty AND fresh, even better. Only new girls have that defiant look in their eyes. It's going to be a lot of fun breaking you in." With a sadistic grin he began tearing off her robe, he enjoyed watching Mira's defiance flicker as he removed more and more of the her clothes. Then he got top of her and pulled out the gag. "..." Mira just glared. " What no curses or pleas"
'You wouldn't stop no matter what I said, you'd just shove your tongue in my mouth...wait...THAT'S IT!' " You're an evil MPHH!" She fell for it!
He fell for it!
The rapist's eyes teared up in pain as Mira bit his tongue, he tried to pull back so he could slap her, but he couldn't. Mira's teeth had a solid grip on his tongue. Mira reared back and slammed her forehead into his. What the hell is this bitch doing?
Mirr slammed their foreheads again and again. The rapist kept getting madder and madder, he started pounding on her head to get her to let go. Eventually Mira's pain was rewarded with a cracking sound. After a few more slams and a few more bruises, more cracking was heard

And the circlet fell off

Mira let go of his tongue and he back off raging mad.

" You're going to pay for that Bitch!" He raised his hand to slap her but it stop in midswing. He looked from his hand to Mira and was horrified at what he saw. Mira's pupils were glowing with silver light and a wickedly triumphant smirk was formed. Eyes wide with terror he unsheathed his sword and cut the ropes binding Mira's ankles. She got off the bed and stood up, so he could cut the ropes binding her wrists and arms. " Scum like you are the reason the knighthood was formed, NOW PERISH!" Her entire eyes glowed with intense silver light. The rapist screamed a silent scream of agnoy as every nerve cell in his body exploded in pain, untill his brain burned itself out and he died. The light in Mira's eyes faded and she blinked. ' I never wanted to use my power in that way, but with scum like him I can't hold back.' Then she started the simple task of magically mending her clothes.
' There are bound to be more girls here, I'll get them all out then vaporize this eyesore of a building.'

(End M scene)

" Sir? Is anything wrong? We haven't heard any screaming." Mira put her robe back on, opened the door and vaporized the man on the other side with a mana blast. Cool as a cucumber, she made her way to the next room, where sure enough there was a girl about to be violated. Mira swung him against the wall and crushed him under her magical fury. The girl curled up on the bed, crying. Mira's rage calmed and she walked over to her. " Don't be afarid. My name is Mira, I'm here to save you." The girl hesitantly turned to look at her.
" Really"
" Yes, let's find some clothes for you and we'll leave." The girled jumped up to hug Mira tightly, still sobbing. Mira comforted as best she could, then found some clothes for the girl to wear. Systematically Mira took the bussiness apart. Room by room, rapist by rapist, girl by girl. Some were recently brought there and still had their virginity and to some extent, innocence. Others however had been there for years and were little more then emotionless shells. When the last room had been checked, Mira lead her charges outside. ' Now to finish the job.' Mira gathered a great deal of mana for the spell she was going to cast, then released the blast and destorying the brothel. A moving energy signal nagged at Mira's senses.
" Someone's comming, hide!" Mira quietly ordered her charges. They hid and Mira waited in hiding for who was comming. The signal got closer and she was able to recognize it.

" Oditaro?"

"Lady Mira!" Oditaro fell to one knee.

" Oditaro, you don't have to kneel anymore. You're not in the knighthood."

"That doesn't change the respect I have for my lady." But he did get up. " What might my lady be doing here?"

" Stop with the formalities, just call me Mira."

"But..." Mira sighed.

" I command you to call me Mira!" She said with an authoritive tone, which was spoiled by the smile on her face.

" Alright Mira, I came looking for a group of bandits that kidnapped some women from the village I live in."

" I just blew that place up, long story." " It's ok to come out ladies!"

" It's Sage!" Oditaro was then surrounded by his fellow villagers.

" Sage?"

" Long story, would you mind helping me escort them home?"

" Not at all, but then I have to get to HQ and give Harison a piece of my mind."

" I never did like that guy, he creeps me out."


" See I told you nothing would happen!" The mages boarded the ship to take them the rest of the way to the Blue Spire.

" I'm sorry, but we cannot depart today." One of the crew informed them.

" WHAT?" They all asked.

" You see, the helsman and navigator are severly hung over.They got into a drinking game, and well, they both have a lot of stamina. The captain is always telling them not to, but they don't always listen."He scrathed the back of his neck sheepishly.

" There's no hurry, we'll just wait." Mia replied courtesously.

" I can't stand waiting." Alex grumpled.

" The quickest way to the Blue Spire from here is a boat and that was the only passenger boat in the harbor." Ali tried to talk sense into her boyfriend. " We have to wait."

" Screw that! I'm flying!" Alex spread his dragon wings and was about to take off when Ali pounced on him and kissed him hard.

" Well, I suppose that works." Zack stared as Alex's wings disapeared and he focused on Ali.

" Mia?" A voice called.

" Oditaro?" The two friends hugged, and a vein popped out on Ryan's forehead.

" Relax, Ryan. I'm not trying to steal your girl."

" How did you...?" Oditaro pointed to his head.

" Telepath."

" Oh yeah."

" Oditaro, who are they?" Mira asked as she came out from behind a corner.

" These are some friends that inspired me to leave the Knighthood. Oh and Zack, before you ask, Mira is not my girlfriend." Oditaro explained. Zack's jaw dropped.

" You're the mages from Vane?" Mira asked, nods all around. " I have a favor to ask."

" I want you to stop Shane. I thought I could handle his new agression but he keeps getting worse." They all looked at her.

" Who are you and what do you really want?" Ali demanded.

" May I present Lady Mira, Second in Command of the Devil's Knighthood." Oditaro presented. This caused everyone's hands to reach for their weapons and their minds reaching for the fastest spell that could cast. Mira stomped on Oditaro's foot.

" I want to help!" She pleaded.

" We're listening." Alex stated, but no one relaxed.

" Shane used to be a kind person, I've known him all my life. But then he found this stone. It gave him great power, but it twisted his persona into something dark. He might cast the corruption spell any day now, I want you to stop him. I'll even take you to their hideout."

" And how do we know this isn't a trap?" Mia asked.

" The knighthood tried to get rid of me. I was attacked, kidnapped and sold to a brothel. The knighthood has fallen a great deal since Zane first created it."

" If we can't trust you, then we can't trust what you say." Ryan eyed her suspiciously.

" You trust me don't you?" Oditaro asked. " I trust her, so indirectly, you trust her."

" See, plot device. If that storm hadn't come out of nowhere, we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't have run into an old friend that hasn't be mentioned for 8 chapters." Monfar was whacked by Laura.

" MORON! Stop breaking the fourth wall!"

So with Mira guiding them they made their way to DKHQ. They found a surprising waiting for them.

" MIRA? YOU BEYTRAED ME?" Shane demanded. She shook her head

" I'm trying to help you, you've changed since you since you found that stone." Shane got even more enraged


" MY KNIGHTS! HEAR ME ME! GRANT ME YOUR POWER, SO THAT I MAY CORRUPT THIS WORLD!" Knights came out nook and corner of the room, completly surrounding the mages. Beams of sparkling black energy shot from the chest of each one to Shane causing his magical aura to shine brighter and grow taller. He levitated into the air so he was as high as the cieling then began chanting.

" Heed me thou that art darker then dusk, thou that art crueler then winter!..."

" STOP HIM!" Mira shouted and fired a blast of mana. Her efforts were wasted as her blast was negated by the nexus of energy beams. The mages let loose their best spells but all in naught, the magical barrier produced by the beams grew stronger by the second.

" In the name of he buried in the buried in the endless stream of time, I pledge my soul to darkness!..." Alex transformed, breaking the mansion apart doing so, and fired at Shane. But alas, the evil knight remained untouched. Through all this Zack was standing still, eyes closed, muttering under his breath.

" Zack! Why aren't you helping?" Ali shouted. As if her words awoke him, Zack eyes snapped open

" Light..." An orb of light appeared in his left hand "...And Darkness" an orb of darkness apeared in his right hand. "...COMBINE INTO CHAOS!" He clapped his hands together. Sparks flew from his hands as the opposing elements resisted each other. With an enourmous effort, he forced the fusion and merged the orbs into a single grey orb. This act left him pale, glass eyed, jelly legged and panting.

" May this world below and around me be corrupted, BY THE POWER YOU AND I POSSESS! ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION!" Shane fired his spell at the ground beneath him. A streak of bloody black hurled towards Lunar. Zack rushed under the spell and held up his grey orb.

" TOTAL CHAOS!" A shifting beam of grey chaotic mana shot towards Shane's spell. The two beams collided in an explosion of chaotic and corruptive energy.

'SHIT' Dragon Alex crouched and shielded his friends with his wings. The explosion nearly knocked him off his feet. His friends were spared the brunt of blow but the shockwave still reached them. They were knocked off their feet and smashed into Alex's hard dragon scales.

o0o0o0o0o0o0o Ali felt grogy as she woke up. Her head trobbed and her body ached. She sat up and looked around, Alex was still in dragon form and her other friends were still unconscious. She went to each of them in turn and gently shook them awake. Too groggy to realize one of their number was missing.

" Did someone see who was driving that cart?" Monfar moaned.

" Hey Alex! Wake up!" Ali shouted. It took some doing but the mages succedded in waking the dragon. He yawned and retracted his wings. When Ali saw the sourrounding landscape, she had to rub her eyes and pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

There was nothing but barren wasteland as far as the eye could see. No mansion, no forests, no lakes, nothing.

" Where's Zack?" Ryan asked everyone. " I don't see him."

Mira was digging around the area Shane was before Alex shielded her and found a black stone with a enblem on it, a few tears fell down on it.

" The cause of all this trouble! Countless people are dead now because it. Including Zack and my dear Shane!" Mira threw the stone on the ground as the tears came faster.

" WHAT DO YOU MEAN ZACK'S DEAD?" Ryan demanded

" Do you see him anywhere? Would it be like him to go off without you?" Mira asked.

" No but..."

" A spell of that magnitude, by someone who was still a student against such a spell as Absolute Corruption, I don't see how he could have survived." Mia's eyes filled up with tears as she explained.

" Zack, a minor character, is the one who saved the day. Instead of the leads-Alex and Ali. That's pretty unexpected." Monfar commented, who was pounded by Laura.


Mira had fallen to her knees crying while Oditaro attempted to comfort her. Ryan was still incredulus, Alex and Ali were looking for signs of their friend.

" Don't worry Mira, I'm... sure...Zack...and you're boyfriend is in a better place now." Mia consoled as tears of her own rained down.

" (sob) Boyfriend?"

" Shane."

" Shane is my BIG BROTHER, not my boyfriend. Whatever gave you that idea?"

" Well I... just... though."

" (hic) You read too many rommance novels!(sob)." Mira erupted in a new wave of tears.

" Don't listen to her, she's distraught." Oditaro said, then he flinched when Mira hit him.

' Could it be a magic stone?' Mia picked up the stone and then immediately dropped it as she felt a presense tried to invade her mind.

'That's like it has a will of it's own. Shane must have been influenced by it. All that hate must have made it easy.' Mia wiped tears from her eyes. ' Now, thanks to Zack, He's free.'

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