So yeah, I started this story a long time ago when I read the story Take it Away I Never Had it Anyway and thought it was a really cute angle and I couldn't watch raw with out thinking about it. So I decided to write my own Shawn and Chris story and this is what came out.

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Chris's POV:

I walked through the Joe Louis arena headed no where in particular. Another day another dollar I thought and sighed. It's not like I don't like the WWE because I do hell I am living my dream it was just.well not to sound too sappy because I Chris Jericho ok Irvine the highlight of the night do not get's my girlfriend Jessica. I miss her so much. Only getting to see her two or three days a week is getting to the two of us, we hardly ever get to really talk to each other anymore so we always ended up fighting a lot. Each time I have to say good bye to her it breaks my heart to see the look on her face as I bored the plane. But then I get in the ring and I know that right there is where I am supposed to be. The cheers and boos of the crowd give me such a rush it is an unbelievable feeling that I would never give up for the world. I know she would travel with me if it wasn't for the job she loved so much. She was a lawyer for the FBI and she loved every minute of it. It was so bad ass when I asked her what she did that day and she can't tell me because it's classified. My cell phone rings I look down and smile seeing the familiar number. I pick it up "Hey baby."

"Hey" she said sounding a little worried, which immediately put me on edge because she didn't normally visibly show worry about anything.

"What's wrong is everything ok" I asked

"What? No everything is fine." She said I could tell she was lying.

"It's just that, I don't know your ring antics really scare me some times you know." Jessica said

"Jess you know how much planning and stuff goes into those matches; they take every precaution to make sure nobody really gets hurt you know that." I said trying his best to comfort her.

"I know and you know I don't normally worry about these things but.well it's just (she instantly sounded more happy) I just don't want you to be in a wheel chair and not be able to play with our child." She said

"What? Our child? You're pregnant?" I asked dumbfoundedly because I was now completely ecstatic.

"Yep." She said.

"Oh my god I'm gonna be a daddy! I can't believe this! I'm gonna go tell everyone. This is so great." I say "I'll talk to you later ok. I love you. God this is so great isn't it?"

"Yeah it's great" she said "Bye, I love you too."

"I'll see you when I get home from Grand Rapids in a few days." I say laugh as hear the phone click and take off toward the locker room to tell the other guys.

**************************************************************************** *

Jessica paced back and fourth through the kitchen running her hands through her hair nervously. Her hands shook as she picked up her glass of water almost spilling the contence out over the counter. She couldn't believe she had just lied to him like that. Not about being pregnant that was definitely true but about being happy about it. She swore and through the glass at the wall watching it shatter and the water drip down the paint walking into the living room not bothering to clean it up. She sat on the couch pulling her feet to her chest and resting her head on them and tears came to her eyes. "Damn it. Why am I feeling like this?" She asked no one in particular. "God I should be happy why aren't I." She shook her head in disgust at her self. She knew the answer to that she just didn't want to admit it because she knew it may very well be the end of her and Chris. She had to talk to him though. "Well here goes nothing." She picked up the phone and dialed the airport. "When is the first available flight to Detroit?"

**************************************************************************** *

I slam the door open and run in to the locker room and start to jump up and down. The others look at me like I am a maniac. I suppose I look like one but I didn't care I was too happy. Finally Hunter breaks the silence and asks probably something that is probably on everyone's mind. "What the hell is wrong with you Chris?"

"Oh my god! I just found out! I'm gonna be a daddy! Jess is pregnant!" I said I looked around the room and everyone started to smile.

Jason my childhood friend other wise known as Christian gets up and comes over and gives me a hug. "Congratulations man. I'm really happy for you guys." Everyone nods in agreement.

Kevin Nash gets up and comes over and slaps me on the back. "Yeah nice work my friend." I can't help but laugh. "Seriously though kids are great I don't know what I would do without my son." I scan the room and everyone else gives me a happy smile and continues about what they were doing before I came in. Then I spot him. Is that a look of disappointment in the eyes of the great heart break kid? Nah you must be dreaming Chris. Why would he have any feelings over you, you hardly know the guy.

Ok let me back up here. You are probably wondering what the hell is going on right? Well hell if I can even explain it to you. I can't help it I am attracted to the guy, he is beautiful, I don't know how you couldn't be. You are probably saying now, wait he's got a girlfriend. Yes I do. I'm not gay.but I'm not exactly straight either. I have always believed that when you fall in love you fall for the person, no matter male or female. Yes I have experimented with guys before. It scared most girls I tried to date off. I guess the thought of loosing me to another guy was a little to weird for them. Not that I blame them completely. When I said I always wanted to be like him that wasn't bull shit. I idolized the guy. I guess that's why when he came back I started to work on being able to be on the same show he was. Then I got him to accept the match with me at Wrestlemania. I thought taking Shawn to his limits would make him at least notice me but I guess I was wrong when I hugged him I knew it. He was so uncomfortable it was like touching me was like touching something toxic. I knew then that he could never want me the way I wanted him, I guess that's why I cried. Then I met Jessica, she was different she was so understanding of everything she even thought my being with guys before her was cool. She always said that she couldn't exactly be mad at me for being somewhat attracted to guys because well she was too, which is probably why I ended up falling for her. Anyways I digress. Shawn sees that I am looking at him and smiles at me that famous Shawn Michaels smile and I feel like I am going to melt. God I am so like a little boy with a crush when I am around him. Way to go Chris. Your girlfriend is pregnant with your child and alls you can think about is oh maybe that look means he wants me. What would you do leave her for him? I have to think about that for a minute. Answering this question shouldn't be as hard as it is for me. Oh well he obviously doesn't like guys anyway so yeah I don't know what I'm worried about.

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