Chapter 25

Helga was up a ready to start the new day. Sapphire had shown her around. It felt good to be home, but was it her real home. It had been a month since Arnold and her friends had gone. Helga lapsed into deep depression once in a while. Sapphire was beginning to sense that something was wrong with her sister.

"Sister?" Sapphire asked. "Is everything with you okay?" she asked, putting on her wedding dress. "It is my wedding day, and I do not wish your unhappiness, we can postpone it."

"No, that's okay. I'm fine." She lied.

"You miss your friends don't you?"

"Yes, I also love having a home to live in, I love it here, but I would rather live with my friends," she said

"So you love him that much huh?" Sapphire asked.

"How did you know?"

"You talk in your sleep." Sapphire fell silent, as if she was thinking of something. "Ruby, I have a deal for you?"

"What's that?"

"If you stay for my wedding, I will open a door for you to return-"

"Home?" she finished, "alright." Helga said.


A knock came at Arnolds bedroom door. "Arnold, man, you need to come out of there." Gerald said

"We are all here to see you." Phoebe added, and the whole gang was sitting right outside.

"I recon, he will never come out of there." Stinky said.

"Maybe he is a vampire." Sid said.

"No don't start that again, Sid." Stinky said.

"Would you all just leave me alone?" Arnold said darkly.

"How rude." Ronda said and left the hall along with the others, all but Phoebe and Gerald.



After the beautiful wedding, that united the kingdoms. Sapphire and ruby were standing in a forest, the same forest that Helga had entered a month ago. "Here you go." Sapphire handed Ruby a stone that was red.

"What is it?" Ruby asked

"This is so we can communicate with each other, I have the other half." She pulled it out and it was blue. "Maybe our children will meet one day."

"I so hope they do. I will miss you sister," Ruby hugged Sapphire. And jumped threw the portal.


It was near midnight and Arnold was lying down in his bed, watching the clouds from visions of his dearest Helga. "Why did she have to stay?" he knew he was being selfish. "I need her here with me." He said, "it's been a whole month, and she will not come back." He said, "I can't breath, I'm alone, no one can help me, they don't know what this is."

"Arnold!" his grandmother called, "come here and meet the new boarder.

"Not now, grandma." He said. And he fell asleep in the darkness of his room.

An hour later the door to his room opened. A dark shadow stepped in and sat at the edge of his bed. The dark person watched as he breathed in and out. She reached over and traced the lines on his face. She gulped as his hand grabbed her wrist.

"My hero." She said

"Helga?" he shot up.

"Yes." She barely got the word out, when she felt his soft lips press hers. "Maybe I should stay away more often

"How did."

"I was trying to tell you." She told him all of it, how she found out that her real home was were the people she cared for lived. Arnold grabbed her again and laid her lightly on his bed. "You can sleep here if you like." He said

"Arnold, is that an invitation?" she asked

He blushed and kissed her lips and nibbled at her bottom lip, until she felt his warm tongue, explore her mouth. Helga never thought she would be with Arnold. All she could think of was that she had him to herself for that night and forever--And the rest is history.

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Das Ende (the end)