Setting * Dark Car Park, Piper is getting into her car* Suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind, she tried to scream, but he put his hand over her mouth. "You make one sound bitch and you're dead," the man said, in a sinister voice. Piper stayed silent. He pushed her against the car, "Got that?" He started to rip off Pipers shirt, she struggled and tried to get away but he was too quick, he pushed her over and she landed awkwardly on her wrist. Then he grabbed both wrists and held her down on the floor. Tears of pain rolled down her cheeks, she was terrified, she knew what he was going to do.... She shut her eyes and more tears rolled out. "That's it, don't struggle and I wont have to hurt you," he said, almost laughing, he pulled off Pipers pants and unzipped his own. Piper panicked and kicked out, she wasn't strong enough. He pushed her along the ground, deliberately scratching her back on the floor. She spat in his face, and he clawed at her chest, holding up her wrists in one hand. She could see the grip marks forming, and her right wrist was swelling up. She felt a sharp pain. He was raping her. Piper was so scared that she just froze, she couldn't scream, she couldn't move. After he had finished, she found the strength to shout, "Help!" It was no use, the car park was deserted. He kicked her hard in the stomach 5 times, then zipped up his pants, and walked away sniggering, leaving Piper in a sobbing, heap. As soon as she was sure that he'd gone. Piper tried to get up. She wobbled on her feet. A sharp pain overcame her in her stomach that made her double over. Her clothes were ruined. She couldn't go home like this, she thought. She didn't want her sisters to find out, they'd make her go to the police and to the hospital, and she'd be prodded and poked and ...... She shivered, he could still be here. She panicked. She spotted her coat on the floor next to her car. She put it on and when she did it up, she looked fine, you couldn't see her arms, back, chest or ripped trousers. She picked up her bloodied shirt and shoved it into the trunk. She got into her car. She studied her reflection in the mirror. Her face was red and tear-stained and her hair was all over the place. She pulled a hairbrush out of the glove compartment. She attempted to brush her hair. When she was finished she looked ok. If she could just avoid her sisters when she got home, she'd be ok, no-one would have to know.

The drive home seemed longer than usual. As she pulled up into the driveway, she saw that the light was on in the living room. I'll go straight up the stairs, she thought as she opened the door. She shut it quietly behind her. "Piper" Piper jumped, it was Phoebe. "Hey where have you been?" she asked. Piper ignored her and walked to the stairs. "Are you ok?" Phoebe asked "I'm fine" Piper replied, sounding stressed " I just need to go to bed" she walked up the stairs without another word. "Ok Sweetie, you go on up, I'll tell Prue you're home," Phoebe shouted up. Prue was standing in the doorway. "Pipers home" Phoebe said "I know" Prue replied, " What's up with her, is she ok?" "I don't know" Phoebe said, with a puzzled look

Once she was safely locked in the bathroom, Piper turned the shower on; she wanted to get rid of tonight, so badly. She could still smell his smoky breath; she could still feel his presence on her, as if he was watching her. She got undressed and upon catching sight of herself in the mirror, burst into tears. She got into the shower and drew a sharp breath. The water on her back stung like crazy, but it felt good to get him off of her. She stayed in the shower a full 45 minutes, washing herself 5 times over. Piper needed to get rid of every trace of him. She got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around her and looked in the bathroom cabinet for some Aspirin. Her stomach and wrist was killing her. She took two tablets and gathered up her torn clothes. She look outside to make sure no one was watching, and ran quickly to her bedroom. Once she was inside, she closed and locked the door. She got dressed again. She didn't or she couldn't go to sleep, she started to feel claustrophobic in her locked room. She unlocked the door but kept it closed. She sat cross-legged on her bed, trying to make sense of what had happened.