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********************************************************************* Prue glanced at the clock, 11:55 that meant she'd been in there with Piper three hours. Prue had seen that the bruises went below the waistband of Pipers trousers, and she was pretty sure it confirmed her fear that Piper had not only been beaten up, but that she had been raped as well. Someone had hurt her sister in a way that only an animal could, if she ever found out who it was she would kill him, with her bare hands if she had to. She didn't know what to say to Piper, she didn't know how she could make it alright. This frustrated Prue, she was so used to being able to sort everything out and now she couldn't.

Piper had pulled her knees back up to her chest. She could feel the pain now, she had been numb earlier and had been able to ignore it. It was as if now that she had told Prue, she was being punished, as if she wasn't supposed to tell anyone. The bruises on her stomach were hurting especially, she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on something else.

Prue noticed that Piper was in pain.

"You're hurting a lot aren't you" Prue asked, breaking the silence, she didn't expect Piper to answer

"Yeah it hurts a lot," Piper, said in a tiny voice that made her sound 5 years old, "Especially in here" She said, pointing to her heart

That was it; Piper couldn't hold in her tears any longer, they started streaming down her face. Prue moved the medical supplies off the bed and onto the floor. She held out her arms and Piper buried her head into Prues shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably. Prue wrapped her arms around Piper, being ever so careful of her stomach and back and held her.

She just sat there cradling her little sister, willing her own tears not to fall, telling Piper that she'd be fine, that she'd be alright. Although she wasn't sure herself.

"It's ok sweetie, you're gonna be ok" She said, rocking Piper gently back and forth.

Crying was physically hurting Piper, because of her stomach mostly, but she knew she had to let it out. So many emotions had filled her in just one day, and now they were all spilling out. She had no control over her tears, if she tried to stop crying now she couldn't.

Piper held onto Prue so tightly that her knuckles were white. She had so much hate inside her, so much pain and guilt. Why did she feel guilty, this wasn't your fault, she told herself, but she could hear a voice inside her head telling her that she was to blame for all of it, if she had fought harder, if she had tried harder to run away. When it was happening she had felt so powerless and weak, and he was so strong. But she was safe now, with Prue there, he couldn't hurt her. In Prues arms she felt safe from everything.

Piper could feel herself falling asleep, she was tired, and she needed to sleep, but she wasn't sure whether she wanted to. What if she had a nightmare and couldn't wake up, what if her found out where she lived and.. Piper had fallen asleep; she was exhausted and couldn't have stayed awake any longer.

Prue noticed that Piper was asleep, probably the best thing she thought. She gently moved Piper onto the bed, being careful not to wake her. Piper felt cold, very cold. Prue doubled the blanket over and covered her with it. She stroked Pipers hair, and sighed, she knew what had happened to Piper; she'd figured it out. Prue dreaded the morning when she would have to talk to Piper about tests, because she knew that the monster that had done this wouldn't have used a condom. They almost never do.

Prue looked down at her sleeping sister. She knew that Piper wouldn't go to the police; she'd found it hard to even tell me, Prue thought. Suddenly a thought struck her, what the hell are we gonna tell Phoebe? She's gonna know something's wrong. Piper whimpered in her sleep, and Prue hoped that she wasn't having a nightmare. She decided that she was going to sleep in Pipers room, just in case Piper woke up and needed her. She bent down and kissed her sister on her head and went to get changed for bed. Hoping to avoid Phoebe on the way.

"Prue" Phoebe called from across the landing as Prue left Pipers bedroom

"Oh no" Prue said to herself, so that Phoebe wouldn't hear

"Prue, have you been in there with Piper all night?"

"Yeah why?" Prue tried to sound as unsuspicious as she could

"Well is she ok, 'cause she looked like she was really pissed at someone yesterday"

Prue continued walking to her bedroom.

"Yeah, she's fine, she's sleeping now" Prue replied, trying to cut the conversation short

Phoebe cast her a look

"What aren't you telling me?" Phoebe asked

"What?" Prue answered

"You're hiding something, I know it" Phoebe started to get angry

"Trust me I'm not" Prue said quietly, she didn't want to disturb Piper

"Why am I always the last one to know stuff in this house?" Phoebe shouted

"You're not Phoebe"

"Yes I am, and I'm sick of it" Phoebe yelled

"Will you be quiet" hissed Prue

"No, I will not be quiet, if something's wrong I want to help too"

"Phoebe grow up" Prue had lost her temper. Both girls were now shouting.

"I live here too, remember, why do you always have secrets?!" Phoebe had worked herself up so much; she was on the verge of tears.

Piper had been woken by the shouting. She got off the bed and, grimacing in pain, she wrapped the blanket round her. She opened the door and stood in the hallway. Prue was the first to notice her.

"Piper, go back to bed honey" She said, wanting to get Piper out of the way

"No, I can't because of you two, will you please just shut up, just shut up" She said sobbing, Phoebe turned and saw Piper, " I can't handle you two right now, ok" She added, struggling to keep standing.

Piper felt faint and had to grab the doorframe to stop herself from falling. The blanket around her slipped off and Phoebe saw all of her injuries. Phoebe gasped. Piper tried to cover herself up, but gave up and sunk into a sobbing heap on the floor. Prue rushed to her.

"Oh my God" Phoebe said, staring wide-eyed at Piper, she felt sick and had to run to the bathroom.

Meanwhile Prue was trying to comfort Piper. It was not so easy this time. Piper was so distraught, she was crying more than she ever thought possible.

"He.h-hurt.me.P-Prue.so.bad" Piper said between sobs.

Phoebe could hear her from the bathroom. She couldn't bring herself to come out, she was in shock, shaking so violently that her teeth chattered, and she was cold, freezing cold, but she just sat there on the bathroom floor breathing heavily.

Piper was still sobbing. Prue had sat down beside her and Piper had curled up and rested her head on Prue's chest. Piper had never cried so much, not even when her mom had died. But no one had ever hurt her this much before, or in this way before.

Prue felt powerless, all she could do was try to comfort her sister and be there for her.

"I want mom" Piper said, in a voice barely above a whisper. She cried harder.

"What?" Prue asked

"I want mom" Piper said again

Prue sighed and continued to stroke Pipers hair.

"Oh sweetie" It was Prues turn to cry

"Why can't she be here, why?" Piper asked pleadingly, her voice high- pitched and strained

"She is here" Prue said through tears, pointing above her, "Right there"

"But why didn't she help me? I couldn't even freeze him, I couldn't get away Prue, why didn't she help?"

Prue couldn't answer, she tried to hold back more tears, but they were just rolling down her face.

The bathroom door clicked open and Phoebe came out, tears rolling down her own cheeks, she looked at Prue and Piper.

"Piper, I'm so sorry" Phoebe managed to say before a wave of tears overcame her.

She walked over to where Prue and Piper were sitting. She hugged both of her sisters. The only sound was the occasional sniffle. Eventually Phoebe and Piper fell asleep on each other. Prue didn't want to disturb them, so she went to Pipers room and got some pillows, which she gently put under their heads, and she covered them with Pipers blanket. For a minute, Prue thought that Piper was going to wake up, but Piper was just mumbling in her sleep.

As she stroked Phoebe's hair and Piper's damp, tear-stained cheek, she knew it would be up to her to keep everything together, to keep everyone strong. For her sisters' sake. Why is life so cruel? She thought, what else is gonna happen?

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