Author Notes: To get myself into the Christmas spirit I decided to write a fic based around Christmas. Probably isn't very good though ^_^;

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If it wasn't for you Chapter 1

The maroon haired boy sighed in contentment as he gazed up at the beautifully lit up tower. It was only one week until Christmas and it seemed that every department store in Odaiba was decorated in tinsel and lit up in brightly coloured lights to celebrate the festive season. Although Christmas wasn't really a national holiday Christmas was definitely Daisuke's favourite time of the year. Every year he would come and visit the Tokyo tower to marvel at it in awe. It was night time so the lights could easily be seen.

He would have loved to stay and gaze at it all night but unfortunately the place was bombarded with people, tourists and residents alike.  Daisuke smiled before turning away and trying his best to squeeze through the crowds. The smile on his face however wasn't as cheerful and bright as it usually was. Something was different this Christmas and no matter how much he tried to forget about it he was unable to shake the nagging feeling. Despite knowing that the feeling was unavoidable he tried his best to shake it. Deep down he felt a developing sadness bordering the line with self-pity, for this Christmas he would be all alone. Only a week ago had his parents sprung on him the information that they were going vacation to Kyoto.

"What and you're just going to leave me here?!" cried Daisuke in shock.

"Oh honey calm down. You know how hard your father and I have been working lately. We just once a little time to ourselves and now seems the perfect the time."

"Yeah but…"

"Jun will still be here and she'll be able to take care of you. I'm sure you kids will have a great time together."

"I guess…"

But now it seemed that Jun wasn't even going to be there. His parents had left early to go visit some relatives before their trip and the next day out of the blue Jun announced that she would be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day at her boy friend's place.

"Really Daisuke I don't see what the big deal is. All you do on Christmas is sit in front of the TV and play video games. It doesn't make a difference whether I'm there with you or not. Mum's all ready prepared the food and left it in fridge. Plus if I'm not there you get to eat it all to yourself and satisfy that huge appetite of yours."

Jun was right, that was all he really did on Christmas. But still he did find it nice to have some company. Also it wasn't like he got to see his sister much anyway since she went to college and was either always out with her friends or boyfriend.

He sighed knowing that it more than likely that she wouldn't be there when she got home either. As he finally escaped the crowds he suddenly heard someone shouting his name. Although it could have been someone shouting on another person called Daisuke, he was sure he recognised that voice.

"Daisuke wait!" The brown eyed boy blinked as he saw a hand shoot out from one of the crowds.

"Sorry sir, please excuse me. Could I get past please?"

"Wait a minutes I know that voice. Ken!" A boy with dark navy hair appeared out from the crowd.


The pale boy smiled and waved. "Konbanwa." Suddenly he felt himself being pushed backwards slightly as Daisuke leapt towards and hugged him. "Da-Daisuke?"

"Man, Ken I have seen you in ages!"

"Yes it's been along time." he agreed.

"What are you doing here?" began Daisuke until he stopped and realised how silly a question it was. "Uh sorry I guess that's a pretty stupid question." he said in embarrassment.

"I had two free periods off of school so decided to get the train to Odaiba and come see the tower lit up for Christmas. I'm really glad I ran into to you. It's great to see you."

"I'm glad I was able to see you too. I've missed you a lot."

The taller boy blushed slightly. "Same here." Suddenly he frowned. "I'm sorry that it's been so long since I last contacted you or any of the others for that matter. Lately I've found myself becoming increasingly busy."

Daisuke quickly shook his head. "Hey no need to apologise, I know that the work of a genius is never done."

"Yes but still I can't help but feel guilty." Ken replied dejectedly.

"Ano, Ken, are you busy right now?" Daisuke asked timidly. 

"What do you mean?"

"Um well I was wondering if maybe you might want to go out and get something to eat before you get the train back to Tamachi."

Ken's frown disappeared. "Sure, I have time for that."

"Really?! I uh mean great. Let's go!" cried Daisuke in his usual cheerful manner. Ken gave a small chuckle.  


"This is great!" exclaimed Daisuke as he took large bite out of his burger.

"I see you still have a large appetite. I wonder where you put it all?" "Hey your one to talk, you're probably thinner than me!"

"Yeah but I don't eat as nearly as much as you do." replied Ken taking a much smaller bite out of his own burger.

"So what have you been up to lately?" Daisuke asked curiously.

"School mostly. I've also being working in a new computer program so I haven't had much time for soccer or anything else, but if I succeed Microsoft may even consider taking a look at it."

"Wow that's amazing! Um but please don't go on to tell me about the program, I have no idea what you're saying when you go on to talk about all that computer science mumbo jumbo." replied Daisuke obviously happy for his friend but definitely not willing to hear an explanation about it.

Ken laughed. "I promise I won't. Actually to be honest I'm kind of hoping for a break from it. I've been working on it so long that its kind of grating on my nerves. I guess I should be thankful that Christmas is almost here."

"Same here, despite its shortness it is a couple of days off school nonetheless. It's been driving me crazy even if I do little to no work there."

"This Christmas I'm flying overseas with my parents to England."

"All the way to England?! Wow and my parents were complaining how expensive it was just to go on a trip to Kyoto for Christmas."

"Oh are you going to Kyoto this year?"

For some reason Daisuke felt his stomach churn. "Um… well my parents are going there but they had to leave early to visit some relatives before they go there."

"Will it just be you and your sister then?"

"Well that was the plan but now she's going to spend Christmas Eve and day at her boyfriend's."

."But then who will you be spending Christmas with?"


 Ken found himself taken aback by this. "You mean you'll be all alone?"

 "Hey it's no big deal. It's just another day after all, the only difference being that you get presents of course. Um well anyway I hope you have a great time in England. You know a lot of English so I guess it will be easy for you…"

Ken gazed sadly at his friend as he rambled on. Had Daisuke deliberately changed the subject? Although he hadn't seen Daisuke for awhile he knew how much his best friend loved special occasions. For Ken to hear Daisuke say that Christmas was just another day was the same as hearing him speak some strange sea creature language. Dasisuke

After they finished their meals Daisuke walked Ken to the train station.

"You really didn't have to walk me all the way over here." said Ken.

"Hey it's no problem, I wanted to." replied Daisuke with a smile. "Besides since I don't see you often I like to try and spend as much time with you as I can."

Although Ken knew he wouldn't have meant it, these words caused a large amount of guilt on his part. He missed spending time with his best friend. School and that stupid computer program took up too much of his damn time.

"It says your train will arrive in just under five minutes." said Daisuke reading off the board with the trains time listings.  "I guess you should get going now."

Ken nodded. "Well um it was great seeing you and I hope you uh have a good time in England."

"Thank you. You have a good-" he stopped for a moment. "Well I hope you have a good time too..."



"Yeah, bye…"

With that both boy's parted ways.

Authors Notes: I hope that wasn't too bad. Any feedback or advice upon how I could improve would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. ^_^