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Chapter three

The Days went by quickly and now it was all ready Christmas Eve. Jun had left a few hours ago for her boyfriend's apartment but before leaving had given Daisuke his Christmas present warning him that if he even thought about opening it before tomorrow that she would beat him into a bloody pulp. Worried that Jun might find out if he opened it which meant getting his ass kicked he decided to oblige with her warning.

The chocolate eyed boy gazed at the clock which read three pm. Strangely Ken had phoned him a few days ago saying that he would be coming over today to tell him something important. Daisuke knew that he'd be here soon seeing that his best friend was rarely ever late for anything. One thing that has struck him as odd however was on the night they ran into each other at the Tokyo tower Ken had told him that he would be in England by Christmas day. If this was the case then shouldn't he have left by now? Of course there was the issue of the time differences but…

Ding dong…

Oh well it didn't really matter. Daisuke would always indulge in seeing his best friend even if it was only for a few minutes.

He leapt up from the couch and opened the front door.

"Konnichiwa Daisuke." greeted Ken in his usual polite manner.

"Hey! What's up?" replied Daisuke enthusiastically.

"I came to wish you a Merry Christmas."

The maroon haired boy laughed. "Couldn't you have done that easier on the phone rather than come all the way over here? Um not that I'm not happy to see you of course!" he added quickly.

"I know but I wanted to do it in person." replied Ken with a smile causing the other boy to blush. It may have seemed small but the fact the Ken had taken the time to come all the way over here meant a lot to him.

"Arigatou…" Suddenly he noticed something. "Hey why did you bring your bag all the way up here? Wouldn't it have been easier to leave it in the car with your parents?"

"My parents are all ready in England."

Daisuke blinked, puzzled. "In England? Huh? Wait a minute, shouldn't you be with them right now?!"

"I've decided that I'm not longer going to England."

"What? But why?!"

"Instead I've decided to spend Christmas with my best friend." stated Ken playfully. "I'm going to stay here and keep you company."

Daisuke looked completely shocked. "But-but you told me of how much you were looking forward to going!"

"Personally I'd much rather be here with you. I do hope that I'm not intruding however."

Daisuke stood speechless. Ken did think of him, Ken really did want to spent time with him after all! Tears filled his eyes as a warm sensation filled his body. Without a second thought he threw his arms around the navy haired boy. "Da-Daisuke…"

"Ken… Thank you so much… you don't understand how much this means to me!" Ken's surprise quickly faded as he gazed down at the smaller boy. Smiling, he too gently wrapped his arms around Daisuke.

"I'm glad that I could make you happy…"

They stood embracing each other for what seemed like a while, both of them secretly loving it until Daisuke realised that he hadn't even invited his guest in yet. Quickly he pulled his guest in and offered him warm hospitality.


After a short while it seemed that Daisuke had returned to his normal cheerful self. Ken smiled happily as he watched him throwing a fit having lost again on the video game he was playing.

"It's impossible, absolutely impossible!" he cried in frustration.

"Actually I know I way to complete that level." pointed out the navy hair boy.

Daisuke sighed hopelessly. "Of course you would, you can master any game without even trying."

"I'm not that good…" replied Ken in embarrassment.

"Oh yeah then how about that time it took me over eleven hours to get pass one level and you got it on the first time!" yelled the tanned boy pointing his finger at him.


"Oh well at least your modest about you intelligence and talents unlike the Digimon Kaiser was."

Ken winced slightly at the mention of his former self.

"Ken I'm sorry I didn't mean-" 

"No Daisuke its fine, don't worry about it." Ken answered quickly. He didn't wish to press more on the subject.

"Yeah but-"

"Hey, if it wasn't for you I'd still be the Kaiser."

"I guess… Hey let's get something to eat! My mum left lots of food in the fridge and you must be hungry so let's eat!"

Ken chuckled and got up. "All right then."

After going into the kitchen he stared in shock as Daisuke opened the fridge door. "Was all this food just for you and Jun?!"

"Yeah I know it's not very much, my mum usually makes a lot more but didn't have enough time this year."

Ken sweatdropped. "M-more?"

With much to share from the pair decided to share some Christmas pudding, or to put it better Ken would have one or two pieces and Daisuke would eat the rest.

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly as they carried on with one and other and did the same things they did when they used to get together. Ken was overjoyed with the fact that Daisuke was smiling as he usually did, and it was only then that he realised how precious it truly was to him. Surely something as precious as that did not deserved to be neglected.

"Are you sure you don't want me to sleep on the floor?" asked Daisuke offering his bed to Ken.

"No, I'm fine thank you." The navy haired boy replied politely.

Daisuke switched off the light and scurried into bed making sure not to trip over Ken. Actually it wasn't that dark, the street lights reflected into the room seeing that he didn't like to close the blinds over completely.

"Ne, I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm sure we'll have an even better time than today!" stated Daisuke with mild excitement.

"Hai." replied Ken as he snuggled under the covers, smiling to himself. It had been a long time since he had last slept in this futon.

Instead of spending the night rambling about meaningless things to Ken until he fell asleep, Daisuke lay reflecting over his words. He was having a great time but was Ken? Although Ken had told him not to, he couldn't help but feel guilty feeling as if he had messed Ken's chance to visit a new country.

I would have felt lonely if Ken was here but… maybe he would have been happier somewhere else…

Ken was mildly surprised by his friend's unusual quietness but just assumed he had tired himself out due to all the excitement. Although tired he found himself unable to get comfortable to sleep. It wasn't the futon… No, something was lingering at the back of his mind that he couldn't quite rid himself of. He sighed inwardly. it always seemed that no matter how much fun he was having something would pop up bother him. The problem was in fact about Daisuke not that he was bother but… actually it Ken himself that caused a problem.

Being a genius definitely wasn't all it was cracked up to be, with constant studying and hundreds of other things going on in his life it wasn't often that the opportunity of fun revealed itself. Today however he had enjoyed himself greatly and tomorrow would also be good he was sure, but how long would it last? In a few days he would have to leave and return to his normal routines of studying, working on his computer program etc. All rather time consuming, but where did Daisuke fit into all of this? The reason he had came here today was because he had been worried about Daisuke, he hadn't wanted to leave him alone especially on Christmas. But once he left wouldn't Daisuke be alone again? He would have his parents and the others but something told Ken that for Daisuke this wasn't enough.

Blushing slightly he quickly shook his head. No that can't be it. The way I'm thinking makes it sound as if I'm special or something. Well I guess I am special to Daisuke but so are the other chosen. Just as Daisuke is special to me as are the other chosen children. But Daisuke I guess is even more special to me… for he believed in me, he believed me when I said I wanted to be good, he trusted me even when the others were still against me… he smiled at me that day on the bridge, he offered out his hand to me wanting me to come join him the other chosen. I declined at first, I wasn't ready, but still the fact he gave me the chance… the fact that he wanted to be friends with me... I guess Daisuke is more special to me than the others… I wonder could I be as just as special to him. 

"Ano… Ken, are-are you still awake?" Daisuke spoke up timidly.

"Yeah. Hey is something wrong?" asked Ken as he sat up sensing something was up from the sound of his voice.

"I just wanted to tell you something…"

"What is it?"

"I wanted to thank you for what you did, for coming to stay with me."

Ken smiled. "But you all ready thanked me for that."

"I know but… I guess I just wanted to again. It-it means a lot to me, so thank you."

"I came here because I wanted to come, Daisuke."

Sitting up the maroon haired boy wrapped his arms around his legs and brought them close to his body. "Yeah but because of me you gave up the chance to go on vacation with your parents."

Ken frowned slightly. "Well it's not like I'm able to see you often so I wanted this chance to finally spend some time with you."

He closed his eyes and smiled. "Thank you."

"You're saying it as if by coming here I'm doing you a favour. I came here because I like spending time with you, because you're my friend."

"Sorry, I guess I don't know any other way to say it. Well I think I might but…"

Ken gazed at his friend with curious eyes. "You don't know another way of saying what?"


"I guess I'm sorry too. I haven't been around much, and I definitely haven't been a good best friend."

"Don't say that! You are a good best friend, in fact you're the greatest best friend I could ever hope for and more!"

Ken's eyes widened.

"Besides you all ready apologised before, remember?"

His eyes softened suddenly. "I guess I did." Again he smiled. "Perhaps we're repeating the same things again because we're too afraid to say what we really want to say."

Daisuke stared back with mild confusion and uncertainty. "What do you mean?"

"You said you might know another way to say it."

Blushing slightly, he bit his lip. "Yeah, but…"

"Please tell me." The dark haired boy pleaded gently as he got up and sat on the other boy's bed.

For once Daisuke was thankful that it was dark seeing that Ken wouldn't be able to see how red his face was turning. "I…I'm just really, really happy that you're here with me. I know that I'd feel so lonely without you but it's almost if… well I know it is, it's a different loneliness, a kind of loneliness I've never felt before. I mean even the other day school when I was with Takeru and Hikari, I still felt alone. It was only when you came that it disappeared."

"When I came?"

He nodded. "But now I'm kind of worried about it. When you leave will the feeling return? I…I really don't like it…"

I made a promise. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't allow Daisuke to feel alone again. It… it breaks my heart to see him like that. That's why I came didn't I, so he would no longer feel alone? But maybe, maybe it was something else as well. I've been so busy with my studies and computer program that I haven't really had much time to sit down and sort out my feelings. I guess in away I've been ignoring them. After I stopped being the Kaiser I couldn't ignore my feelings not even for a second. Now I can but maybe I've been ignoring them to long, because even when I sat here smiling I couldn't help but fear for the future, fearing leaving Daisuke. Not only will he be alone but so will I. I do have other friends at my school and I have my parents but that's not the same as when I'm with him. Maybe I didn't come here just for Daisuke's sake but for my own also. I guess deep down I've been lonely too. But what does it mean when I'm only lonely for him? Perhaps after time I'll forget the feeling and move on ignoring my feelings once again, but it's not right to ignore them is it? Even in time they catch up to you just like today. So I can't ignore them. And I can't ignore my feelings for him.

"Ken, are you all right?"

"I don't like them either."


He moved closer to him the light now reflecting on his face and with pleading eyes asked, "Please tell me Daisuke, am I someone special to you?"

Although confused and slightly shaken he wasn't about to lie. "Yes. You are." He bit his lip. "I-I have feelings for you, feelings that I don't feel for anybody else."

"Excluding the loneliness, do you like these feelings?"

He nodded nervously. "Yes. They're kind of like the feelings I had for Hikari… only much, much stronger."

Ken almost sighed in relief. "I guess we both feel the same way then, therefore there's nothing to worry about."

Daisuke looked up in disbelief only to be greeted by his best friend's warm and kind smile. "You-you mean you feel the same way about me?"

Ken gave a small chuckle. "Is it really that hard to believe?"

His tanned skin turned red once again. "Kind of…"

"I don't understand why I wouldn't. You've done so many great things for me that I don't even know where to begin. You're all that I could ever hope for and more."

"Ken…" Tears filled his eyes, never had he heard anyone say such things about him before, things that he never thought anyone could say, especially not him the person he loved the most.

Suddenly he felt himself being grabbed. "Now it's my turn to throw my arms around you."

Almost feeling as if he were melting, he gently let his head fall against the other boy's shoulder as he too wrapped his arms around him.

"This is nice. I can see why you like hugging so much." said Ken with contentment.

Slowly Daisuke lifted his head and sat up leaving Ken looking slightly confused. "It is nice, but this is even better." he replied before softly pushing his lips on to Ken's. With lips locked he again wrapped his arms around the indigo eyed boy while gently running his fingers through his navy hair. God, his hair was so soft, so shiny, so smooth… He could have sat there with his fingers entwined within his hair and their lips locked together all night and couldn't help but moan softly as their lips parted.

Panting slightly, the silky haired boy answered, "You're right that was better."

"I never believed such a thing was possible, that you could ever care so much about someone like me."

Ken smiled and laid his head on Daisuke's chest. "Like I said before, you've done so much for me, everything I could ever hope for and more. Your to hard on yourself, besides who wouldn't want some one as kawaii as you."

Blushing he replied, "I-I'm not that cute."

Ken giggled. Although to a lot the red head could appear stubborn and over confident Daisuke was actually very modest and sometimes even insecure. "No. You really are the cutest."

"Ano… after Christmas I mean when your parents return and we go back to school will I still be able to see you still?"

"After this I can see clearer now, I can't see what matters the most. My studies, my computer projects aren't as nearly as important as you." he replied happily cuddling into his love. "I want to spend all my time with you."

Daisuke sighed in contentment. "We both know that can't be but it's a nice thought. Just now can we that it's true?"

Gently he bent down placing a soft kiss on the smaller boy's forehead. "Of course."

"I guess what they say about Christmas is true, it is a romantic season."

"Yeah, and we didn't even have to use missal toe."

"I think we might have some somewhere. I'll go have a look." Ken gently took hold of the other boy's arm. "Let's leave it until morning. I want to lie here savouring this moment to the very end." Without a second thought he snuggled back down. "It will probably be Christmas by now."

"Who knew, Christmas does hold its own miracles."

"It wasn't a miracle… in its own right it was just meant to be…"

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