"Summer? Wake up!"

Summer Roberts groaned and blinked her eyes, then flinched at the sight of the bright California sunshine. "Ohmigod," she said, realizing what had happened. "How long have I been sleeping? Am I, like, crispy?" She held out one perfectly tanned arm and began to inspect it for any signs of redness.

"Sum, you're fine." Marissa Cooper rolled her eyes as her friend began slather Kiehl's aloe lotion over her skin. "You told me you wanted to leave at 4:00 so you'd have time to make your appointment at the club." Marissa's voice caught a bit on the last few words. The last time she had been to the Newport Country Club was her infamous debutante ball.

"That's right." Summer stood up from her lounge chair and grabbed Marissa's hand. "We don't want to be late!"

"We?" Marissa looked incredulous. "Summer, you know I can't afford the spa anymore - and I don't really need to get my hair done for tonight anyway - I'm just hanging out with Ryan."

"Look, Coop, I know that Chino doesn't care about your beach hair, but don't you want to give him a little thrill tonight?" Summer put her hand on her hips. "C'mon Coop! It's New Year's Eve!"

Marissa bit down on her lip and smiled. "Alright," she agreed. "Thanks."

"Whatever, Coop." Summer blushed a little. "Let's go!"

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

By the time 11:00 had rolled around, Summer was beginning to wonder why she'd bothered. She was at a party at Candace Merky's house, a girl who was infamous for her dad's money, her mom's surgery and her own cocaine habit. She watched Holly grind with some random Ken doll on the dance floor, while Candace let two water polo player spill vodka over her Versace dress. Summer took a tiny sip of her champagne and let her thoughts drift.

Back to Seth Cohen.

It had been a few weeks since he'd told her that he just wanted to be friends with her and Anna. Anna, Summer has noticed, seemed to be doing fine. She saw Anna with him around school, laughing and reading those comic books. She'd wondered about the one she'd caught Seth with at the Chrismukah party, and winced as she recalled her own Wonder Woman outfit. She thought of the kiss at Caleb Nichols' birthday party, their breakfast in T.J., the way he'd helped her when Marissa was in trouble, the way he smiled at her when he'd kissed her on Thanksgiving, the way he knew her, how he'd broken her heart without even realizing it.

Before she could think about it, she grabbed her purse and ran out of the party. She stumbled on the sidewalk outside, and she reached down to take off her stilettos and kept running. She wasn't that far from the Cohen's house. She glanced at her tiny Gucci wristwatch. 11:22. She could make it by midnight.