Prologue: Infatuations

If someone asked me to tell them what's the worst mistake I've ever made in my life... well I could probably write a book on how many mistakes I've made in my short 16 years. But number 1 would have to be is having an affair with my so-called rival. Not Lord Voldemort! God that would be disgusting and not to mention would make me into some sort of Loelita! No I'm speaking of Draco Malfoy- Slytherin Ice Prince and Hogwarts residential bad-boy. Now you're almost certainly wondering how in the hell did I even get involved with someone who has hated me and vice-versa, right? Well the truth is I really don't know... it sounds weird, I know but it's the truth.

But do you want to know the worst part... yes there is a worst part. He has a girlfriend. Pansy Parkinson, that blonde snotty girl, who everyone knows that she solely wants him for the money. I sound jealous don't I and I guess I would be lying if I said I wasn't, but it's also the truth. But I really don't even want to think about what would happen if it got out that Malfoy was bedding the boy-who-lived.

There are just so many reasons, to name a few: His dad's a well-known deatheater, the press would have a field day for weeks just trying to get a picture of either us. And last and not least my friends would probably hate me. So I ask myself, as I sit here on top of the Astronomy tower while everyone else is inside warm and eating delicious food, why don't I just end the whole damn thing?

I've tried, 4 times in the 2 months that we've conducted our relationship (if you could even call it that.). At first it was because I thought it was wrong and I felt guilty that he was cheating on the snotty Parkinson with me, not that I care for her mind you but merely for my own conscience. Next it was because we were almost got caught, and I wasn't about to risk it anymore. But as of late it's because I'm scared.

Don't gasp like that it's possible, even for me to get frighten. But yes this, whatever it is, is scaring me. Every time we sleep together I feel like I'm about to die and I couldn't care less because I know the meaning of being complete and its Draco, the boy who I have had an abhorrence since that day in Madam Malkins shop, is the one making me whole. But like I was saying, every time I tried to get away, he would always come to me and make me his yet again. I guess I should feel some sort of trumpet that I have Malfoy coming back to me, but I always wonder how long it would be before it was me going back to him.

The saying goes 'There's a fine line between love and hate' and until recently I've never really thought the phrase true, until the first time I gave myself to Malfoy that is. It wasn't like the romance novels Ginny sometime reads. There was no declaration of love and devotion, no promises of taking care of me forever after our sex, but there was a lot of raw passion, that I never knew possible for either of us.

I sighed and feel 4 times my age. I hope someone up there is getting a kick out my life because I as sure as hell am not!

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