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Now the conclusion of Infatuations...

Given 'em Hell, Kid...

Amor est vitae essentia (Robert B. Mackay)


Too late I evaded the curse and got the full affect of it. I felt rather then saw the blood drip down my face and chest where the slashes had appeared as if I had been hit with a nonexistent knife. The blood trickled down into my eyes as I gasped for air, which became more and more difficult with each breath. Everything else seemed to stop as I sank to the floor barely hanging on to my wand. I couldn't hear a lot apart from Voldemort's laughter.

"Did you really think you could beat me Potter?" Voldemort asked as he stopped right before me. "Me, the greatest dark lord, heir to Slytherin?" He went on.

If I could've of I would have rolled my eyes. Must every so-called 'bad guy' go into a monologue about how great they are? I'm dying here and what do you do... Start a speech. While ole' Voldemort went on about how he was so great and he never doubted that he could defeat me, I gathered my strength and silently wrapped my hand around a piece of wood that had broken off the bench. I was never more grateful for all the private lessons with Snape, then at that moment. As Voldemort talked I whispered the transfiguration spell that turned the wood into metal.

"And now I'm going to watch, as you slowly die Potter in front of everyone, your friends and Malfoy. What do you think of that?" He asked scornfully, that evil smirk still playing on his lips.

"I think if you're going to kill someone, kill them! Don't just stand there." I said thrusting the sword straight through his heart. Voldemort made a shrieking noise but I wasted no time in grabbing my wand. "Avada Kedavra!"

The green light shot out of my wand and hit Voldemort square in the chest but it didn't work in the traditional way. A blinding light forced me to cover my eyes, once it was gone I turned back to see what was happening and I was shocked to see that Voldemort had aged in seconds. It was like his life was slowly leaving him, his face becoming sunken by the seconds. Little by little his body became dust and what seemed like forever but really was only a few minutes the body of Lord Voldemort was no more then just a pile of robes and dust.

It was over...

Just like that...

I stared at the dust before me and I felt numb. It wasn't till a drop of blood fell into my eyes that I realized I was still hurt, badly. And gradually I became aware of other things around me. Deatheaters were running out of the great hall as fast as they could, our side was cheering loudly, some screaming my name as they still fought to catch the deatheaters. I still felt numb to everything. Suddenly Draco was in front of me, holding a wand in his hands.

"Stupefy!" He yelled and the red light went over my head and I heard the dull thud of a body landing right behind me. I turned to stare at the deatheater who was most probably after me then turned back to Draco.

"Hi." I said softly.

He stared back. "Hey." Draco said roughly.

Then I passed out.

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I slowly regained consciousness, opening my eyes, closing them cause the light hurt them and slowly reopening them again. The first thing I became aware of was the white of the ceiling and immediately knew I was in the hospital wing. Moving resulted in me groaning which in turn resulted in Madam Pomfrey becoming aware of my waking.

"You're awake." She said pouring something into a goblet.

"I guess." Honestly Pomfrey would know better with the way I was feeling.

"Don't talk, you need to regain your strength after everything that's happened. You lost a lot of blood Potter."

Carefully I sat up and looked around the room. "Where's Draco?" I asked.

If the nurse was surprise by my question she did a very good job of hiding it, as she kept mixing whatever vile potion I knew she was going to force me to drink. "Malfoy is resting unlike you. Now here, take this." She passed the goblet unto me.

"Where is he?" I asked peering into the goblet. It smelt of grass and I bet it would taste worst.

"Drink." She ordered.

"Tell me where he is first." I demanded and the nurse rolled her eyes as she pointed to the bed next to me.

I turned and sure enough there was Draco, sleeping. He's face looked much better then from before, the bruising looked like it would be gone in a few days and he wasn't so pale anymore. I wish he were awake though so that we could've talked but I knew I would get no chance in doing that with Madam Pomfrey breathing down my neck.

"Now drink and get rest." She ordered once again.

"Wait, how's everyone else doing?" I asked apprehensively. afraid of what she might tell me.

Promfrey's eyes softened as she stared back at me. She actually gave me a small smile as she answered me. "There were a few casualties, I won't lie to you but for the most part everyone in the school is okay thanks to you Harry."

I blushed and tipped the goblet over trying to ignore the awkward feeling that was building up. As soon as I drank the potion, which was disgusting, I felt drowsy and fell back to sleep.

It almost felt as I had just closed my eyes before I was re-opening them staring up at the ceiling. The only difference was that I felt a lot better then I did before. Madam Pomfrey wasn't in the room, probably in her office but I was grateful for the alone time. Carefully I removed the covers and swung my legs over the bed and crossed the few feet that separated me from Draco settling down on the chair near his bed.

Draco's face was healing, there still various bruises all in different stages of healing. But the main thing was that he was healing. The dry blood was gone but he was still paler then usual. I tucked a stray hair behind his ear, careful not to hurt him and I knew I wasn't going to move from the chair until the slytherin awoke.

I was falling asleep thirty minutes later when the nurse came in to check on us. Needless to say she was very unhappy to see me out of bed.

"Potter you were badly wounded, which means you were hurt!"

"I know what it means." I couldn't bite my tongue soon enough and she glared at me, I smiled.

"I'm not so sure Potter, you could've easily gone into shock with the amount of blood you lost. Until I deem you healthy I do not want to see you out of bed."

"Then I'll be stuck there till I graduate." I need to learn how to bite my tongue, for a second time I tried to charm the nurse with my smile.

"Get into bed Potter, or I will personally force feed you a sleeping potion that will have you knocked out till you graduate." Pomfrey said still with eyes looking fiercely at me.

So much for my charming smile. I got back into bed but made a point to sit up with the covers almost kicked to the ground. She sighed and settled for that as she moved towards Draco, waving her wand around and muttering nonsense spells under her breath.

Once she straightened up I questioned her at once. "Is he okay?"

"Malfoy's fine Harry you should have more faith in me." She said.

Blushing I looked down. "I didn't mean to offend you."

"Harry it was joke, you should lighten up more." Pomfrey grinned as she walked back to her office. "Oh and remember to stay in bed or else I will keep you here and that is no joke."

Madam Pomfrey and joke don't seem to go in the same sentence but whatever. I got comfortable on the bed and waited yet again for Draco to wake up.

I must have drifted off to sleep because when I opened my eyes the candles were lit brightly in the otherwise dark room and gray eyes stared back into mine. Draco was awake I realized with a start and nearly jumped off the bed as I sat up.

"You're awake." I said and felt dumb for stating the obvious. But the blond didn't say anything just nodded. "Have you been awake for a long time, I was waiting for you to wake." I added.

"It's been an hour, I guess." He said roughly but his voice was soft.

I nodded and stared awkwardly at the floor not knowing what else to say. But when I heard him moving I looked up and at once was at his side helping him to sit up. Draco turned a glare on me and I knew it was because he didn't want to be assisted.

"I'm not disabled, you know." He said still frowning.

"I know Draco but just suck it up for a couple of days, because trust me with the way you look Pomfrey isn't going to let you out soon."

Draco didn't say anything as he settled back against his pillow. Another silence followed and I wondered why was it so weird between us, I mean I've been longing to see him for months and here he was in front of me, and Voldemort was dead, I thought casually.

Than it hit me...

Voldemort was dead... And I wasn't... Oh my god! I thought smiling suddenly feeling the huge weight that had settled there since my fifth year finally was lifted off my shoulders. Voldemort was gone for good!

"Why are you smiling?" Draco's voice broke through my thoughts.

"Because Voldemort's dead!" I said loudly, happily still smiling brightly.

"How's it feel?" He asked smiling a bit.

"It feels like I should scream or jump up and down or do something!" I replied bouncing on my bare feet. "No more Voldemort... No more Voldie, oldie Voldie is dead!" I sang not caring that I couldn't carry a tune to save my life because the dark lord was finally dead!

Draco was smiling at me, cringing slightly when I started to sing but once I stopped he became somber again. Quietly he asked, "Are you going to ask me where I've been all this time?"

'Yes I want to know!' My mind screamed but instead I said, "Do you want to tell me?"

He looked up at me and then back at the white hospital sheet. I didn't think he would answer when suddenly he started. "I was in Italy for a few weeks and then my father found me. I guess I kind of knew that they would finally catch up to me... It was stupid of me to run." He trailed off quietly.

I wanted to protest but knew Draco would brush it off so instead I let him continue, he needed to get this out now. "He took me to Voldemort, just handed me over." Draco closed his eyes and shook his head, again I had to stop myself from placing a hand on his shoulder. "I knew he would Harry but I'm his son, didn't that mean anything at all to him?" He looked up at me for an answer and I sadly shook my head not having one.

"I really was nothing but an heir to him, and not even that. Probably would have killed me easily if his fucking lord had told him to do it." Angrily he swiped at his tears. "Of course Voldemort found out about our relationship but I did try-"

"It's not your fault Draco." I cut in placing my hand over his, he didn't pull away.

"I should have tried harder."

"Don't be ridiculous, everyone knows how powerful the dark lord is, was. You can't blame yourself for something that was totally out of your control."

"Harry do you love me?" Draco changed the line of conversation so unexpectedly that I was thrown by the question.


"The truth." His gray eyes bore in to mine, searching for an answer.

I couldn't lie, there wasn't any reason any more to lie other then the fear of rejection but after everything I had been through I think I could survive it. Or hoped too.


"I do, I mean I love you."

Draco didn't say anything and I waited for him to say something, anything. I'd just told him what I had been hiding since after the holidays and now he isn't going to say anything! He wouldn't even look at me and I began to shift uncomfortably.

"Do you think I'm cowardly for running away?" He asked so quietly that I had to strain to hear him.

I shook my head. "No, I really don't. Now Draco tell me, do you love me?"

The blond finally looked up at me. "What do you think?" He asked with a hint of a smirk playing on his lips.

"Answer me Draco, I want to hear you say it."

He rolled his eyes but nonetheless said... "I love you Harry."

We kissed slowly, happily. Once we parted he said, "Do you think our relationship will be less drama now?"

I laughed. "Well I don't know, you are dating Harry Potter."

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