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Never Been Pregnant

Total Vartan Lover

Chapter 3 Part III

"There's something delicious brewing in the kitchen…

and it's not Sam's cookin!"

6:00 p.m.

Sam Coulson pulled his dark green convertible into the driveway of his and Josie's split-level suburban. He looked at the parking lot as he brought his vehicle to a stop and sighed with relief.

The parking spot next to his was empty.

Now usually this would upset the devoted husband a bit as he really enjoyed Josie's company. To Sam, there was two things he really came to appreciate of married life, waking up next to Josie and seeing her makeup free glowing face and the other being, coming home, opening the door and immediately hearing Josie cooking in the kitchen. It made waking up to teach students who didn't care about anything other than getting a degree and working hard each day anyway something he worth doing.

Loneliness and wondering if he was going to stay that way forever was the one thing he'd hated about returning to his bachelor every night since he'd left the comfort of his parents house. Hence the reason why he'd decided to spend as many nights with Josie in what turned out to be her brother's house before they'd legally wed.

But today, he was okay. In fact, he was really glad that she hadn't shown up yet. He vaguely remembered her sandwiching in that she needed him to leave beef out for her and coming home now would usually be considered late. And since she hadn't picked up the phone when he'd called her earlier, he'd predicted that he'd come home and be mildly scolded by his wife who liked things in acceptable order.

He found himself smiling as he opened the trunk and pulled out the three paper bags filled with french bread, his favorite dessert wine, some chocolate, assorted other groceries after somehow balancing the strap to his briefcase on his shoulder.

Today, Josie would learn just how amazing of a husband he could be. Not that he didn't try everyday, but today was a special day and he really wanted to do something for her, he really wanted to show that he could help her.

Yes, tonight's dinner was not only to celebrate her assignment and job but a celebration of their days together just being blissfully happy and proof of his commitment to enjoy together their new project becoming new parents.

And if he were lucky, he would not get yelled at for not leaving the meat out. He just had to make sure he didn't burn the main entrée into an inedible black crisp.

Sam carefully waked up the cobblestone walk way to the doorway then with his partially free hand, he fished the ring of keys out of his pocket. Somehow he managed to open the door without his tomatoes or block of Parmesan cheese tumbling onto the ground.

He quickly dropped the lot on the bar-sized counter in the kitchen then ran upstairs to put away his manuscript, stash away his briefcase. Then to erase any hint of his professional-image at work, he pulled himself out of his perfectly starched clothes and changed into a looser pair of dark slacks and a light colored v-neck sweater.

Of course he really wanted to look a bit more presentable but he wanted to be comfortable and this was just going to have to do. Maybe he'd put in a bit more gel into his lightly mussed up hair if he had time but he wasn't going to bother with it right now.

Especially since he had to cook and unfortunately, out of all the books he'd studied throughout his life, none of them had been titled "cooking for dummies." But he'd shown interest in his mother's cooking whenever she made French cuisine and he was confident he'd win Josie over with his attempt at being romantic if he couldn't please her palate.

He gave himself a quick shave in the master bathroom, leaving only a graze of six-o'clock shadow then lightly patted on his after-shave before he looked at his watch, thinking it was a good idea to do it now. It would be one less thing to worry about.

Only now it was…No! It couldn't be 6:25! Damn! Had he really spend twenty-five minutes talking to himself through his thoughts? Josie was supposed to be home a little before seven as she didn't give any indication that it would be otherwise.

Or was it six-thirty?

Either way, at this rate, dinner was going to end up being stick veggies and sliced sandwich meat, or maybe he could warm up a t. dinner and discard the box so she'll never know.

"Nope," he groaned. "Highly doubtful." He'd always been able to tell whether the food sitting on his plate was an already prepare meal or homemade with his tongue. Josie, being more classy since she'd done that month of tasting and reporting on up-and coming restaurants who wanted exposure would probably find it insulting if he tried to trick her. And carrot sticks and ranch would be a healthy choice, but definitely not romantic.

Wait! There he went again, wasting time he didn't have!

That was it! He was not going to make any more stops or let anything interrupt him from heading down the stairs. No more talking to himself or getting an anxiety attack, worrying about how Josie would react to his bad attempt at making gourmet cuisine. He was just going to do it. End of story.

Besides, they had a t.v in the kitchen after he'd begged her all summer long so he could always watch coverage of his favorite hockey team there.

Now all he had left to do here was grab the picnic floor mate, their wicker-basket and some scented candles…now where were they?

B…Bring! B bring!

Sam stopped and stared at the phone on his bedside table with an expression which was a mixture of annoyance and disbelief. This could not be happening. Didn't Dr. Larkin know that he was too busy to be betting on who's team was going to kick ass and who'd be buying the loser lunch tomorrow?

"All right, one minute…no, thirty seconds…thirty seconds is not going to kill me," Sam told himself as he transferred all his things into one arm so he could reach for the cordless with the other.

"Hey man," Sam greeting, assuming it was Dan on the line though any sane person would think it'd be smart to say, "hello." "I know you want to convince me that the Rangers are going to win again tonight but I seriously don't have the time. Josie's going to be home soon and I'm really kind of busy trying to…"

"Hello, Sam? Honey, I'm glad you picked up."

Sam felt the color drain from his face. Crap! Josie! He'd been blabbing away to his wife about the hockey situation and hadn't she interrupted at the time she did, he would have told her what he was really doing while letting his wife thinking that he was home, writing his stories, ironing his clothes, correcting his papers o watching the hockey game.

"Oh HI JOSIE!" he said a bit too cheerily that he sounded more squeaky than chipper, but that was because he was trying to smooth things over and he wasn't good at that. And whatever Sam Coulson wasn't good at, he panicked when he executed it. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine Sam," she replied in her cute voice. "Even better now that I'm talking to you. You sound surprised to hear from me. I'm sorry. Are the Kings playing tonight? I can never remember!"

"NO!" Sam replied immediately then corrected himself. "Okay, well yeah, the Kings are playing but you're not interrupting anything. And if you were, you have the eternal right to barge into my conversation at a moment's notice, wifey," he added in a warm tone, trying to out of the awkwardness by buttering her up.

"That's sweet Sam. It's just you sounded so shocked."

"Really?" he inquired surprised. "Nah, not really. Just a bit surprised."

"Sam," she said after a beat of silence in a slightly scolding tone. 'You didn't by chance, break something?"

"No!" he cut in once again, of course in that higher tone, making him seem that more suspicious. He could imagine her raising an eyebrow at his outburst.

Another pregnant pause. It was so long that Sam had convinced himself Josie was having a dawn of realization, in other worse, off the hook. He was just about to say, "so…" and wrap up the phone call when she tugged him like little kid right before he went out t play as if to say, "now just a minute young man…'

"Did you forget to leave the meat out honey? Because you know that means either you or I have to buy take out and I really don't feel up to fast food," Josie whined, sounding the tiniest bit frustrated. "Plus, since we went out last night, tonight was supposed to be my night to treat you." This time she sounded a bit forlorn and Sam knew very well what Josie was trying to do…guilt-trip him.

And well, if his wife knew what he was actually doing, then she wouldn't be pulling that stuff.

Hmm, the playful side of Sam told him this was the time to have a little fun.

"Now just a minute there, Josie Geller Coulson," Sam cut in. "Are you trying to say that I wouldn't remember what my adorable wife asked of me just this morning? You're the most important thing to me, I live to do what you ask me to do."

"Ha! Take that Josie!" he snickered to himself as he gathered all the things he'd previously collected into a basket, ready to take it down the stairs.

"Well, that's really sweet of you to say, Mr. Coulson but you get so caught up in your work. You have to admit that you've forgotten in the past an we ended up eating instant food, remember?" she shot back in a tone that was strong yet still slightly unsure.

"Oh, so you're checking up on me now, are you?" he accused, making his voice go slightly lower. "Nice, you just admitted that you don't trust me. Josie, I'm seriously hurt."

Sam thought he was doing very well, making her re-think her innocent thoughts, only didn't realize how well until he heard her stutter on the other end.

"S…sorry Sam, I…I really didn't mean to come across that way," Josie apologized in a way that hurt her handsome supposed to be joking around husband. "A…Are we fight…ing?" she asked then, lowering her tone, obviously not wanting anyone to get the slightest implication she was fighting with the can't do wrong husband she continually gushed to everyone about. "Because I…I don't want to fight with you."

Sam couldn't bring himself to falsely answer that honest question. "No, Josie, we're definitely not fighting. We're both definitely attempting to push a few minor buttons but it's nothing serious," he promised, wishing he could just reach through the phone and wrap her up in a bear hug. "I don't like fighting with you either, Josie."

There was a warm pause and Sam imagined her breaking into a smile, shivering just slightly because her voice had the capability to cause goosebumps to form on her porcelain-like skin.

"Well, now that I know we're okay, I guess I'll get to the reason why I called you," she said in a rushed voice. "I know I told you I'll be home at six-thirty but um…I'm having coffee with a co-worker right now."

"Oh, you mean Anita?" he chuckled, not at all alarmed. In fact he was happy and hoped her best friend managed to keep her there for a while.

"N…No, not Anita."

Not Anita? Sam felt a twinge of jealousy crawl up into his heart. ""Well, who then?"

"OH! No one that would bother you. Just uh, he was having a confidence problem and I was spending today helping him out of it. And who else better than me to know the importance of self-confidence?"

Sam knew that he ought to be a little upset about her revelation, who wouldn't when their wife admitted to spending time with a man that wasn't him? But he couldn't help but feel admiration towards her willingness to help when she'd never gotten it when she'd needed it herself. "Yeah, that's definitely your style. So who is this man who needed an ego-booster?"

"Um…don't laugh okay, he's standing right over there."

"I'll try to contain myself," he replied wryly.

"Okay, it's…it's Merck."

Sam knew he'd said he'd try but…Merck?


"Sorry but Merck has more confidence than a normal human should," he guffawed then put a hand over his mouth. "I might to as far as saying he's a bit snobbish."

"Sam!" Josie huffed. "I didn't believe it and I wouldn't have unless I spend today talking to him. He's turned out to be a pretty sensitive guy."

"Well, I'm not going to argue with you."

"Great. I'm going to be here a little while," she put in, a bit taken aback. "We're still discussing how we're going to go about planning out accomplishing this daunting project in my delicate state but no later than 7:45, okay?"

"Okay, but please Josie, feel free to take all the time you want, it won't bother me," Sam assured her.

"Sam…are you sure you didn't do something and you're trying to keep me from coming home and finding out?" she demanded in a deeper tone and Sam was sure her eyes were narrowed.

"Oh yeah, you have no idea" he drawled, trying to appear sarcastic. "No seriously, go ahead and take it slow coming home. I love you, Josie."

"I love you too, Sam," Josie replied, made an adorable kissing noise and then finally hung up the phone.

Sam pushed the off-button on the cordless then tossed it on the bed. The green numbers on the watch were reading 6:35.

Sam sped out of the room with his basket, sliding down the hallway in his socked feet, telling himself if he was Gordie Howe he could make it downstairs in record time and it would actually make a difference.


7:15 p.m.

By this time Anita had shown up with their blushing boss and was just convincing Josie to stay longer. Usually this was the time she would politely decline saying she needed to get home and make dinner but since Sam was so insistent on keeping her out of the house she agreed to down at least another cup of decaf.

Sam was meanwhile in the midst of making his surprise dinner and he was learning that he wasn't an avid a chef as he thought he'd become since becoming Josie's sous chef.

The only thing he'd accomplished so far was setting up the living room so they could have dinner in something he felt had a romantic aura. Due to his training off-duty to be next American hockey star, his arms had the build so he could move all their heavy wood furniture and leather couch fairly effortlessly. And his "hard work," had resulted in a room that looked more like an outdoor picnic area in the Paris on a quiet evening than a quite modern looking traditional living room.

For what he could move he'd draped over it a cloth and pillows that closely resembled grass or plantation like their fifty-inch high def t.v and china cabinets filled with what other than their china.

In the middle area he'd cleared out laid a cherry red and white checkered picnic blanket on top of fuzzy dark Easter grass. And then in every imaginable spot there were porcelain figurines he'd purchased at a dollar store on his way home. They included a L'arc de Triomphe, selected stores off the Champs Elysees, a school figure that looked more like a castle than a l'ecole, the famous cathedral Notre Dame and his favorite landmark, the pride of the French people, Tower d'Eiffel, or the Eiffel Tower. From selected areas shined a candle placed within a lantern giving the whole area a soft warm moonlighted effect.

He wished he say the same about his progress in the kitchen. Unfortunately he'd spent 75 of his time in there planning what he was going to make for his wife. Test correcting had taken a lot longer than he'd expected so the length of time left made the choice for him. He'd made something that he could make quickly, a cocke monsieur (a grilled ham and shredded cheese sandwich) and a cocke madame (the same with egg). The two sandwiches currently were sitting on charming red dishes decorated with a strand of parsley.

He was currently standing by the stove stirring a concoction of mixed cheeses carefully watching it to make sure it didn't burn. After all, if it did, it wouldn't be fondue now would it?

He took a look at his wrist. Good, seemed he was making good time. Maybe he'd even have time to make some chocolate mousse.

He looked at his cheese for another second to make sure it was okay then walked over to the cutting board and cut some of the french bread into cubes and then tossed them into a basket he'd lined with napkins.

Finally he took a breather and wiped his hands on the front of his dainty white apron he had tied around his waist before he put a palm to his sweaty forehead. Damn, this cooking thing was really wiping him out and all he'd done the other part of the day was lecture, lecture and…lecture.

So why did he feel like he was finally finished running a marathon? He obviously had to getting shape after all, now that Josie was expecting, he didn't want her to slave over a hot kitchen no matter how amazing she was a cooking or multi-tasking.

Or maybe it was just that he still got goosebumps thinking about his wife. Yeah, right now he did feel like he was in one of those hours he used to spend getting ready for a date, no matter how casual it was.

He sifted through the cheese once more then looked around as though he thought someone could be looking then dipped a spoon into the pot and did a taste test.

"Mmm," he declared, smacking his lips. The taste was tantalizing that he almost reached over for a cube of bread but stopped himself. The consistency was also perfect, in fact it had turned out just as it would had his mother made it and he knew if he started eating now, he would end up scarfing it all up.

He decided to let it simmer just a tad more and while the stove took care of that, he took care of collecting utensils, wrapping them in their individual napkins before he placed them on the tray he was getting ready, already set with the two plates of sandwiches and two of his favorite wine glasses.

Now all he had left to do was put the fondue together. He had not had the time to create a succulent dessert but he'd selected an alcohol-free dessert wine and if she wanted chocolate he'd picked up a bag of his absolutely favorite Dark chocolate by Dove.

After doing a quick overview of Josie's collection of bright dishware in their cabinetry, he reached for a complimentary cream bowl. He then grabbed a wooden laddle and slowly spooned the frothy liquid into the bowl, not waning to stain her glass top kitchen stove.

"I'm HOME!"

Sam hoped he's imagined hearing that. He wasn't ready yet! Any minute she was going to come in, Damn! He needed to hurry and pour this stuff in and then somehow sneak out to the living room before she knew what was…

"Ugh!" Sam cursed and then bit his lip to keep from shouting out in pain. He'd been preoccupied with his thoughts that he'd forgotten he'd still been pouring. His finger did though, now that the steaming broth had dripped and burned his index finger.

"Sam? Honey, are you in? I'm sorry I was late, I'll get dinner ready in a second. Do you want me to pop you some popcorn while you wait?" Josie's voice echoed, getting louder as she came closer. Apparently she was assuming he did what he usually did, sit in front of the t.v with the hockey game turned down so he could read his student's papers.

"Well when she appears in the doorway, she'll know," Sam thought, feeling just a bit lightheaded as the throbbing worsened. Damn! Why hadn't he turned down the burner?

"Sam?" Sam heard Josie call very near him which was followed by a gasp. "Sam? Sweetie, what happened, are you okay?"

Before Sam could protest and be all, "yeah sure," and remain cool, Josie rushed up to him, dropping her bags of groceries on the floor. Oranges and bananas didn't hesitate to run and rolled away in all directions.

Worse yet, she pulled on the hand he was hiding behind his back, squeezing his throbbing finger

"God Damn, Josie!" Sam cursed, his eyes becoming clear and alert from the pain. "Yank my injured hand why don't you! I don't remember being so harsh when you had that tummy ache last night." He was actually smiling but Josie would never had figured that out from listening to his voice.

"Sam, I'm sorry! You should have said something!" she scolded him as though she'd not suddenly come upon him without giving any notice. "If you'd told me it hurt, I wouldn't have been so abrupt."

Sam just smiled, one because he was too tired to argue and second because he didn't really blame Josie for reacting the way she'd done. She always got excited when something was wrong. Had she reacted any other way, it would not have been normal.

"What did you do, Sam?"

"I uh…I burned it on that pot I was using," Sam answered, indicating the copper pot with his uninjured thumb. "I guess you're right, Jose. I guess I am not as mature as I thought I'd be at 28," he added with a chuckle to lessen his wife's worry load.

"I could have sworn I turned the heat down. I should write the national hockey league. They addiction they've caused me is proving to be a safety hazard."

"Stop joking around," she cut in a she placed her coat on a chair, leaving her with a conservative enough tank top. She then reached for his hand again at which Sam happily obliged. She carefully bent it to check it's motor function then very gently she felt the tender part of his index finger.

Sam winced, as babyish as it probably looked.

"It looks bad, honey, did you soak it in water?"

"Nah, I didn't have the chance. It just happened, right as you walked in," he shrugged, trying to make it seem like it didn't bother him at all though he really wished she'd stop touching it.

"Okay, well why don't I soak it for you and then I'll put some first-aid cream on it before I take care of the dinner, okay?"

Sam smiled, touched by how much concern she was exerting over a burn that had just slightly blistered his poor finger. "Ok, thanks Jose."

Josie gave him a "you're welcome. Sorry if it stings a little," smile as she moved the cutting board from the double sink then rolled back his sleeve and gently massaged his finger under the lukewarm water.

She heard Sam bite back a sharp gasp.

"That apron looks really good on you with all it's laces and ruffles," she complimented to get his mind off the pain. "Really, you probably wear it better than me you handsome man, you!"

She finally elicited a chuckle out of Sam.

"So, you were keeping me away to keep me from finding out you were tinkering in my sanctuary?" she said then, gesturing to the used pots and pans that were scattered around.

"Maybe," was the only thing Sam replied and in quite a mysterious tone and Josie couldn't help but think Sam was hiding something. But then maybe he was just trying to be nice and hide the truth: he'd tried to cook dinner because he was hungry and couldn't wait for her to come home. Sam had never really been good at saying no as she couldn't so they always ended up compromising, as seemed to be the case this time.

She could feel tears well up in her eyes so she kept her head turned away as she switched the water of and patted his finger dry. She then reached for the first aid cream in one of the cabinets above the sink.

"Why don't' we do the rest in the living room?" she suggested.

Sam was completely okay with the idea but something was not right and he didn't answer because he was preoccupied with finding out what's wrong.

"Sure but wait, Josie…what's wrong?"

"What do you mean?" she chuckled as she led Sam to the…dimly lit living room?

Sam pulled on her arm so that it flipped her around and she was forced to face him. He saw just as he predicted her deep blue peepers were watering and the tears had stained her cheeks. "Why are you crying, baby? Because if Merck…"

Josie was suddenly pulled against Sam's chest and felt a warmth only her husband's embrace would provide her with and a vulnerability she could only reach at the sound of her husband's heart in her ear.

"It wasn't Merck, Sam," she murmured as she pulled herself back and clasped her husband's injured hand in hers and kissed it while he watched. "It's just that thinking it's my fault, my selfishness and my trying to take advantage of your kindness that you ended up hurting yourself."

Sam knew this was the worst time to laugh but what she was saying was ridiculous. Jose, what are you talking about?"

"If I was home you wouldn't be hungry and you wouldn't have tried to make dinner," she blubbered and turned away, not wanting to see Sam's ridiculing expression.

"No, baby…you've got it all wrong," Sam assured her as he put his hands on her shoulders then gently pushed her towards the romantic scene of Paris he'd spent the last two hours putting together.

Josie gave an audible gasp and put a hand to her mouth. Sam smiled as he wrapped his arms around her neck then nuzzled her shoulder with his just-rightly scruffy cheek.

"You see, I was in the kitchen making what's turned out to be a bit of a mess because I wanted to cook you dinner," Sam revealed. "So now you know why I burned my finger and found me in this ridiculous ruffle creation. And why I didn't care to let you amuse Merck a little longer. Go ahead and sit down, I've got the appetizer still hidden in the kitchen."

Josie did seat herself on the picnic blanket she hadn't seen since one of her first dates with Sam. Then looked around the room in awe, immediately feeling she was in one of the romantic European countries she'd read about. "You did all this?"

"Yeah. I was surprised I got this far before you came home," Sam admitted, looking pretty proud of himself. "This is Sam Coulson's "A Paris Night to Remember." Do you like it Mademoiselle?"

"Am I not a Madame since I'm married?" she teased, back to her blushing smiling self.

"You can be married fifty years and you'd still look like a lady to me," he told her with a wink. "Enjoy the scented candles. I'll be right back with the fondue."


Sometime after 8:00 p.m.

This would be a sight for their neighbors to see, only then all the wives would start nagging their significant others to be as romantic as Sam was. But didn't they know there is never enough perfect husbands to go around.

So maybe it was better that they didn't know. It sure didn't seem to bother Josie and Sam who were nibbling away at the sandwiches and drinking responsible amounts of dessert wine even though there wasn't any real alcohol in it. Sam was finishing up talking about his day and he'd just gently broken to her the news that he wanted to take her to see Dr. Larkin.

"Sam, I don't know. I don't like dentists," Josie admitted sheepishly as she wiped her hands on a napkin.

"Honey, I don't think anyone actually likes the dentist," Sam said wryly as he dipped a hunk of sandwich meat in the fondue. "But I think Dan's got a point. The doctors are going to check you every month to make sure your body is in tip-top shape but no one there is going to give a damn about if you have cavities or not. I'm just asking you to go once. There's probably nothing wrong with them but I just want to hear it from someone who knows what he's talking about."

Josie chewed silently, obviously trying to find a way out of going and Sam knew it. He watched her with shining eyes, wondering what she would come up with.

"Okay Sam, I'll go," she gave in reluctantly.

"Great! I knew you'd see this will be good for you!"

"But only if you go to Dr. Larkin for your check up first. Since he's your friend that shouldn't be a big deal for you, right?" she added firmly, staring at Sam who shook just slightly. Seemed he didn't like dentists either.

"Well, yes, he is my friend, which is why it shouldn't be a big deal to you," Sam replied soothingly. "But I can go when I need to and my teeth feel just fine. You're the one who's pregnant. You're the one who needs it, for the baby."

"Ugh! How judgmental is that?" Josie retorted, huffing. "If you want to get technical I didn't cause this pregnancy to happen by myself."

"Josie, sweetie, I'm not trying to be judgmental," he crooned. "I'm just looking out for you."

"Well, just so you know, you can sweet talk me all you want but I'm not going unless you go first, husband of mine," she stated with a superior-looking grin.

Sam sighed and decided to quit while he was ahead. He was not going to win this argument, at least not right now.

"All right, that's enough talking about that," Sam put in. "Let's talk about your day now."

Josie began and told Sam everything about it including the hyperventilation bit that Merck had gone through. Sam thought he could have learned about his wife's day in full even if she'd decided to leave that out. He did however enjoy hearing about how Anita had made Gus blush (again!) and about how the decent-sounding people of Chicago Sun Times staff had taken Josie getting her exclusive very appropriately. When she mentioned that her assignment was on Markison Aames, he was sure Josie was putting him on.

"Josie, you're kidding right?"

"No," she argued and showed Sam the letter her boss had received within the fan mail that had poured in featuring their support for the Coulsons. She saw Sam's eyes get large. "Do you know who he is?"

"Yeah, a major hollywood player. The freshmen girls in my class are always gushing about him and some of the running-start students had him plastered on their binders," Sam told her as he read on. (A/n: running start in my state means gifted senior and juniors taking classes in college in place of some highschool courses!)

"But you didn't like to go to high school with him or anything did you?"

Sam tried not to make Josie feel stupid as he said, "well, the kid is like seven years younger than me so I probably graduated before he became a highschooler. Why?"

She told him about the other letter he'd addressed specifically to the head of the firm, Rigfort, asking that she be put on the assignment because somebody she knew before had let him in about her.

"Hmmm…I don't know. You sure you're not hiding any ex-boyfriends from me?" Sam taunted as he finished his glass of wine.

Finally Josie told him about Ms. Golden and how she predicted her being away a lot to be the publicist for an year would ruin their marriage.

"Really? Ms. Golden said that we'll get divorced because your job is to help a new action get some good exposure? And is this Ms. Golden married because if had to be from self-experience that she gained this bogus information."

"Sam, are you sure you're okay? I mean sure this is the 2nd chance they're giving me to make the Sun Times proud but I would gladly give it to Ms. Golden if you'd rather I not do the project," Josie told him confidently. "I'd drop anything and everything for you Sam."

"Which you're not going to do, baby," he cut in firmly and fixed her with a serious gaze. "I'm okay. I mean I've never been happier than the day I married you so of course it'll be hard returning back to a bachelor life part of the time but…we are going to be fine. You will take this job and make them regret ever making a big deal out of the high school fiasco. It was obviously meant to be."

"But Sam, you pass the magazine stands. Brad and Jenn got a divorce along with Angelina and Billy Bob, Demi Moore Bruce Willis. Relationships in the Hollywood limelight don't last. What if they start printing rumors about me being a gold digger or something?"

"Jose, remember that sex-education class when you mentioned that thing about Adele penguins. The moment you said that, crazy as I knew it was, I knew you were mine. That connection is stronger than Romeo and Juliet," Sam murmured in a husky voice. "And if you need more proof, technically," he continued and reached for her hand that was holding a fork loaded with food and pushed it down. "We are a successful teacher and student love story and it turned out to be heaven. God let us be so lucky in love and tonight…as I've done before, I'm going to prove it you all over again."

He pushed aside the food that was sitting between them before he reached for her face with his hands and began kissing her.

Josie remained tense for a second but gradually relaxed and gave into her desire to connect with her husband physically, emotionally and spiritually and together they would climb to cloud nine.

After a feverish session of embracing and rolling around on the blanket it was Sam who gently broke away and gazed down at her with intense green eyes.

"Come on," he urged her in a whisper and gently pulled her to her feet then led her toward the stairs. Josie couldn't help but notice the left-overs that were just sitting there.

"Sam, what about the dishes?"

He replied to this by picking Josie up in his arms and whispering, "don't worry, the dishes will be there when we wake up tomorrow. Right now it's more important for me to be with my wife."


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